Kat Timpf on Her #MAGA Fanclub, Elizabeth Nolan Brown on Solar Eclipse Sex Trafficking: Sirius XM Insight 9-12 AM ET

Matt Welch interviews on channel 121 about Milo, Nazi-LARPing, statuary, and more


On Tuesday afternoon, just after President Donald Trump wrapped his widely panned press conference about Charlottesville, Kat Timpf, the libertarian co-host of The Specialists on Fox News, reacted negatively in a clip that quickly went viral:

The resulting backlash against Timpf and fellow co-host Eboni Williams has been voluminous.

I'll be talking with Timpf about her fun week today during my guest-host stint on Sirius XM Insight's Stand UP! with Pete Dominick from 9-12 am ET on channel 121. Other guests will include:

* Beloved Reason Associate Editor Elizabeth Nolan Brown, who will explain why she's shilling for Big Solar Eclipse Sex Traffickers.

* Stanford kid Elliot Kaufman, who will talk about his recent National Review piece, "Campus Conservatives Gave the Alt-Right a Platform."

* New York Magazine's Brian Feldman, who will talk about his recent article, "The 'Ironic Nazi' Is Coming to an End."

* Comedian Andrew Schulz, who will talk about all sorts of Charlottesville/race issues, and generally make me uncomfortable.

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