Trump's Diversity Council Demands Steve Bannon's Firing, CBO Scores Trump's Threat to Cut Insurance Subsidies, and Senators Demand Fraud Investigation of Affordable Broadband Program: P.M. Links


  • President Trump

    Members of Trump's diversity council call for Steve Bannon to resign following events in Charlottesville.

  • The Congressional Budget Office warns that premiums could rise by 20 percent if Trump follows through on his threat to cut subsidies. Read Reason's coverage of the CBO's findings here.
  • A bipartisan group of senators is pushing for the FCC to investigate the federal government's "LifeLine" program, which aimed to provide broadband to low-income households. The program reportedly handed out millions in improper subsidies, including to deceased people.
  • While political tensions mount both here at home and across the globe, Donald Trump keeps playing with his Twitter profile pic. In the past week the president has changed his picture five times in the last two weeks.
  • Speaking of Twitter, President Trump retweeted and then deleted a cartoon of a train hitting a CNN reporter.