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White Supremacy Is a Dead End For White People

Courtesy will get you farther than tiki torches.


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The white supremacists who marched on Charlottesville last weekend, as well as their confederates who cheered from afar, are now learning just how expensive it is to own those views in public. In the week since "Unite the Right,"

Nick Gillespie wrote about the freedom to associate and all of its implication last week, so I won't go into that, beyond pointing out that if you click on that Cloudflare link, you'll see the company's CEO has some mixed feelings about terminating The Daily Stormer's contract. (He doesn't have a lick of sympathy for the site's members or mission, but he was able to erase their presence on the internet with the click of a button, and he's not sure anyone should have that power.)

Instead, I'd like to piggyback on Kevin Williamson's recent piece at National Review, about what all these angry white men want. "They don't have any straightforward demands like the Teamsters or PETA do, and they do not have a well-developed ideological position like the Communists do, though it would be inaccurate to say that they lack an ideology entirely," Williamson writes. His best guess? "They want to be someone other than who they are. That's the great irony of identity politics: They seek identity in the tribe because they are failed individuals."

I grew up in a town where the Confederate flag was displayed casually and unabashedly, in actual fabric form as well as on mudflaps and bumper stickers. My ancestors fought for Davis and Jefferson and slavery, and my grandparents were members of descendant organizations. Williamson's theory that white supremacists are looking for purpose in all the wrong places reflects what I saw in my hometown.

By chance, I made friends in high school with someone who came to identify himself as a neo-Nazi; he was never able to provide me with a cogent explanation for how a Jewish person, or even all the Jewish people combined, were responsible for his terrible grades, his social anxiety, his parents' inability to find satisfying work in our impoverished town, or the dilapidated state of the trailer into which the three of them were crammed. I'm not sure there even were any Jewish people in our town; I don't remember meeting a Jewish person until college. When I worked construction in the early 2000s, my foreman—who was only 10 years older—was a Klansman who could barely pay his bills and showed up to job sites hung over. These people were born into less than ideal circumstances, but those circumstances were not orchestrated by black people or Jews or Muslims or Catholics. (I'm assuming the KKK still hates Rome.)

In May 2012, the FBI arrested some of my former high school classmates as they trained with American Front, a white supremacist group founded in San Francisco in the 1980s. Their leader had set up a compound off the lone highway that ran through our town, where they drilled with guns and talked about starting or responding to a race war. I can only imagine what a person of color might have felt when they read about what was brewing next door. The men in particular look scary as hell.

But I once knew several of those people, and what I saw when I looked at their mugshots is the same thing I'd seen years earlier: sore losers.

I don't mean that in a pejorative sense. I mean that some people get what they want, and some people don't, for reasons both beyond and within their control. Many of the men who marched on Charlottesville, for instance, appear to have come of working age since the housing market crashed. Maybe they feel resentful the economy went belly up just as the world was asking them to take care of themselves.

Yet most of the people who fail to make it big in this country still honor the social contract, regardless of whatever prejudices they harbor. I worked construction with a Klansman, yes, but I also worked alongside Jamaicans, African Americans, Puerto Ricans, and Italian Americans. If those guys wanted a pure ethnostate, I still don't know because they only ever articulated their most immediate and relevant concerns: for the guy on the back-hoe not to crush them with the bucket when they were down in the hole and that we all get off early enough on Friday that we could cash our paychecks before the bank closed. People also wanted rides to job sites and rides home. And do you know how they got those things? By not being assholes to the people who could provide them. The vast majority of us—from high school dropouts to economic elites—know you can't expect caution and courtesy if you're not offering the same.

And now the "dapper" echelons of the alt-right—with all their education and supposed historical acumen—have also learned this valuable lesson, one the rest of America has known for quite a while: being awful in public won't get them anywhere a sane person wants to be.

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  1. The white supremacists who marched on Charlottesville last weekend, as well as their confederates who cheered from afar, are now learning just how expensive it is to own those views in public.

    Whites know that any deviation from “Whitey is the Devil” official narrative will be met with the “Racist!” shriek.

    1. Yes, whites are the victims here. I’ve heard it before. When you’re born into privilege, equality seems like oppression. These dispossessed young white people are growing up in a society where white skin and a willingness to work no longer sets them up for a comfortable life.

      1. We call those “liberals.” And they’re not actually willing to work.

        1. All the actual liberals I have ever met have been all too willing to work. They were earnest and nerdy. I’d like to see more imagination and rebellion, but you only get that from hippies and radicals. And sometimes even libertarians!

        2. “We call those “liberals.”

          You’re another moran if you see a crowd marching through the streets shouting “down with Jews” and say “look, honey dearest, there go the liberals.”

      2. So all whites are “born into privilege”…that’s cute.

        1. White skin has traditionally had advantages over black skin in the USA. Lynching and enslavement of white victims for example is almost unheard of.

      3. When you’re born into privilege, equality seems like oppression.

        With this asinine logic, Obama’s daughters are less privileged than my sons.

        Do you believe that to be true?

    2. But seriously? This article is about 400 losers in a population of a third of a billion?

      Even Reason is turning into left-wing cuckery.

      1. ^^ This. I know “Charlottesville,” the event, is made out to be big news, but the coverage is vastly disproportionate to the magnitude of the white supremacist problem in this country. As the article even illustrates, these people have no power whatsoever, in contrast to the alt-left that is implicitly encouraged by the MSM which most certainly is using the event as a political opportunity first and a moral exercise about dead last.

        I have little sympathy for anyone involved. That these people have nothing better to do than get posture-protest and posture-counter protest (e.g., work? family or social obligations?) baffles me.

        Something about dividing and conquering…

    3. This article was just another article about he mean ole white guy and insinuates we are all racist. You would expect more from this site.

  2. Reason cites Kevin Williamson of NRO. Charmer.

    From his article Chaos in the Family, Chaos in the State: The White Working Class’s Dysfunction

    The truth about these dysfunctional, downscale communities is that they deserve to die.

    1. That article alone probably sealed the Republican nomination for Trump.

  3. a roofer, a pizza shop employee, a supermarket employee, and a hot dog shop employee.

    The Master Race!

    1. Ain’t that the truth. Hahahahahahaha

  4. Well, at least they’re still guaranteed wedding cakes.

    1. I was thinking the same thing.

  5. In order for a better world to be created, white people need to be exterminated. Period. It’s as simple as that. ? The only way to eliminate white privilege, white oppression, white racism, and the oppressive white power structure is to eliminate white people altogether.

    So, yes, white supremacists: diversity is indeed white genocide. And white genocide is exactly what the world needs more than anything else.

    Still appears on Twitter, still appears on MSNBC. Because both sides are not to blame, only the openly racist one.

      1. Emily Goldstein. Princeton English teacher

        1. So apparently some kinds of hate can still land you a pretty cushy gig.

          1. Of course! Some folks’ shit just doesn’t stink.

        2. You misspelled “Emmanuel”.

          1. Doubleplusgood catch!

  6. All this drama over a very,very small fringe group when the real danger is socialism. A system that murdered millions and is still in vogue with many in this country in all walks of life. May with real political power. Unlike the WS trash

    1. Bravo! Socialism, statism and government crackdowns on freedom are the real enemies here. According to the SPLC, there are 5-8000 “Klansmen” in the entirety of the US. Probably half of those are federal agents, informers, and COINTELPRO operatives. Add to that, say, 150,000 “neo-nazis.” That’s about .04 of the American populace.

      Very few of these folks are what we would term “intellectual giants,” but we’re to believe they comprise a grave threat to Truth, Justice, and our American way of Life? In reality, these “supremacists” are the minority group to end all minority groups. Their rights to speak freely and demonstrate should be protected at ALL costs – but they sure get people riled up and aching to deal a deathblow to the 1st Amendment! Terminal stupidity, folks.

      1. I think those numbers are greatly inflated.

      2. That’s probably what they want

      3. I’m willing to bet both testicles the National Dungeons and Dragons fan club is larger than this group that has been pushed forward as the bringer of the American apocalypse.
        And in other news, no Obama your unbridled arrogance and incompetence brought us the Trump presidency, for better or for worse.

    2. SHHHH, They don’t want you to think.

  7. Yay for slightly worsening the lives of people who’s lives are shit already. That’ll teach em.. to hide their identities better probably.

    What did Milo do this time to get lumped in with white supremacists?

    Considering that vast swath of the population that these moral panic’ers consider to be nazis, this actually worries me more than anything. You guys know how to accidentally bleach harddrives right, say ones that contain potentially identifying information about account registrations?

    1. What did Milo do this time to get lumped in with white supremacists?

      Right? Last I heard, he wasn’t one.

      1. He is opposed by Antifa. Antifa only opposes white supremacists. QED.

        1. I wonder how Antifa would react to a black gestapo just like in that 1975 Blaxplotation movie “The Black Gestapo”? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzSrGWUyMuI

    2. Real bleach actually works quite well.

    3. That’s how I can tell if a writer knows anything about the subject. The minute they drop Milo into the category of “alt right” I know they don’t have a clue. I can only assume the writer’s lack of due diligence in research, which is so simple, that it amounts to willful blindness.

  8. uh,many

  9. A white person born into a failed community who embraces victimhood is not offered affirmative action?

    Why is that?

    1. I’ll buy into “sore loser” theory mentioned in the post on the day that affirmative action dies. You want to create more sore losers instead? Keep telling them they’re worthless and giving handouts to the culture war’s winners.

      1. Affirmative action seems to fit right in with what he’s talking about.

        I don’t mean that in a pejorative sense. I mean that some people get what they want, and some people don’t, for reasons both beyond and within their control

        Affirmative action and culture war crap are some of those things beyond their control. I don’t think he claims that they are never right to be angry about being societies losers, just that they direct their anger on teh wrong targets.

        1. Fair enough. I get cranky in the morning, don’t mind me.

    2. Very often they can get affirmative action. Colleges tilt admissions all them time to get geographic diversity from rural areas and economically depressed areas.

      1. You are fooling yourself if you think that’s what they are really doing.
        For all the claims of the right using “code words” and “dog whistles”, it is the racialists, who have mastered the art.

      2. Probably not going to get into college or succeed there if
        you are below average intelligence. Fewer than 60% ever
        attend college and less than 1/3 get a bachelor’s. Another
        10% get a 2 year degree.

  10. I can see why an employer might want to not employ Nazis but they’re going after the historic preservationists too?

    What this country really needs is a mountain of blue-checkmarked skulls

  11. Holy shit. You realize, of course, that >99% of white Americans don’t have or want to have anything to do with white supremacy. Right?

    Yeah, I grew up in a small town in the south too. I don’t remember ever seeing a Confederate flag. My best friend used to brag that his dad was in the Klan – don’t know if it was true or not. My memory of his dad is that he was drunk all the time and constantly smelled like stale alcohol. We were 10 years old on the afternoon MLK was shot, and when the news broke he (the son) celebrated. I was embarrassed for him. He’s now a middle school history teacher in a majority minority school district. People change. They evolve as they grow up.

    All this angst over a “movement” of maybe 5,000 people in a nation of over 300 million people. Can we please go back to the Clown Panic? That one was fun at least.

    1. Mirrors my experience growing up in south Alabama exactly. Agree that the fear mongering over the “movement” is completely overblown nonsense.

    2. People change. They evolve as they grow up.

      Did he change? Or did he just learn to be quiet?

      1. “Did he change? Or did he just learn to be quiet?”

        I know the guy. You don’t. Your smug certainty about somebody that you don’t know speaks volumes about you. Especially combined with your apparent belief that every white person is a white supremacist.

        1. Stormy is an Emily Goldstein disciple.

          1. I’m tellin’ ya. It sounds like she can’t even can’t even.

    3. I grew up in Ohio surrounded by sunset towns. Louisville, the next town over was able to stay ‘white only’ until the 21st century by burning crosses in the front yards of any black people that moved into town. We used to go to an abandoned quarry to drink beer and occasionally would come upon a Klan meeting. It wasn’t just the South and people flying the Confederate flag.

      1. We moved around a little because of my dad’s job. In late middle school/early high school I spent a little time in a town in Illinois. The town where we lived in was roughly the same as the town I grew up in in terms of racial make-up. The high school in the next town down the interstate was our archrival. That town was – and still is today – all white. Seriously, in the 2010 census the racial make up of that town was 98.7% white and 0.3% black, with a smattering of other races. The county is surrounded by counties with black populations of 15% – 25%. You tell me if that’s an accident.

        Their players and fans constantly called our black guys n****** and our white guys n***** lovers. I ran track – a distance runner – and I still remember a 50ish year-old woman from that town yelling “fall down, n***** lover” at me as I ran by. We called them Nazis. At home basketball games, our student section would do the nazi salute and chant “seig heil!” when their team came out for warmups. At track meets we’d walk by a group of their guys and they’d say something like ” your sister likes fucking n******” and we say something creative back like “fuck off, Adolph”.

        Fun times. So no, it’s not just the south.

      2. “Louisville, the next town over was able to stay ‘white only’ until the 21st century by burning crosses in the front yards of any black people that moved into town.”

        I thought Cassius Clay, AKA Mohammed Ali, America’s greatest Muslim was from Louisville. He’s dead now, but he was black when he was alive.

        1. Louisville, KY != Louisville, OH

    4. Yeah, this one is kind of making me miss the Satanic Panic of the late ’80s/early ’90s.

  12. The white supremacists who marched on Charlottesville last weekend, as well as their confederates

    …who are Confederates. Or think they are.

  13. In what universe is Milo a white supremacist?

    And, yes, making young white males with a chip on their shoulders utterly unemployable won’t POSSIBLY cause problems.

  14. You are getting as bad a the liberal rags. I am 70 years old white male and personally don’t know any white supremacists. You people keep 1talking about a 1/10 of 1% of white America that no one would even care about it you didn’t splatter it all over the front page everyday. Why not spend your time writing about something important like how those 535 bastards in Congress are making slave of us all. Or that our election system is a sick outdated joke. Or that elections are so expensive that a politician has to sell his soul to get elected. Or that our politicians and courts are so corrupt that 1/2 the people in prison are more honest.

    1. I was posting below before your post showed up.

      I agree with you.

    2. I am 70 years old white male and personally don’t know any white supremacists.

      I’m sure you think that.

      1. I’m not that much younger and the only person I have ever known who was in any way, shape, or form associated with the Klan was a kid from Kentucky who moved into my high school.

        And he said wasn’t part of the Klan, either; he just had some friends back home who were.

        I guess if we’re using the Seven-Degrees-From-Kevin-Bacon rules about Klan membership, then every white person who ever lived is a Klansman. Otherwise, it’s pretty rare nowadays.

      2. What you don’t realize is that you are white so by default you are racist and thus a supremacist you just don’t realize it with all your white privilege

      3. KKK members and Nazis are rarer than hen’s teeth nowadays. My grandfather was a Klan member in the 1920’s I think it was. I found a KKK coin he had when I was in my teens or early 20’s and I told him I thought he liked black people and he said he did. He was always giving our food away to the black trash men. I think he thought of the KKK as a drinking club. I never saw him treat anyone wrong. Maybe he had just changed, I really don’t know. Here in the Capitol of the South I saw very little overt racism but would hear the occasional N word. People that have some prejudice are not White Supremacists and usually mind their own business. Do all black people love white people?

    3. “I am 70 years old white male and personally don’t know any white supremacists. ”

      Ask among your 20-year-old friends and acquaintances. I think it’s a young person thing.

  15. Wait, is that list of ways people are being driven out of public life supposed to be a good thing? Does the author really advocate people losing their jobs for attending a protest march or being banned from websites because they might nebulously be described in some universe as being “roughly aligned” with some of the things that some of the protestors called for?

    How soon until we round up all the “ists” into camps so that they can no longer pollute the true utopia of the future with their badwrong thinking?

    1. It’s good that you made my job go away! Think happy thoughts.

    2. It didn’t seem like he was saying it was necessarily and entirely good or bad thing to me.

      There may be some danger to making such people feel more alienated. But as many are pointing out, there aren’t that many hard-core racists and Nazis out there.

      1. Don’t worry, destroying the livelihood of everybody who dissents from violent commies and people who want to reenact the Haitian Revolution sure going to create more of them.

        1. You have a Nazi name!! There, did I do it right?

    3. What I find amazing about all of this hyperventilating about Charlottesville is that the Media truly believe they are 1) marginalizing White Supremacy and making it less popular and 2) hurting Trump politically.

      It’s pretty obvious that neither is true, but they continue acting as if they are doing God’s work here.

    4. Funny how all the “you can’t force bakers to make gay cakes!” are suddenly against free association when they’re the party being freely unassociated with.

      1. Although on the bright side, there’s now have a great counterexample to show how full of shit the net neutrality types are.

      2. Funny how all the “you can’t force bakers to make gay cakes!” are suddenly against free association

        If I didn’t know better (sarc) I might start to think that most people are hypocritical assholes.

      3. Not many mirrors in the dragon den I suspect.

      4. There’s a difference between being allowed to do something and cheering on people for doing it. Freedom of association is an important right and I don’t think any company should be forced to do business with anyone, but there’s nothing wrong with finding that exclusion repulsive (as I do with bakers who refuse to bake cakes for gays and what not). I don’t lose sleep at night worrying that christian bakers bullying gays out of their homes and voting for whip of government to crack upon their enemies. I -DO- worry about the left making exercising government power to oppress people they don’t like. Given how popular sticking it to accused “neo nazis” seems to be it wouldn’t surprise me.

    5. Oh, you post on Reason? You’re fired.

    6. They will surely make them less racist.

    7. All actions taken by private companies. You libertarians ought to support it, right?

  16. I am 64 years old. I have met racist white people and racist black people. I have never met a white supremacist.

    I don’t even know what “alt right” means. It seems to be synonymous with Nazi/white supremacist/etc and is applied to anybody that disagrees with the radical left.

    One more point: the SPLC is a hate group.

    1. “Sean Hannity, you’re a great american, so I’ll just hang up and let you respond on air”

      1. Find any more tax records, Rachel?

  17. Riggs, I highly recommend that all white supremacists read your blog post. All 5000 of them.

  18. Sigh. Looks like Reason is virtue-signaling again. I can just imagine what the group e-mail said:

    “Okay, guys, we got to make sure no one thinks Libertarians are part of the alt-right. Fire up another tendentious and insulting story about white supremacists. And use the broadest brush you possibly can. Include lots of strawmen, too.”

    1. And of course, as usual, absolutely nothing at all about Reason’s beloved throat-cutting Islamonazis.

      But when you’re an Obama/Sanders cultural Marxist making a living pretending to be a libertarian, one white supremacist is more threatening than a hundred thousand Islamonazis.

    2. “I’m definitely not a white supremacist, nor have I ever met one, but I take it weirdly personally whenever one gets insulted.”

      1. I’m not a prostitute either, but I find it offensive when the police label every Asian masseuse a whore.

        Nor am I a rapist, but I am greatly concerned when men have their lives ruined by false accusations.

        You CAN be opposed to an ideology or action, and still be offended by specious and offensive and stereotypical articles, you know.

        1. Well put Spock, but you’re just feeding Reason’s #1 troll.

  19. From the South (and not from some well off New South suburb), I never knew anybody in the Klan. Only heard second hand stories about people similar to the ones you describe — stupid white trash. Which means that the Klan is not a thing. I imagine a handful of rednecks meet every once in a while in a basement or shed, then get drug or do meth. Yet, the SPLC and media pretend like it is the old days when mayors, state legislators, city councilmen, bank board members, and even governors were members.

    As far as the battle flag goes, people read too much in to it. Most people I knew who displayed it were either Sons of Confederate Veterans or they were good old boys who displayed it like someone might display the logo of a sports team. Think more Dukes of Hazzard and less David Duke. Well, I guess those days are over.

    BTW, Donald Trump is an idiot.

    1. Think more Dukes of Hazzard and less David Duke.

      I’m not intimately familiar with David Duke’s entire body of work, I’m fairly certain Bo and Luke broke more laws, destroyed more property, and punched more people in the face. Which says a lot about the current state of white supremacy/nationalism.

      1. If it means more Daisy Duke, it can’t be all bad…

      2. They didn’t respect authority, either. Back when wrecking a few cop cars in high speed chases was “never meanin’ no harm”.

      3. Trivia Question: Why did the Duke Boys use bows and arrows?

        They couldn’t use fire arms under terms of their parole.

  20. White or not, but non-muslim non-arab supremacy is necessary for survival. I hope that everyone here understands that self defense against the worst political ideology that ever existed in human history: islam, which literally means submission. All non-arabic societies develop, they learn and get better. So there is hope for them. Only the muslims insist to remain in their stone age Hell of torture and eternal violence and oppression. Slavery is the central piece of what it means to be arabic.

    Btw, wasn’t Robert Lee against slavery and would’ve prefered to fight for the North, if his career opportunities hadn’t developed as they did? The lies of the communists, and their best helpers the stupid idiot libertarians, live in their own fantasy world completely separate from reality.

    1. I’d research Lee, but the historical monuments with the background info are verboten these days.

      1. But the statue of Clinton mentor/Senator/Exalted Cyclops of the Klan Robert Byrd in the Virginia Capital is still cool, right?

        1. Oh….if course it is, he was a Democrat, duh.

    2. “Btw, wasn’t Robert Lee against slavery and would’ve prefered to fight for the North, if his career opportunities hadn’t developed as they did? ”

      That was Tom Berenger.

    3. Lee was opposed to succession. He openly said he was going to go the way his state went. Va originally voted to stay in the Union, but then voted again and left. So Lee went Confederate instead of Union.

      His record on slavery is….mixed. Yes, he was opposed to it, but he was one of those “I’m opposed to it because it’s bad for the whites but provides needed structure for the black” types. He inherited slaves, with the condition in his father’s will that he release them after 5(?) years and held on to them for the 5 years instead of releasing them immediately. He did ultimately release them. He either treated them well or poorly, depending on what you read, I don’t know what the truth is.

      As the outcome of the war was becoming obvious there was a strong push on the Southern side – by people up to and including Jefferson Davis – to disband the armies, send them into the mountains and forests and swamps, and conduct guerilla warfare. At that point Lee was about the only leader of the South that had any credibility with the citizens. Lee said, paraphrased, “Nope. This shit is over. It’s time to try to be good citizens of the Union again”. Frankly, he doesn’t get as much credit for that as he should. Had he gone the other way, the war could have gone on as a low grade fight for 10 or 20 more years.

      1. I would have thought that the South’s only chance at victory was to seize Washington very early and make a deal. When this didn’t happen, Lee must have known the war was lost. There wasn’t a hope in hell the south could win a war of attrition, which is what they faced, given the failure to quickly seize the capital.

      2. “I’m opposed to it because it’s bad for the whites but provides needed structure for the black” types.

        Both he and Lincoln were manipulative/statist fucks but, IMO, their regard for racism/white supremacy (as opposed to secession and/or slavery and ignoring state’s rights) puts Lee in the better moral “true” historical light.

        Lee seemed to hold the notion that blacks and whites could be equal or that blacks could achieve what white people did, and that given certain conditions, the two races could coexist. Just, as you said, it couldn’t be handed to them or they’d never value it the way white people did. Lincoln, OTOH, very much seemed to think that the black man would never function on par with white men and would generally be a blight on white culture.

        Not to say that either one was right or wrong (I hold elements of both views; handing out free shit does make people less functional, more dependent, and a drag on society), just that the currently popular ‘everyone is equal in every way, and we can all live together in harmony’ mindset seems to fall more in Lee’s lap than it does in Lincoln’s.

      3. I think the word you intended is “secession”.
        Succession would most likely refer to a continuation of sucking until success is achieved. Perhaps you did mean that.

        1. Actually, “If at first you don’t succeed, keep on sucking until you do suck seed” is the correct phrase.

    4. Lee would have fought for the USA, if they hadn’t invaded his home country of Virginia.

      1. Lee would have fought for the USA if the Virginia legislature had decided to stay in the USA. They didn’t, so he didn’t. The “invasion” had nothing to do with his decision.

      2. After the Rebs fired on Ft. Sumter, Lincoln called on the states to provide 75,000 to put down the rebellion in the deep south. Lee was asked to command this force and he hedged, waiting to see what his home state did. Then Virginia seceded and he resigned, taking a position as general of the Virginia state forces before his resignation from the U.S. Army was accepted.

        1. I think we just said the same thing, didn’t we? Lee’s “hedging” was done as he waited to see what his state was going to do, as he had told everyone that he was going to go the way Virginia went. Someone of his social status would have been aware that even though Virginia had voted “no” on succession there was a movement afoot within the legislature to arrange a do-over.

          Had he never intended to command the Union army he wouldn’t have hedged – he would simply have told Lincoln no.

          I can’t tell from your wording if we were agreeing or disagreeing. 🙂

    5. Robert E Lee was not against slavery, and felt t

    6. But, but, but… some Muslims are nice!

  21. @Mike Riggs: As government controls more and more of our lives, we come to expect government to take care of us. It doesn’t matter what our ideology is, it’s just human nature. The more government restricts our choices, the more they make decisions we don’t agree with, the more they act like *government*, the more we resent loosing our choices and options. We understand why t makes sense to push and pull on government, because that’s how you get the coercion working in your favor, but that just pisses us off more and more, the resentment builds and builds.

    Imagine instead a society where you had to make all your own decisions, even if that meant only choosing some voluntary association to make decisions for you — your church, the Elk’s Club, Young Marxists for Liberty, it doesn’t matter — the fact would be that you could change associations. You could control that aspect of your life. You’d let them decide where your charity goes, you’d go to their social gatherings for general camaraderie, just as lots of people depend on their bowling league for general social meet and greets.

    And if you and the association started drifting apart, there’d be literally thousands of choices, from the most nanny to the bare bons insurance companies. Even the smallest towns would provide several choices.

    I can’t think of a better way to go back to civil society. What we have now, with growing intrusive government — I can’t think of a better way to get on that road to hell.

  22. Good stuff, Riggsy. I’ve already said it, but it’s nice to see you writing here again.

  23. What did we think the inevitable results of desegregation, cultural diversity, and political correctness were going to be? Lets face it, the people of color in this world have an axe to grind with the white race (deserved or not), and THEY ARE GOING TO GRIND IT !

    1. And fifty years of “courtesy” has given the axe-grinders enough boldness to advocate removal of white people from the world.
      That seems to be fine with a lot of the ones, who will fall under that edict.
      “Wait! I was with you guys” will fall on deaf ears, if the axe-grinders get their way.
      Their virtue signalling will have been for naught.

  24. Libertarian: someone who doesn’t mind the trip to the re-education camp as long as he can smoke pot on the way there.

  25. This is starting to feel like a penthouse forum, with WS references instead of threesomes.

  26. Damn. Seven years down the drain. Might as well join the fucking peace corps.

  27. wait, what the fuck does milo have to do with white supremacists?

    1. Nothing, they just love bashing Milo because he’s not a good gay. Good gays vote Democrat, love abortion, and don’t make fun of feminism.

      Bad gays have integrity, defend Free Speech, and even defend those who hate them like Daily Stormer.

      Never mind that when it comes to sex, Milo is a black supremacist since he only dates black men. If anything, white people should be suing him for discrimination, but luckily for Milo, the government can’t force you to have sex with people you don’t like, at least for now.

  28. So the Nazi wedding cake question is now settled public policy.

  29. “It’s bad to be a minority, but I’m sure those other minorities, who’ve learned to hate white people, will treat us well.”

  30. Aside from the web service provider, did any of those people violate their terms of service or fail to do their jobs?

  31. As I read more, and more and more of this shit, I am left with only one suggestion.

    Buy ammunition. Keep your loved ones safe and alive.

    And may we all wind up, after the shooting stops and the blood dries, on the same. sane side.

    1. Or, we could get rid of race entirely as a classification. Seems odd that we still have it when, after all, it is not supposed to matter.

    2. How the hell would you know what sane looks like?

      1. Tony, you never say anything that places your team in a good light.

  32. I’m fine with all the companies refusing to host the DailyStormer, even if they are a bunch of hypocritical assholes when it comes to all the Antifa and radical BLM stuff they host. However, I take serious issue with the domain registration part of the equation. That is because we have a government enforced monopoly on domain registration. Any random person can’t go to ICANN and demand a TLD domain. You must go through a reseller, which is a big company that the government has agreed to allow domain registration through. All the resellers are refusing to work with the DailyStormer, thus they have no recourse for a building block of the internet. That’s pretty disturbing, in my opinion.

    1. Whenever a company becomes a subsidiary of the government in anyway, pay, monopoly, etc… they should have to observe the bill of rights for all employees and customers. Otherwise, the governments will continue to subvert people’s rights through 3rd party ‘private’ corporations.

      1. Agreed. And this should be the libertarian position.

  33. Has anyone stopped to consider that a foreign power seeking to destabilize the US is funding both the White Nats and the Antifa?

  34. True story. A friend of mine from college had an older friend, and we were on a trivia team together with the friend’s friend’s cousin, a very smart engineer but who was also vocally racist. He lured his cousin into that world, and they got increasingly shrill with their insistence that “nigger” is a perfectly acceptable way to describe black people and to say in a bar. The guy I knew best was also very smart and not so much into that stuff, but he did start going through a phase where his every political opinion was about snowflake campus liberals with some complaints here and there about the victim status of white men. I’m not sure if he went all the way down the rabbit hole after I stopped hanging around them.

    Anyway, the point is they all talked constantly about how small their dicks were. I’m not even making that up.

  35. Glad to know where you stand, Mike. We thought all libertarians were friggin’ racists.

  36. You remind me of The Producers: “don’t be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Nazi party.”

    Except that this is what you’re saying:
    “don’t be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Antifa party.”

    You’re not a libertarian, you’re not defending free speech, you’re defending the Antifa fascist.

    “Achtung! You veel all draw pictures of people getting along! You veel support diversity! You veel not be racist.”

    Yesterday I deleted my Twitter account, I haven’t said or done anything offensive, but I decided I can no longer be a part of social media that discriminates against freedom of belief.

    I wanted to download Gab, but it’s been removed from Apple. My point is that Silicon Valley socialism must be fought, not with regulation but competition. Alternatives must be created, and the censorship Nazis must be shunned.

    1. Nazism is to the marketplace of ideas what the Edsel is to the marketplace. Except with even more mass murdering of Jews.

      1. Jesus, Tony, for your own sake please shut up.

    2. “I wholly disapprove of what you say?and will defend to the death your right to say it.”

  37. White supremacists have no meaningful power whatsoever in this nation, except that which the media hand to them on silver platters. Why is “Reason” now publishing left-wing bullshit like this?

    1. I’m starting to wonder if CNN is the new top financial supporter of the KKK. just so they can continue their 24/7 Virtue Signaling.

  38. What a steaming pile of garbage.

    You seem to be implying that your own race war trumps what you consider to be “whitey’s race war”. Well there isn’t one and there never was since the ’60’s. It’s about behavior, not race. If you want to be foul mouthed, pants around your ass, and generally obnoxious, then I guess poor you.

    Why is it east Indians who are very dark get along just fine? Have you ever considered that?

    Take your anti white racism somewhere else. You are as dangerous as Stalin ever was. All you are missing is the courage to start mass killing. God knows the media will be on your side!

  39. It’s hard not to admit that there are more of these creeps (white nationalists, anti-semites and Nazis) crawling out from under rocks than there used to be. At least there are a lot more creeps posting racist and anti-semitic stuff on line, burning crosses, painting swastikas on graveyards etc. Somebody has emboldened them. Personally, I think it’s Trump and Bannon.


    Even the guys insisting they are “white nationalists” and not Nazi’s have really racist views. They want maintain the “white race”. I don’t know how. There is no “white race”. Make intermarriage illegal again?

    1. “It’s hard not to admit that there are more of these creeps (white nationalists, anti-semites and Nazis) crawling out from under rocks than there used to be.”

      There are just a hell of a lot more cameras looking for them.

      It’s like the Westboro Zombies, more news crew people show up to film them, than there are actual members of the Westboro Church.

      I look forward to a day when the name ‘Trump’ is found nowhere on a news page or paper. Not that I dislike him any more than the other politicians, they’re all pretty horrible human beings, it’s just getting old. Mean while, there is real news out there going uncovered.

  40. Wow ya think? I guess I won’t go join the Nazis then. I hope Reason isn’t getting sucked into another hysteria originating from the leftist fever swamp. Nazi ideology and similar creeds have not been popular with whites in a long time and I see no signs of that changing. You know which blood soaked ideology is manufacturing mindless zombies every day in our universities? Anybody? Anybody?

    1. Being a violent, racist, socialist seems to be pretty en-vogue these days. It’s just the type of racism seems to be the only thing in contention.

  41. What’s this talk about whites being losers? The only problems whites have are

    1. Having to work within an economy whose monetary system is a gigantic Jewish usury racket called the Federal Reserve System,

    2. Having to pay more taxes than they otherwise would, in order to subsidize non-whites who take disproportionate advantage of public assistance,

    3. Getting fired from their jobs not because they are unable to do them, but because leftists call their employers over breaches of political correctness and demand they be fired,

    4. Being passed over for jobs by employers anxious to fill new positions with minorities, so that they can be in compliance with EEOC regulations.

    I hadn’t known that Reason.com was a leftist e-rag. I do now. I’m adjusting my spam filter accordingly.

    1. Of course, pointing out those facts makes you a “white supremacist”. Every other group is allowed to organize except white men including Papua New Guinea headhunters apparently. We are not supposed to notice the rising mortality of the white working class or the previous generation of white men who have had their lives destroyed by the family court system. We are supposed to instead be polite while idiotic pundits such as this jerkoff as well as Kevin Williamson criticize our dick size and antifa threatens us while we think about asserting our group interests like everyone else.

  42. Oh no! Careers destroyed! A roofer and employees at pizza and hot dog shops. And the supermarket guy. He may have had union benefits.

    In this tight labor market, these guys will be employed again as soon as they want to go back to work. There are “for hire” signs in nearly every supermarket and fast food joint I pass. The same applies for construction workers now that Trump has cut back on the illegals. The roofer might even get a raise.

    Imagine the ruckus and lawsuits if a black employee were fired for attending a BLM rally or virulent speech by Farrakhan. This is the sort of double-standard the so-called “Alt-Right” is protesting against.

  43. Video – Leftist violence goes mainstream in America,,
    WASHINGTON ? Leftists claim they are fighting hate and violence, and they cite the deadly protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, as a prime example.
    But the evidence indicates the left is actually spreading hate and violence.
    Those are the conclusions of writers for two prominent left-leaning news outlets, the BBC and the Atlantic.
    Their articles describe in detail how the taste for violence is seeping from the fringe left into its mainstream.


  44. Dead end for the right? We do NOT support such groups and never have. The left was violent also and the police force inadequate. If Muslims attack the left says they are just the Extremist Muslims but when a lunatic jackal KKK or Nazi member commits a crime it is all conservatives that are evil KKK and Nazi. I am sick of this double standard. I want a viable third party of common sense for moderates and conservatives.

  45. Why Was This ‘Crowd Hire’ Company Recruiting $25 An Hour ‘Political Activists’ In Charlotte Last Week?
    Now, the discovery of a craigslist ad posted last Monday, almost a full week before the Charlottesville protests, is raising new questions over whether paid protesters were sourced by a Los Angeles based “public relations firm specializing in innovative events” to serve as agitators in counterprotests.

    The ad was posted by a company called “Crowds on Demand” and offered $25 per hour to “actors and photographers” to participate in events in the “Charlotte, NC area.” While the ad didn’t explicitly define a role to be filled by its crowd of “actors and photographers” it did ask applicants to comment on whether they were “ok with participating in peaceful protests.” Here is the text from the ad:

  46. The Alt-Right is Not Right – It’s Left…..The alt-right is myth
    One of the pillars of conservatism is “The Golden Rule,” which automatically precludes white nationalism or racial supremacy of any kind.
    According to McPaper, the white nationalist/supremacist Richard Spencer coined the term in 2008. If he uses the term alt-right to identify himself and his fellow believers ? this begs a question?
    Was President Woodrow Wilson a member of the alt-right? He was a racist white supremacist.
    So were President Lyndon Johnson and the late Democrat Senator Robert Byrd.
    Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood to halt the spread of the black race. I’d call that white supremacism.

    1. The KKK was the enforcers of the white supremacist Southern Democrat Party, the Dixiecrats.
      Alt-right demonstrators hit the streets adorned with Nazi paraphernalia and Confederate flags.
      Neither of those symbols represents American conservatism.
      In fact, the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party, which these nuts appear to be so fond of, was a tale of combat between two competing leftist ideologies ? fascism and communism.
      Neither faction incidentally resembled conservatism or what we’ve come to know as “the right.”
      The German KPD was the largest communist party outside the Soviet Union during the 1920s.
      It was the Trotsky-inspired KPD or German Communist Party vs. the Hitler led fascist “National Socialist German Workers Party” (Nazis).
      There were no “right-wingers” involved at all.

      1. And did I see the word socialist?
        By cracky, I did.
        I don’t know of anyone who would confuse conservatism with socialism.
        The alt-right is myth.
        It’s a name crafted to confuse the public into thinking these loons were spawned out of the conservative movement.
        It should actually be relabeled, or labeled properly as the National Socialist American Party, because they are in fact fascists – not of the right and certainly not conservative.
        But because of our woefully inept education system in this country, most believe fascism and Hitler were right wing.
        They couldn’t be more wrong.
        The fascists were leftists who had/have a lot more in common with communists than with free market conservative capitalists.
        The major difference between fascists and communists is that the former is nationalistic and the latter, internationalistic.

      2. And did I see the word socialist?
        By cracky, I did.
        I don’t know of anyone who would confuse conservatism with socialism.
        The alt-right is myth.
        It’s a name crafted to confuse the public into thinking these loons were spawned out of the conservative movement.
        It should actually be relabeled, or labeled properly as the National Socialist American Party, because they are in fact fascists – not of the right and certainly not conservative.
        But because of our woefully inept education system in this country, most believe fascism and Hitler were right wing.
        They couldn’t be more wrong.
        The fascists were leftists who had/have a lot more in common with communists than with free market conservative capitalists.
        The major difference between fascists and communists is that the former is nationalistic and the latter, internationalistic.

        1. The clown, who rammed his car into the crowd has been identified in a picture from a rally by a group called Vanguard America. Their espoused beliefs are anti-capitalist, anti-corporatism, basically socialist, like the Nazi (National Socialist) party.
          This is not what people on The Right believe in.
          The fact that groups such as the Nazis and Vanguard America want white supremacy is falsely used to link them with The Right, because conservatives oppose the preferences that are handed out to minorities, to keep them on the demoncrap plantation.

  47. Will get you further. Not farther.

  48. Williamson writes. His best guess? “They want to be someone other than who they are. That’s the great irony of identity politics: They seek identity in the tribe because they are failed individuals.”

    This was explored by Eric Hoffer in his classic The True Believer.

  49. My ancestors fought for Davis and Jefferson and slavery((??????))), and my grandparents were members of descendant organizations. Williamson’s theory that white supremacists are looking for purpose in all the wrong places reflects what I saw in my hometown.

    Well Mike your liberal side, and your education of yourself, is REALLY SHOWING! Do you HONESTLY believe that 600,000 Confederates and yankees DIED to KEEP and or FREE the slaves? Aww, it’s so cute when you try to talk about things you don’t understand. Do you believe 1.4 million Confederates, out of 5 million Whites, placed in the field were WILLING TO DIE so a small percentage could keep slaves? Yes slavery was in States secession’s, BUT what slavery about? MONEY. The abolitionist pushed to remove slavery in the north before the was, BUT what did the northern states that did away with slavery at the time do? Did they free them? NOPE they sold them to the Southerners, yep made their money and then some from those sales, didn’t lose any money. Read about the Haiti uprising and the effects on Southern Whites along with the Nat Turner killing of White man women and children in Virginia, and the Stono Ferry rebellion in South Carolina. Remember slavery was legal, not right, BUT WAS LEGAL!

  50. What does SPLC mean? I’ve been off the internet for 2 months and missed the newest acronym…

    1. Southern Poverty Law Center – an organization that labels anyone who disagrees with them a “hate group”, while espousing the most hateful of rhetoric of all.

    2. The Southern Poverty Law Center, a leftist hate group.

      1. Speaking of the SPLC they seem to have outed Kessler. Or maybe not.

  51. This is where being polite will get you
    The United States of Disparate Impact

    I tried to pay my employees in gold but that was prohibited.

    I wanted to get a loan but the government said they didnt have any money because they had already given out too many bad loans to historically disadvantaged groups.

    I made more than the median income but I was not able to keep all that much because I live in the same house with the woman I sleep with and live as a family with our children together.

    It was too costly to give my employees health insurance because of government mandates so I didnt do it.

    I ended up losing my business to my competitors because the government bailed them out and not me.
    My wife left me and I lost my life savings paying child support despite the fact that she cheated on me. I had to move back in with my parents.

    I met a young women on public transportation. I like dating her despite the fact that she had 3 kids by 3 different men before the age of 21. I think I am going to stay with her until she gets her 9k earned income credit check in February. I dont know if our relationship will last much longer than that, but her mom might be able to get me a job in the Obama Administration investigating companies that use IQ tests improperly. If they are caught they are subject to fines that go towards subsidizing bad loans for historically disadvantaged groups.

  52. Stop with this economic anxiety excuse nonsense. White people have always had hate in their hearts even when on top of the food chain.

    1. I’d call it anxiety that someone else might take what they rightfully stole.

  53. Black power is a dead end for black people.

  54. Self-appointed experts commenting and morons masquerading as journalists, none seems to have a clue about life or the human condition.
    REASON.COM needs to replace current staff and perhaps hire some who can pen real editorials. And pay them!
    Commenters? Pathetic at best.

  55. Last we heard from Christopher Cantwell?the lead subject of Vice’s chilling report from Charlottesville?he was holed up in a hotel and weeping into his cell phone.

    The reason he was “weeping” was that an Antifa had hit him with a chemical agent (probably Mace). i.e., Cantwell was a victim of anti-racist violence, as were many other people at the Unite the Right Rally.

    The Unite the Right organizers had gotten a permit for their event. It was Antifa which attacked them, using chemical agents, blunt instruments, and thrown objects, including human waste. And it was the city who declared an unlawful assembly. i.e., it was a coalition of government and leftists which suppressed the First Amendment in Charlottesville.

    But this does not fit the Reason narrative, so Reason ignores Antifa’s iniatation of force, and the government’s violation of civil liberties.

    It’s worth checking out the Internet to see what really happened on 12 August 2017/

  56. If you are a libertarian or other free market type arguing with a liberal friend and you mange to rhetorically box him into a corner, he may confide to you that the welfare state is less about social justice and more about buying off society’s misfits and losers. Those who finish last in the Game of Life will not necessarily be good sports about it. A welfare check or a leaning-on-your-shovel government job is cheap insurance against social unrest and revolution.
    A broader definition of “welfare state” could include tariffs and immigration restrictions to protect those who, in spite of their birth in the Land of Opportunity, only have Third World skills to offer an employer.
    A still broader definition would encompass the agenda of the white supremacist who fears economic competition even closer to home.

  57. The white supremacists who marched on Charlottesville last weekend, as well as their confederates who cheered from afar, are now learning just how expensive it is to own those views in public.

    I have no idea whether the people who walked in Charlottesville were white supremacists, neo-Nazis, or fascists, and I don’t care. It’s pretty clear that they don’t seem to have any power to get anybody fired, get anybody silenced, or lecture to millions of college students; in different words, they are politically and socially irrelevant.

    I do know that you and the people who get them fired, get them kicked off the Internet, and gloat about it are totalitarians, and you are politically quite relevant and a threat to the foundations of US democracy.

  58. Well, participants of the rally were tracked down by lefties and their employers were “persuaded” to fire them. I guess that?s New Libertarianism: you are always free to bow to pressure. By that standard the Soviet Union was a libertarian country.

    “They don’t have any straightforward demands” – I wouldn?t hold that against them. The only politician who ever had a straightforward logically consistent agenda was Vladimir Lenin, and how did that end?

    Some of your relatives and friends were supremacists. You think they were losers. You identify the participants of the rally as supremacists. Therefore, they must be losers. You know that?s a non sequitur?

  59. So Mr. Riggs had difficulties to separate himself from an environment which was characterized by discontent, self-victimization, laziness/depression and overcompensatory fantasies. Fine with him. And he has developed a lifelong resentment which enforces him to project past experiences on present realities.That’s not so fine. (Also, I suppose that his foreman was better in construction work than he himself and that’s why he tries to diminish him.)

    First, these kind environments exist in all kinds of poor tribal communities, not particularly with poor whites.

    Secondly, what has all this to do with the contemporary alt-right? Richard Spencer or Jared Taylor are at least as hardworking as Mr. Riggs. Most of the Trumpists don’t live in trailers, a lot of them are quite average citizens, only more “concerned” than and less egotist as Mr. Riggs. In fact, if Mr. Riggs ever leaves his momentaneous bubble, a Trumpist may be his new boss. So: being an asshole to Trumpists may not work as well as he thinks.

    In fact, a Trumpist may be next

  60. I lived in inner city Philadelphia for eight years, between bouncing between campuses, through horrific minority violence . I sustained one aggravated assault at the hands of a black drug addict. I have been molested by black paraprofessionals, robbed, sustained so many toxic environments that I will never entirely recover from post-traumatic stress. Though I am too well educated to play in Richard Spencer’s sandbox of ethnic mystique, I am a racist, and gave Google’s Blogger services a hernia at times with the decibel level of my pain, no doubt throwing away whatever is left of my accomplishments, after case management, as a disability journalist. Physically, I cannot quite hide paraplegia behind typeset,no one has to know about until it is seen, as Krauthammer does. Quadriplegia curtails my life too much. I have really no choice but to have become intolerant. I wouldn’t have survived otherwise, and if you had seen it from my perspective, you might not be as open about it, but none the less altered for that. I’ve been thinking about a commentary on this for a lengthy period of time, how to write it, get it past a publisher (which I’ve done to a degree, with a black editor who chose to interpret a certain ambiguity in a progressive vein). For your white privilege, knocking the far right’s nonsensical reactive stance is simple. For me, it’s not, not on the other end of the scope. Minorities can also be xenophrenic, cruel, their dysfunction impacting my mental health.

  61. Jesus Christ.

    How does 400 people lead to a faux existential crisis about whites? Antifa has been FAR more troubling. The attacks on innocent people, the doxxing, the communist/Marxist overtones, the blind faux self-righteous zealotry etc.

    And this is direct alignment with the left’s constant attack of Western civilization (which The Constitution is a part of).

    Spare me about how they can’t ‘define’ themselves. They don’t have the power and influence to impact anything. Antifa on the other hand does. Call me when Trump brings the KKK to the White House like Obama, in a despicable move of petulance, did with BLM.

    BLM and Anitfa are trouble making thugs with an immoral and inconsistent world view.

    1. It’s like you people are Westworld hosts programmed not to see the vast sea of white supremacist idiocy all over the internet. I see calls to literally kill all black people all the time and I’m not talking about some 4chan virgin circle jerk, but any remotely topical article linked by mainstream sources. Doxxing and bullying innocents has long been the province of MRAs, as anyone knows. I’m no fan of Antifa or their tactics but I can’t tell if you’re simply forgiving the Right’s antics or if you just pretend not to see it.

    2. “And this is direct alignment with the left’s constant attack of Western civilization (which The Constitution is a part of).”

      You mean the Left and the Islamic world. They’ve been teamed up together in this enterprise since 2008 when Americans voted in a secret Muslim Marxist as president. For all the faults of the Nazis, at least they weren’t black, marxist or muslim. They were great fans of Western civilization, like Alabama and Florida.

    3. Nicely put, at least in a macro-socio economic context. BLM, in Philly, is little more than brawn with a chip on its shoulder, like anything in major metropolitan areas. It is a reflection of inadequacy. When former DA Sean Williams, was indicted– he too faced allegations of bigotry– a BLM point man appeared on news, demanding resignation. Out of its total claimed membership, about 6% actually showed to protest at the DA’s office, a reflection of the fact that everyone knows the score. Williams completed his term, plead guilty, and unless I am mistaken, a white liberal with whom we’re all comfortable, on familiar ground, took over. My state is very corrupt. California, more quietly on the other end, has similar competency issues. Obama, as a “movement candidate” had to expend his capital keeping the electorate out of a Great Depression. Trump is a reactive bully band aid, who has already had an indelible impact, smashing the pottery, without really addressing the underlying fissures.

  62. Great post , thanks for sharing

  63. “They don’t have any straightforward demands like the Teamsters or PETA do.” Yes they do. They were chanting “One People! One Nation! End Immigration!” Its right there, they want to shut down immigration to maintain the white majority. Its a stupid demand. But it is a pretty straight forward one.

  64. In a just world, any and all Reason employees will have their social media accounts, not to mention their website, permanently suspended and removed for wrong-think. Because that is the political and cultural environment the morons at Reason promote and actively cheer to score a few more desperate points in their social circles. Enjoy it before they come for you.

    When the revolution comes I sincerely hope your traitorous cowards are up against the wall first.

    1. Well, I hope they are allowed a few moments to pen up a desperate “WHY US??!!” article first.

    2. This post is, like, three days old.

      Did anyone else pick up on Shackford praising vandalism and threats as “social pressure” that lead to a “private sector solution” (cemetery removes plaque in section where Confederate veterans are buried, returns to UDC so it won’t be damaged more)

      1. George Orwell reported that a dim bulb communist sought to get back at christian fascism by chiseling the crosses off cemetery gravestones during the Spanish revolution. What we are seeing today is that weak minds think alike.

      2. I was on vacation, you chicken-fucking cunt, until today. I responded when it was presented to me, for better or for worse.

  65. So the blonde altruist supremacy nationalsocialist propagandists preached, scolding all deniers as “selfish” or in the pay of stock exchange jewry–whom they loudly denounced a innately selfish–is now simply white? Does this mean the party German Christianity elected repeatedly from 1933 through 1945 “weren’t really” altruists? That’s some mighty fancy whitewashing.

  66. Understanding the long-term consequences of one’s actions requires a certain measure of intelligence and imagination. White supremacists don’t seem to be endowed with either quality.

  67. South Africa was reasonable and conciliatory. As a result their whites are now being slaughtered or ejected. Not wanting to be slaughtered or ejected doesn’t make one a racial supremacist, it just makes them not stupid. Interestingly most of the problems we’ve seen in the past few weeks have been a result of dumb white people trying to eject themselves from history.

  68. But seriously? This article is about 400 losers in a population of a third of a billion?

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