Al Gore

Al Gore's Hype

The former vice president's new film is just more scaremongering.


I was surprised to discover that Al Gore's new movie begins with words from me!

While icebergs melt dramatically, Gore plays a clip of me saying, "An Inconvenient Truth won him an Oscar, yet much of the movie is nonsense. 'Sea levels may rise 20 feet'—absurd." He used this comment from one of my TV shows.

The "20 feet" claim is absurd—one of many hyped claims in his movie.

His second film, An Inconvenient Sequel, shows lower Manhattan underwater while Gore intones: "This is global warming!"

My goodness! Stossel doubts Al Gore's claim, but pictures don't lie: The 9/11 Memorial is underwater! Gore is right! Stossel is an ignorant fool!

But wait. The pictures were from Superstorm Sandy. Water is pushed ashore during storms, especially "super" storms. But average sea levels haven't risen much.

Over the past decade, they have risen about 1 inch. But this is not because we burn fossil fuels. Sea levels were rising long before we burned anything. They've been rising about an inch per decade for a thousand years.

In his new movie, Gore visits Miami Beach. No storm, but streets are flooded! Proof of catastrophe!

But in a new e-book responding to Gore's film, climate scientist Roy Spencer points out that flooding in "Miami Beach occurs during high tides called 'king tides,' due to the alignment of the Earth, sun and moon. For decades they have been getting worse in low-lying areas of Miami Beach where buildings were being built on reclaimed swampland."

It's typical Al Gore scaremongering: Pick a place that floods every year and portray it as evidence of calamity.

Spencer, a former NASA scientist who co-developed the first ways of monitoring global temperatures with satellites, is no climate change "denier." Neither am I. Climate changes.

Man probably plays a part. But today's warming is almost certainly not a "crisis." It's less of a threat than real crises like malaria, terrorism, America's coming bankruptcy, etc. Even if increasing carbon dioxide warming the atmosphere were a serious threat, nothing Al Gore and his followers now advocate would make a difference.

"What I am opposed to is misleading people with false climate science claims and alarming them into diverting vast sums of the public's wealth into expensive energy schemes," writes Spencer.

Gore does exactly that. He portrays just about every dramatic weather event as proof that humans have changed weather. Watching his films, you'd think that big storms and odd weather never occurred before and that glaciers never melted.

In his first movie, Gore predicted that tornadoes and hurricanes would get worse. They haven't. Tornado activity is down

What about those dramatic pictures of collapsing ice shelves?

"As long as snow continues to fall on Antarctica," writes Spencer, "glaciers and ice shelves will continue to slowly flow downhill to the sea and dramatically break off into the ocean. That is what happens naturally, just as rivers flow naturally to the ocean. It has nothing to do with human activities."

Gore said summer sea ice in the Arctic would disappear as early as 2014. Nothing like that is close to happening.

Gore's movie hypes solar power and electric cars but doesn't mention that taxpayers are forced to subsidize them. Despite the subsidies, electric cars still make up less than 1 percent of the market.

If electric cars do become more popular, Spencer asks, "Where will all of the extra electricity come from? The Brits are already rebelling against existing wind farms."

I bet most Gore fans have no idea that most American electricity comes from natural gas (33 percent), coal (30 percent) and nuclear reactors (20 percent).

Gore probably doesn't know that.

I'd like to ask him, but he won't talk to me. He won't debate anyone.

Critics liked An Inconvenient Sequel. An NPR reviewer called it "a hugely effective lecture." But viewers were less enthusiastic. On Rotten Tomatoes, my favorite movie guide, they give "Sequel" a "tipped over popcorn bucket" score of 48 percent. Sample reviews: "Dull as can be." "Faulty info, conflated and exaggerated."

Clearly, Nobel Prize judges and media critics are bigger fans of big government and scaremongering than the rest of us.


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  1. I drive my car to work, eat a lot of meat, hell, I even drink socially unjust coffee. In other words, I generate a lot of CO2, and that makes me feel bad.

    But then, I realize how my guilt makes me a good person. And then I feel better. I’d even vote for someone who speaks in the general direction of “doing something” to (kinda) fix global warming. Like, maybe subsidize my purchase of an electrocar. Hey, I like cars! That makes me feel even better.

    And then I realize that I’m much better than those losers who don’t accept science and feel bad about what we’ve done. And then I feel the best! … as I drive around, eating meat, and drinking exploitation coffee.

    I care. Do you?

    1. Well, my carbon footprint is well under 1 Gore.

      1. I hope someday to be rich enough to emit two or three kilogores per year.


        1. I don’t give a sh*t about the environment and I feel great.

          Because I did nothing and continue to do nothing to the environment,. I continue to not give a sh*t.

          Reason being? I don’t litter. Other than that, humans are not really doing anything to the environment other than wasting a lot of water. That is the only thing we should truly be worried about. And yet, I don’t give a shit about that either because technology will come along, when necessary, to solve any freshwater issues by de-salinization on an affordable scale. So I still don’t give a sh*t and am not worried in the least.

          I am willing to explore the other side of the hype to realize that is all this has ever been. Hype with fantastic marketing. The market and technology will solve any issue much better and smarter than a crook like Al Gore or his zombie lemmings.
          Conclusion: If you put any credence in Al Gore, you are a f*cking moron.

          1. I don’t even think we waste water. Hell, we’re probably drinking the same water the dinosaurs drank. It may be less available in one location or another, but it’s not disappearing. Use all you want. More will fall from the sky.

            1. Water is a very local resource. Some places you can use all the water you want and it doesn’t matter. It rains plenty and the wells stay full.

              Some places, water really is a scarce resource and getting more potable water requires lots of energy or big infrastructure projects.

              As someone who lives in an area with abundant shallow ground water, I am very annoyed that I can only get low-flow plumbing fixtures because people decided to build cities in deserts on the other side of the country.

              1. Low-flow toilets are the work of satan, and they actually waste more god damn water than the old one’s since you gotta flush twice, every time.

                Our new house has these monstrosities, they will be smashed.

                1. “Toto” brand low-flow toilets work as well as the old ones. I got a Toto after my previous low-flow toilet failed to flush properly.

                2. You’re complaining about the flow of your toilet in a world where some people don’t have any toilets at all. I can’t imagine any relationship there that isn’t causal.

                3. BYODB…

                  We’ve got three ‘low flow’ toilets in our house. The first one worked so well I had the other two ‘regular’ toilets replaced even though they were functioning as designed.

                  The old ones often needed ‘two flushes’ to succeed. The new ones virtually never do.

                  Your data are out of date.

        2. I hope someday to be rich enough to emit two or three kilogores per year.

          You want to have the carbon footprint of a small city?

          Seriously, Gore’s carbon footprint is probably at least that of 100 average persons, multiply that by 2000 and you’re up to 200000 people.

          1. Need a new conversion factor or unit of measure!

            Between our two Priuses and twenty solar PV panels on the roof, low-flow toilets and nearly every lamp in the house now LEDs (and most of the lamps in my Prius, too!), I’d bet MY Ecological Footprint is just a few MilliGores… maybe even a few hundred MicroGores!

            1. And what about the jet plane(s) I DON’T own?….

    2. The world will end when I’m dead, so I don’t care at all. AT ALLLLLLLLLLL

      1. If this calamity keeps extending its dooms day date out by 100 years every 20 years, why would I invest my angst into it for one minute?

        Basically, since Al was so wrong the first time around that he had to re-issue the scam warning for another 100 years, I would say all of us are in the clear right now.

        My grandchildren might have to deal with this so the innovators of their time are really going to have to get busy for the 100 year catastrophe that shall surely maybe happen in 2217.

        1. If it’s anything like the calamities that we confronted in the dreaded Year 2000, the kids will be all right.

        2. But then it will be the time of Star Trek. The Federation will reverse the polarity of the neutron flow and fix it. Or maybe Doctor Who.

    3. You know, for somebody who claims to be bitching incomprehensibly, that was some quality bitching right there.

      1. It really, really is.

  2. When they can explain t me how Greenland had farms and livestock 1000 years ago, but not now when it is allegedly warmer, maybe I’ll put some credence in their claims.

    When they can explain to me how coral survived the 400 foot rise in sea levels from 15,000 years ago when the Siberians came to North America, maybe I’ll think million year old corals are fragile little things which can’t survive man’s depredations.

    1. Yeah. What was going on when people crossed the land bridge? If nothing else, it shows that humans are resilient and can handle some insane climate. It must have been cold as shit since there was no evil for profit business back then.

    2. For the past Post-Gore-Inconvenient-Truth Years, I’ve been repeatedly posting this to a variety of web- and blog-sites….

      “Unless you can prove that the Vostok Ice Core data are false, it looks more like we’re heading for another Major Ice Age, NOT thermal runaway. So, can you please tell me Exactly What CAUSED Each and Every One of the previous Ice Ages?”

      As of today’s date, here is a complete list of ALL answers I’ve collected…
      (end of list.)

      But here’s MY collection of opinions and data on MMGW……..ming-1.htm


  3. Then there’s these three recent non-peer-reviewed papers which claims

    By studying weather balloon data around the world Connolly and Connolly show that the temperature profile of the atmosphere to the stratosphere can be completely explained using the gas laws, humidity and phase changes. The atmospheric temperature profile does not appear to be influenced, to any measurable extent, by infrared active gases like carbon dioxide.

    But the three are not peer reviewed, I don’t recognize the author, and they may just be trash. However, considering the reliability of Dr Mann’s work, I don’t think these three can be much worse.

  4. I like reading John Stossel, but he needs to learn what paragraphs are.

    1. He writes how he talks. It’s really easy to picture him saying the words.

    2. I also don’t like how his articles overflow the first page.

    3. Those ARE paragraphs… just short ones, and that makes ’em easier to read than the spew from many bloggers who don’t put ANY breaks in their writing!

  5. Based on the “follow the money” strategy of public policy advoacy analysis, Al Gore is full of shit.

    1. Al Gore is full of shit.

      The fact that Gore is morbidly obese and bloated might also be an indication of that.

    2. I’ve decided that, in Al Gore’s case, too, it’s not as simple as “Follow the Money.”

      For him and so many others (Hillary, Bernie and others…) it’s Follow the Money, the Power and the Control Over Other People.

      I think that explains it better today.

  6. Sea levels have been rising for about 150 years. Before that they were falling due to the LIA. In general terms sea level has been falling since the HCO with brief trips up during each of the successively smaller warm periods (minoan, roman, medieval). Then there’s isostatic rebound…

    Gore is an idiot con.

    1. Its been known for a while that the land around Chesapeake Bay has been sinking for years due to the meteorite crater that formed it 35 million years ago and that this is what was causing flooding at high tide in Norfolk. Then just a few years ago, it was somehow decided that global warming was the cause-go figure…

      1. Georgia and Florida are not sinking. There is no sea level rise at all. The docks and sea walls and other landmarks have not shown one iota of deadly water creep in my lifetime. I am around this stuff all the time.

        I guess I am blind.

        1. No?

 of florida&o=APN11910&geo=en_US====&tpr=121

          Check out a few links first…

          1. Google ” subsidence of florida ”

            the link above has a space ( ) that breaks it before the ‘of’, dammit.

      2. Turns out that swamps aren’t stable foundations. Who knew?

    2. I remember reading in one of our encyclopedias about 30 years ago when I was a runt that we lose about an inch of shoreline every year to erosion, and sitting down and trying to figure out mathematically how long it would take for the whole country to disappear.

      Which means that, despite not understanding that this wasn’t a linear and universal process, 8-year-old me in the 80s was STILL more informed and curious about how shoreline erosion works than Al Gore is today.

      1. *inch every decade to erosion, not year

        1. Years or decades doesn’t matter much. How many inches are there from Cape Hatteras to the Appalachian Mountains, for example? 🙂

  7. Its easy to sell bullshit to simpletons.

    They used to call it snake oil. The difference was that snake oil salesman usually did not make hundreds of millions of dollars off of the tax payers in the form of subsidies and crony schemes.

    Turns out snake oil salesmen were moral, honest, ethical business people in comparison.

  8. misleading people with false climate science claims and alarming them into diverting vast sums of the public’s wealth into expensive energy schemes

    Diverting it right into Al Gore’s pocket.

    Oh, dear me. I wasn’t supposed to notice that, was I?

  9. I will start accepting bets that Gore will run in 2020, using his latest movie to launch his campaign.

    1. I hope he does. More comedy gold. Of course the leftist pussy left won’t be funny enough to capitalize on it.

      “Al Gore sounds like a gay Forest Gump” – Dana Carvey.

      1. Well, considering that the dems literally do not have anyone else to run at this point, there’s a good chance it will be him vs. Pence.

        1. I hope we have the collapse by then. I can’t take much more discussion about politics in the largest corrupt banana republic on earth.

          Its just so stupid and tiresome anymore.

  10. I wonder if NPR will do a serious expose on Al Gore’s famed Greenwashing schemes.

    1. Fat chance-Gore could claim that we must all start eating our own turds to stop global warming and they wouldn’t question it.

      1. He will NEVER do that. If turds are suddenly on the menu, then that fat sack of crap is in constant mortal danger of being eaten.

    2. Only if the GOP outbids the DNC

  11. Gore is right! Stossel is an ignorant fool!

    One of these statements might be right. They can’t both be right.

  12. This is from so long ago I lost the citation:
    Adviser Daniel Patrick Moynihan, notable as a Democrat in the administration, urged the administration to initiate a worldwide system of monitoring carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, decades before the issue of global warming came to the public’s attention.
    There is widespread agreement that carbon dioxide content will rise 25 percent by 2000, Moynihan wrote in a September 1969 memo.
    “This could increase the average temperature near the earth’s surface by 7 degrees Fahrenheit,” he wrote. “This in turn could raise the level of the sea by 10 feet. Goodbye New York. Goodbye Washington, for that matter.”
    Wrong then (1969), wrong now (2017). “Widespread” agreement does not constitute truth; see flat earth.
    I was taught that carbon dioxide was necessary for plant life; has that changed?

    1. And moynihan was one of the smartest democrats of the 20th century…

      1. Is that like being the leper with the most fingers?

  13. occurs during high tides called ‘king tides,’

    We call ’em flood tides here in Virginny.

    diverting vast sums of the public’s wealth into expensive energy schemes

    But this is how Al makes money. Advocate subsidies and invest in the companies that get said companies. Don’t know why he made another movie given that his first has proven so demonstrably wrong. Maybe he owes the Clinton’s money?

    I’d like to ask him, but he won’t talk to me. He won’t debate anyone.

    Well, duh. The debate is over because consensus! That’s how we do science these days.

  14. Spencer, a former NASA scientist who co-developed the first ways of monitoring global temperatures with satellites, is no climate change “denier.” Neither am I. Climate changes.

    No one doubts the bit where the Climate changes except maybe one of those people who think the world is 6,000 years old.

    Yet the narrative has been positioned in such a way that retards are easily able to grasp at the provided handles of the argument to paint anyone who disagrees with the cause as someone who disagrees about the result.

    Reason and logic are dead.

  15. I think I figured out Al’s problem: Inconvenient facts.

    “I’d like to ask him, but he won’t talk to me. He won’t debate anyone.”

    The left will not debate anyone about any of their ideas and especially their government programs because if you try to debate them you are a racist and perhaps a deplorable. Also, they know they don’t have good counter arguments so calling other people names is their MO.

  16. “Tornado activity is down”
    More accurately, at Kindle location 330 Spencer notes that strong tornado activity has decreased, although minor tornadoes are more frequently reported than in prior decades, thanks to cameras in smartphones, easier reporting by the internet, more doppler radar, etc.

  17. “He [Gore] won’t debate anyone.”

    He ducks like a quack.

  18. “Spencer, a former NASA scientist …”

    He still works at the U. of Alabama at Huntsville, no? And UAH works under contract to NASA, no?

  19. I did a review of Gore’s first book on the environment, EARTH IN THE BALANCE.

  20. I reviewed Al Gore’s first book on the environment, “Earth in the Balance.” I found it a compendium of artfully crafted lies, deceit, deception,, disinformation, distortion, fabrication, falsehoods, fiction, calumny, hyperbole, mendacity and a wagon load of the stuff that comes from a bull’s anu. Gore’s dishonesty exceeds even that of Donald Trump. They should be sentenced to listening to each other for all of eternity.

  21. Hurricane Harvey about to hit Texas. Watch and see: Al Gore will claim he forecast it and that it was caused by Congress’ failure to pass cap and trade tax legislation.

    1. I contend that Harvey was caused by Al Gore’s carbon footprint, and the only way to stop it is to harvest every one of Gore’s organs as a sacrifice to appease the hurricane.

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