Brickbat: The Wheels of Justice Turn Slowly


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A federal appeals court has reinstated a $2.3 million award to Marlow Humbert, who was held in solitary confinement in a Baltimore jail for over a year after being arrested for rape. DNA tests cleared the man of the crime within a month of his arrest, but police did not share the results of those tests with prosecutors for 11 months.

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  1. That’s not a very complete story, but there’s a couple things that caught my eye enough to look up the actual opinion.

    Tan declared that he needed the DNA reports for confirmation, but he did not receive them until May 11, 2009. Tan then informed the victim that there was no DNA evidence connecting Humbert to her attack, and he learned for the first time that the victim could not identify Humbert and she refused to testify. On July 30, 2009, Tan entered a nolle prosequi as to Humbert’s charges, and Humbert was finally released about fifteen months after his arrest.

    First, the victim couldn’t positively ID the guy but was willing to testify as long as there was DNA evidence – does that mean she was willing to commit perjury and everybody knew it? And second – the prosecutor received the DNA results on May 11 but didn’t move to have the guy released until July 30. What was he doing between May 11 and July 30? Trying to pressure the victim into testifying despite the fact that he knew the DNA results cleared him?

    1. And of course, this is the Baltimore PD, the PD that just recently reached an agreement with the DoJ over reforming its dirty cop shop, which consent agreement Jeff Fucking Sessions immediately after taking office decried as federal interference in state and local matters just because some people will say “Oh, free speech, free speech civil rights violations, civil rights violations. Those are foolish people.”

      1. And that’s the Sessions who was recently peeved that defendants and their lawyers are always challenging “perfectly valid” forensic evidence.

  2. Even for those who push ‘criminal justice reform’, I never hear them denounce the cop/prosecutor tampering with evidence or suggest harsh penalties for such actions.

    For a politician, criticizing a subset of crooked cops seems to be too politically damaging. It’s like saying something negative about M’h’mad.

  3. So I turn on the news this morning and first thing I see is Nancy Pelosi issuing a statement about Confederate* statues in the Capitol building and how the Republicans need to do something about this reprehensible outrage. The question for the news is: Is this a real outage or a cheap political ploy?

    Well, given that Nancy Pelosi at one time was Speaker of the House and didn’t say or do one damn thing about this reprehensible outrage, that question should take about 2 seconds to answer.

    *I’m not sure what these “Confederate” statues are she’s referring to – I’m gonna guess it’s statues of pre-Civil War era legislators like John Calhoun and other slave-holders. Like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

    1. Jefferson Davis had been Secretary of War. A lot of Confederate big wigs had been DC big wigs prior to the war.

    2. “Black people who were never slaves are fighting white people who were never Nazis over a confederate statue erected by Democrats because Democrats can’t stand their own history anymore.. yet somehow it’s Trump’s fault.”

      ? Jeff Laffite Jones

  4. A spokesman for Mayor Catherine Pugh said the city’s attorneys are exploring their remaining legal options.

    “Mayor Pugh will reserve any comment until all avenues have been exhausted,” spokesman Anthony McCarthy said.

    Fixing Baltimore Police Department not being one of those avenues.

  5. Did the rapes stop while the innocent guy was in jail?
    If they have to pay this money, how can they afford to take down statues?
    Why does that prosecutor still have a job? Looks like racism to me.

    1. They suspected it was a serial rapist because there were 2 whole rapes in the same area, one the guy had a knife and the other the guy had a gun so I can totally see why you would suspect a serial rapist from that pattern in the long string of rapes.

      1. Yeah, well I suspect a serial rapist because a serial rapist gets more public funding for the department than two unrelated rapes. (or one attempted rape and one rape, even)

  6. The wheels on the bus
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            1. That’s fucked up Scarecrow.

              1. I thought he was trolling for chorus members to join in. I felt sorry for him. Pity even. Was I not supposed to help a fellow H&R commenter?

          2. …d.

  7. It’s funny how we skip past small government and go straight to no government as soon as there is an opportunity to punish law enforcement for criminal behavior. Nothing brings out the anarchist in our public officials like a chance to put a corrupt cop in prison.

    1. That’s less of an argument against anarchy and more of an argument against public officials.

      1. I’m not an anarchist but you make a fair point.

  8. Get mistaken for a rapist like a thug, have exculpatory evidence hidden by the cops like a thug.

    1. It’s so simple. The inability of blacks to follow such simple rules just proves OBJECTIVELY that they are racially inferior to Chinamen.

      1. Dude, Chinamen is not the preferred nomenclature.

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