Kat Timpf on Her #MAGA Fanclub, Elizabeth Nolan Brown on Solar Eclipse Sex Trafficking: Sirius XM Insight 9-12 AM ET

Matt Welch interviews on channel 121 about Milo, Nazi-LARPing, statuary, and more


On Tuesday afternoon, just after President Donald Trump wrapped his widely panned press conference about Charlottesville, Kat Timpf, the libertarian co-host of The Specialists on Fox News, reacted negatively in a clip that quickly went viral:

The resulting backlash against Timpf and fellow co-host Eboni Williams has been voluminous.

I'll be talking with Timpf about her fun week today during my guest-host stint on Sirius XM Insight's Stand UP! with Pete Dominick from 9-12 am ET on channel 121. Other guests will include:

* Beloved Reason Associate Editor Elizabeth Nolan Brown, who will explain why she's shilling for Big Solar Eclipse Sex Traffickers.

* Stanford kid Elliot Kaufman, who will talk about his recent National Review piece, "Campus Conservatives Gave the Alt-Right a Platform."

* New York Magazine's Brian Feldman, who will talk about his recent article, "The 'Ironic Nazi' Is Coming to an End."

* Comedian Andrew Schulz, who will talk about all sorts of Charlottesville/race issues, and generally make me uncomfortable.

Please call any time at 1-877-974-7487.

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  1. It’s probably going to be another #woke Matt Welch interview

  2. Kat, when you roll around with the MAGA pigs don’t be alarmed when you wake up covered with pig shit.

    Timpf is from Detroit, Michigan. She graduated magna cum laude in 2010 from Hillsdale College with a B.A. in English

    About the sorriest degree from a fake university as one can get. You have a lot to learn.

    1. I’ve actually heard Timpf consistently express libertarian ideas.

      So, fuck off Mr. Blue.

    2. A fake university how? It’s been around since 1844 so it has “legs.”

      1. Shreek is Team Blue. But he claims to be pure libertarian. So, he has to be careful not to blow Blue’s horn too much. That’s why most of his time is spent negging Team Red (NTTAWWT).

  3. “Never thought condemning Nazis, white supremacists & sympathizers would be the most *controversial* statement I made on TV but here we are”

    Given we are talking about citizens here and not state authorities, we must interpret these terms like fascism and racism as BELIEFS by citizens – not as actions!

    Do you really want the president of the U.S. WHEN ACTING AS President to critique certain beliefs of citizens but not others ?
    Is there a list of “appropriate” beliefs that the president may critique ?
    Both Reason and the LP should list those beliefs since they both seem to think so !

    Can a president that critiques citizens for for how they exercise their civil right to freedom of belief then be counted on to support that civil right ?

    1. Do you really want the president of the U.S. WHEN ACTING AS President to critique certain beliefs of citizens but not others ?

      Yes, NAZI beliefs should be universally condemned.

      1. How about fascist beliefs?

        Nazi beliefs only?

        Why not Communist beliefs? Communists killed scores more people.

      2. But not the beliefs of others?
        Keep in mind we are talking about the president ACTING AS PRESIDENT – not a citizen

        Tell us ALL here what beliefs you think the president should be able to criticize and which he shouldn’t

        1. Well, I am an Open Society participant and in such ALL beliefs are subject to criticism and debate by ALL citizens/persons.

          So the answer is “ALL”.

          1. All citizens may – the president in another story/situation

            Would you support the president criticizing people who supported civil right ?
            Or supported liberalism ?
            Do you yourself have a list of those beliefs you would approve of the president to criticize ?

            Or would that suddenly become a BAD statement by the president

            No president that criticizes citizens for how citizens act upon the right to freedom of belief can then be counted on the enforce that civil right

            1. If that is what the POTUS actually believes, yes. I want it known by all so we can vote accordingly.

              The fact that Trump is a virulent racist is one he tries to hide but reveals only through dog-whistles.

              1. You have proof he is a racist ?

                other than statements you want to label as racist ?

                well I can do that

                I know you are a fascist for supporting the state dictating to citizens to print (thir incomes)

              2. Shreek, Point us to where you have condemned Antifa.

                1. has noting to do what the president crticizing citizens for their beliefs while ACTING AS president

    2. I’d prefer it if the president wasn’t look to as a moral leader of the country (or really a leader of the country at all, we don’t need a leader). But here we are.

      I don’t think he needs to say anything. Why do we need the president’s commentary on every bad thing that happens?

  4. I hadn’t considered fornication during the eclipse, but the idea now sounds intriguing.

  5. Can we please get Kat on the Fifth Column?

    1. She has been a guest.

  6. Whenever I hear Kat speak, the whole time I hear, “Oh. My. God. Look at her butt.”

  7. Kat Timpf’s glasses give it away. She’s a lefty in disguise. Fox New’s usual cadre of bleach blonds wear contacts.

  8. In the words of Casey Jones, “Whoa! Who’s the babe?”

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