Kmele vs. DeRay, and Trump's Cherished History: The New Fifth Column

Arguments over Charlottesville, confessions of collegiate evangelizing, and a Q&A with Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson


DeRay McKesson ||| CNN

Have you checked out the revamped website of The Fifth Column, your very favorite non-Reason podcast, starring Michael C. Moynihan, Kmele Foster, and me? Episode links—such as last week's, featuring Thaddeus Russell and Radley Balko—now include topic breakouts, relevant book links, and other helpful information. Check it out!

This week's episode is so hot off the presses that even I haven't listened to the featured scrum at the end, when Kmele sits down with blue-vested Black Lives Matter activist and Campaign Zero co-founder DeRay McKesson for a frank exchange of views on race, policing, and "dangerous" ideas. (Read Reason's interview with McKesson from 14 months ago.) The conversation before that is mostly an extended argument over President Donald Trump's reactions to Charlottesville, with me talking about the ideological/comportmental aspects that Trumpism, the alt-right, and a big chunk of the broader right has in common; Kmele giving Trump the benefit of the doubt, and Moynihan spitting fire about LARPing tiki-Nazis. You can listen here:

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