Brickbat: Not Looking for a Few Good Men


female soldier
Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Dreamstime

The Australian Army has banned recruiters from recruiting men for some 35 different jobs, including armored cavalry. The air force and navy face similar restrictions on many jobs. All those jobs are still open to women. The goal is to get the percentage of women in the military up.

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  1. Aww! That’s so nice of them, giving self-doubting Trump supporters a chin-up after the last week.

  2. Anyway, I gather that as part of their declaration of allegiance to International Socialism they had to adopt 7.62×39 as their new standard intermediate round?

    1. That round is for terrorists and communists.

    2. They can also opt for 5.45×39. Socialism my mean only one option for deodorant. You still get options for killing.

      1. Well, yes, but my point was that Oliver used a photo of someone using a (7.62×39) RPD. *Not* Aussie Armed Forces standard.

        Which wouldn’t be so unforgivable, if this weren’t a Libertarian site. C’mon, Oliver, get your shit together, you know? I expect this sort of laziness from USAToday, not a site ostensibly run by gun nuts. And if isn’t run by gun nuts, then, well, what business does it have referring to itself as libertarian?

        1. Well, it is difficult to find a photo of an armed female Aussie soldier under the old recruiting policy.

          1. How do you know that is not a female in a camo burka?
            Katarzyna Bialasiewicz sounds like a good Australian female name.

  3. I forgot, fewer women than men join the military cuz patriarchy. Not because it’s dangerous, dirty, hot, loud, frustrating, riddled with cancerous bureaucracy, and often unrewarding. Not because women self-select out of that cohort.

    Nope. Patriarchy.

    1. Google agrees with this comment.

    2. If they’re anything like the US military’s recruiting – they’ll blame the recruiter. Ain’t no boiler room got anything on a service recruiter for ‘high pressure’ sales environment.

  4. What will they do when the jobs go unfilled? Reverse course and admit they were wrong ? Nope. Who will they blame,recruiters ,white men, NAZIs, clowns?

    1. What will they do when the jobs go unfilled?

      Draft women?

    2. If they’re anything like the US military’s recruiting – they’ll blame the recruiter. Ain’t no boiler room got anything on a service recruiter for ‘high pressure’ sales environment.

    3. “What will they do when the jobs go unfilled?”

      Forcibly trans-surgerize men, turn them into women?

      “Bailiff, whack his pee-pee off”!

    4. “What will they do when the jobs go unfilled?”

      Pay women ten or 15 times as much as the men, for jobs that they cannot do as well as the men? To attract them to these jobs? There is your “free market” solution to an arbitrarily defined “social problem”!

      I wonder how well that would go over with the men, what it would do to morale?

  5. Men or women, it doesn’t matter which gender Churchill uses for cannon fodder.

    1. Hey,those wogs won’t kill themselves. Or will they?

  6. Nothing brightens up your armored cavalry better than a Sheila at the wheel.

  7. Good luck Australia, you’ll need it. In my ten years between the Marines and the Army National Guard, I never met a single woman in the military with any desire to be in a combat unit.

    For a couple of years I was in a non-combat unit in the Marines. We still has to go out and do mild infantry training occasionally – forced marches, patrols, urban warfare course, etc… The females in our unit found other things to do those days.

    1. “For a couple of years I was in a non-combat unit in the Marines.”
      Say it ain’t so, Joe – – – – – –

      I knew things had gotten bad, but a NON combat unit in the MARINES!??
      This better be fake news.

      1. Civil Affairs – I fucking hated it. Way too many officers.

        1. Wow, didn’t think I’d find another person in Civil Affairs.

          I was a Cannoneer when the Commandant decided that units mostly made up of dumb folk who blow stuff up would be great at winning “hearts and minds” in Iraq, so I got another MOS out of it. Shockingly enough, we did better than the real Civil Affairs had been doing.

          Oh, and I do remember that I replaced a Captain… as a Corporal. Yeah, Civil Affairs had way too many officers.

    2. I was in Army Combat Support. The no-go rate for forced marches (standard pack, 12 miles, 4 hours) was >80% for women and

      1. less than 10% for men. Women were not assigned to, but not prohibited from, some units due to the physical requirements (carry 100+ pound packs, lift heavy equipment, …).

  8. No worries mate; just keep electing Labor. No wars, no need for combat troops.

  9. Sissynormatively, that’s a vegemitey mistake.

    1. Soon,Fosters will only come in 8 oz cans.

      1. Aussies will still come in sheep, won’t they? Let’s not abandon the entire culture.

        1. Cum on now, get yer spellin’ right!

        2. Well yes ,you ever try to catch a ‘roo?

  10. So they are going to recruit from a pool that is less likely to meet the physical requirements of the job than the pool excluded?

    That is going to end well.

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