It's Probably Not the End of the World, Trump Likes Tweet Accusing Him of Sex Trafficking, 'Methadone Saved My Baby's Life': A.M. Links


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  1. We are probably not on the brink of nuclear war. Happy Friday!

    No nukes is boring nukes.

    1. Hello.

    2. What is going on with the site? I have to scroll forever to get to the comments. It’s endless ads and old articles all the way down.

      1. It’s exactly the right amount of scrolling that the market will bear.

        1. On my browser, the invisible hand does the scrolling for me.

      2. Came here to say the same thing, and it’s a long journey to the comments because the goddamn page keeps auto-refreshing as you scroll down and the old article blurbs are nearly endless. I mean, Jesus, somewhere in there I think I saw a blurb for a post about whether or not Johnson might be replaced as VP on the ticket, and they were talking about Andrew.

      3. You don’t have adblock, bruh?

        1. Not on my phone. About to install it now though.

      4. It’s probably just a matter of time until they decide to do away with the comments entirely.

        They already got about ninety percent of the way there with their relentless drumbeat of cultural Marxism.

      5. I had to switch browsers. Keeps crashing Pale Moon and Chrome. (I’ve quit using Chrome anyway…)

  2. No Friday Funny? The Funny is half the reason why Friday is Hit n’ Run’s best day of the week! The other reason is that it’s the day all our semi-professional Obamafags clock out for the weekend.

    1. “Obamafags:” a step up from “Obama Mommas,” despite being an obvious knockoff of dumb stuff shreek says.

    2. Picture, if you will, a caricature drawing of President Trump, as rotund as it is grotesque, an aged Chris Farley of a figure, sitting at the Resolute desk. The Oval Office around it is a shambles, now sitting at the far end of a mobile home in a trailer park in the National Mall. The president is disgusted by the lowbrow staff surrounding him as he Skypes with Melania in Trump Towers. A shirtless Putin breaks into the call, complaining to Trump that he’s no longer front page news and wants to take a secret meeting with Trump aides to discuss it. Suddenly Kim breaks into the call from North Korea using his state of the art Commodore 64. He and the president trade Churchillian barbs until Chief of Staff John F. Kelly bolts into the room and puts a stop to all the shenanigans by calling everyone to attention. Then AG Jeff Sessions comes in with a plan to regain his credibility by arresting the guy who thought up Cash for Clunkers.


      2. Not bad. Not as surreal as Agile Cyborg, not as demented as SugarFree.

      3. which they had a like button

        1. can’t spell meant wish not which

    3. So you’re ripping off my “Christ-fags” term?

      Obama voters don’t “give their life” and express eternal love for a fake deity.

      Although Chris Matthews tingle up his leg was close.

      1. So you’re ripping off my “Christ-fags” term?

        Your pride in such a stupid phrase is what makes you special, shreek.

        1. He just wants to make sure everyone understands how much he hates religious people.

          1. As a conservative your view of my secularism is easy to understand.

            “Religion is true to the common people, false to the wise, and useful to the politicians” – Cato (Roman).

            The GOP is the master of this strategy.

            1. Or was it Seneca?

              Whatever. It is GOP to the core.

            2. As a conservative your view of my secularism is easy to understand.

              It’s funny that you actually believe this.

              1. Look, $park?: shreek is the One True Libertarian, and if you think that a decade’s worth of questionably rational pro-Obama commenting, outright lies, and stupid nicknames mean he’s not, then you’re obviously a Bushpig Christ-fag Trumptard.

            3. Oh, Buttplug, there is no hope for you.

              There is exactly as much proof of the existence of a deity as their is evidence to the contrary, you religious fool you.

      2. There are plenty of religious liberals, lying shithead. “Social justice”, wealth redistribution, and all that bullcrap is especially big in the Irish and Latino Catholic communities.

        Also, Mohammed is a fake deity too.

        1. So what? They’re idiots and should be kept our of government. I am not a TEAM player like you, Mikey.

          1. Not a TEAM player? Don’t sell yourself short.

            1. Hey PB, even the last kid picked is on a team. Buck up kiddo.

              1. Team lefty will be looking to join team Libertarian, since the Democratic Party is disintegrating.

          2. TEAM lefty is a team, Butt.

          3. ” I am not a TEAM player like you, Mikey.”

            That explains the years of criticizing Team Blue which I’ve never seen, not once. I guess the Democrats are pure libertarians, just like Ignatius.

          4. I am not a TEAM player

            You’re a real a-hole, P.B. But sometimes you do give me a chuckle.

      3. “Obama voters don’t “give their life” and express eternal love for a fake deity.”

        Are we talking about the same Lightworker?

  3. Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro says he wants to talk to President Trump.

    If that Filipino can get a Trump endorsement…

    1. ‘Come here you. Yeah you. I want to talk to you!’

    2. Maduro wants in on the GOP’s fake news capabilities.

      1. “Maduro wants in on the GOP’s fake news capabilities.”

        Gee, turd, you could sell him a pile of stupid; you have tons of it.

        1. Someone make this guy roastmaster general.

  4. We are probably not on the brink of nuclear war. Happy Friday!

    Dying in a nuclear war still on my bucket list. 🙁

    1. Elizabeth. That’s not how the click game is played.

    2. “Dying in a nuclear war still on my bucket list. :(”

      Reminds me of a joke:

      My cousin Larry has got a bucket list. You heard of that, a bucket list? Larry’s not too smart. You know what’s first on his list? COMMITTING SUICIDE.


    3. Nuclear War is a gay BDSM club in Montreal, so it’s definitely still an option.

      1. Let’s start a war
        Let’s start a nuclear war
        At the gay bar
        Gay bar
        Gay Bar

  5. The 13th tweet Trump has favorited is a about sex trafficking conspiracy involving him.


  6. Around 200 people have changed the gender identification on their Oregon driver’s license to an X since state policy began allowing it on July 3.

    Professor Xavier’s Driving School graduates.

    1. Now we have an empirical source for the size of this population.
      It will be interesting to see a chart of the number of articles written per person of this group vs other groups

      1. Not really empirical source. It’s self selected. Given the opportunity I might mark myself as X just from a point of view of fuck giving accurate info to the government. I am sure there are others who do it as a way of standing with the oppressed minority.

        1. For real. Portland is a haven for reflexively defiant performative wokeness agitators and much of the rest of Oregon is hard-right militias, so this isn’t going to be an accurate number.

          1. “reflexively defiant performative wokeness agitators”

            I applaud you, sir.

            1. I checked. Still available as a band name.

        2. “Given the opportunity I might mark myself as X just from a point of view of fuck giving accurate info to the government.”

          I def would and I bet a big chunk of that Oregon 200 is the same.

        3. Just hope the doctors can tell what sex you are after a traffic accident.
          I can see the doctors talking to the emts now

          doc: what sex is the victim
          emt: i can’t tell I’m not allowed to make that determination and the license says “X”

    2. X = female, Y = male?

  7. It’s no surprise ReasonNN (get it?) didn’t cover this: Donald Trump’s favorite movies

    In his New Yorker profile, Mr. Trump called the action film “an incredible, fantastic movie.”

    Is he our greatest president?

    1. That list is more boring than Obama’s ipod list.

      1. Bloodsport is boring?

        Your attempt at trolling is lame, transparent, and pathetic.

    2. I bet he watches Schindler’s List and roots for the nazi…

    3. President likes same movies most 70-year-old men like! Video at 11!

    1. Looks like it’s the end of the….

      /dons sunglasses


      Looks like they stopped….

      /dons second pair of sunglasses.


      1. It looks like Journey is going their separate ways.

    2. I’m shocked to discovered that a band whose most famous song made up the non-existent “South Detroit” because they couldn’t be bothered to look at a map when writing about things they knew nothing about turned out to be full of Trumptards. /s

      1. South Detroit = Windsor, Ontario

    3. Thanks that article was fuckin hilarious. What an ego maniac that guitarist is, founded “the band” by himself lol.

      1. Finally, someone respects my work.

  8. Chelsea Manning Changed the Course of History. Now She’s Focusing on Herself

    Blah blah, Annie Leibovitz photographed her in a bathing suit on an empty beach.

    1. Aristotle, Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Voltaire, Newton, Goethe, Einstein, Rocket J. Squirrel, Bugs Bunny….

      Chelsea Manning.

      Sounds about right.

      1. Bugs Bunny was a proud transvestite. Supposedly da Vinci was too, but there’s no real evidence.

    2. Manning can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan.

    3. “If Bradley Manning had stayed Bradley Manning, would he still be in prison? If Bradley Manning had stayed Bradley Manning, would he be basking in celebrity, enjoying fawning photo shoots? Given the magnitude of his crimes, I dare say that he’d be in prison today if he still identified as a man. Then he’d be nothing but what he actually is, a garden-variety traitor ? a faithless soldier who should count himself fortunate not to face capital punishment.”

      Read more at:…..ender-hero

      1. That’s what some soldiers get out of the military honor and duty. Sell out your fellow soldiers and you get to go home early.

        I happen to think his whistleblowing should have been protected because it involved government violations of the Constitution. On this note, it is still illegal to disclose classified information and Bradley should have done his time like a man and a martyr.

    4. “Annie Leibovitz photographed her in a bathing suit on an empty beach.”

      Two self-important twits patting each other on the back.
      Shame a tsunami didn’t hit.

    5. Changed the course of history? I guess, in the same way that a Mary Kay lady who added that 10th “contributor” to her network and made “area director” changed the course of history.

  9. A reminder that “being exasperated by young people is an age-old pastime.”

    Invented by our own Michael Hihn.

      1. It’s surprising just how consistently the term “killed” is used in all the headlines of the supporting links.

  10. Judge: AL’s teacher-student sex law is unconstitutional

    n the order, the judge challenged Alabama’s law which says an educator cannot engage in a sex act with a student under age 19 when the state’s legal age of consent is 16.

    The judge says the law embeds an “irrebuttable presumption” that any sexual encounter between an employee of any school and any student in the state is the result of a misuse of authority.

    Sharpen your pitchforks, outragers.

    1. I’m outraged that this wasn’t a thing back when I was a teenager

        1. The word “irrebuttable.”

          1. Irrebuttableness was totally a thing back when I was in school – there were only a couple of girls known to be buttable. And one guy, NTTAWWT.

          2. Irrebuttable Presumption was the name of a girl I dated in high school. She was an exchange student from Greece….. I think she was a girl.

    2. What’s up with Hannah Ward’s hair! (in the video for you non-video watchers like I usually am.)

    3. The outrage will be why judges don’t stand up for the US and state Constitutions

  11. RealDoll sex doll owners, in their own words

    1). Anything that makes a person feel less lonely is cool
    2). The costumes are fun cliches.

  12. ‘He lifted my skirt and latched on to my bare a** cheek.’ Taylor Swift tells groping trial how ‘drunk’ radio DJ ‘grabbed a handful of my a**’ at meet and greet

    Dressed in a V-neck top floral top with a simple necklace and her wearing her hair back. Repeatedly reminding jurors how the ex DJ put his hand up her skirt and groped her while at a meet and greet.

    The testimony was sometime contentious at one point she told jurors, ‘he lifted my skirt and latched onto my bare ass, it was grab a very long grab.’

    Taylor couldn’t remember how long Mueller stayed latched onto her behind, but did say, ‘it was a definite grab, long enough to be completely sure that it was intentional.’

    He should spend the next twenty years of his life underground at a Supermax prison, for not only violating America’s sweetheart, but also for not letting me lick his palm right after his monstrous hand made contact with her pure derriere.

    1. Taylor Swift looks like a dorky 14-year-old boy. The feds should be investigating any grown man who admits to lusting after her.

      They’re sick, and they never get better.

      1. Your attempt at trolling is transparent, lame, and pathetic.

      2. John, is that you?

      3. I don’t know about “Dorky,” but she isn’t very shapely. Like the Harry Potter chick, she’s too skinny to be incredibly hot.

    2. Is there much to grab?

      And this is the man liberals hope will bring down Trump? smh

      1. Pancake ass comes to mind.

  13. BAMTech valued at $3.75 billion following Disney deal

    BAMTech, the company that powers streaming for MLB, HBO, NHL, WWE, and now, Disney’s and ESPN’s upcoming streaming services, is valued at $3.75 billion following Disney’s new investment. This afternoon, Disney announced it would acquire an additional 42 percent stake in the streaming infrastructure provider for $1.58 billion.

    Remember that the next time your favorite baseball team says it can’t afford to increase it’s payroll, or lower ticket prices.

    1. Because there’s some connection between Disney’s valuation of a streaming service and an individual baseball club’s P&L?

      1. MLB created and owned a majority share of BAMTech, sold a large share last year to Disney, and now just sold another chunk.

  14. A reminder that “being exasperated by young people is an age-old pastime.”

    Back in my day we had a healthy respect for our elders. We always called them “sir” or “ma’am (back when there were just two genders, damn it), made eye contact as we shook their hands, and instead of wasting time fiddling with gadgets and tomfoolery, we won wars and built this God-damned county.

    1. You left out the onion. The one in your belt.

      1. A yellow onion, not a white one, on account of the Kaiser.

  15. A reminder that “being exasperated by young people is an age-old pastime.”
    Haha. Even millennials cannot stand other millennials.

    Generations ARE inventions because that’s what humans do. Classify groups as subsets of other groups.

    Generation monikers tend to apply as a stereotype of that generation. Greatest Generation dealt with WWII and the aftermath of the WWI with some Great Depression rolled in.

    Baby Boomers were the after war babies of horny soldiers and sailors coming home from war. Boomers also hated to be like their conservative parents, so they dropped out and indulged their weight in weed and other drugs.

    Gen Xers were born of both Generations before it and were focused on technology and not being like their parent’s generations. We have to deal with the selfishness of Boomers and selfishness of Millennials. Gen Xers raised some of those Millennials, so we fucked up there.

    Millennials are work lazy, obsessed with their cell phones, and typically live at home until they die. All this while not really giving a crap about other people except their 15,000 “friends”. Their parents tended to be helicopter parents when their parents typically had divorced parents and would play outside all day. Millennials rarely played outside.

    1. Gen Zers are just screwed. They are expected to cover the debt of lazy old Boomers who refuse to have social security, medicare, and medicaid lowered because they “paid into it”. They have Boomer and Gen X and Millennial parents, so its a crap-shoot on whether they will turn out okay.

      1. Is the generation after Gen Z going to be Gen AA?

        1. No, it’s going to be Gen 9volt.

        2. It will be interesting to see.

          I just hope Millennials find their way now that they are between 22 and 37.

          1. 37? Wait, I’m a millennial now?

      2. To be fair the fathers and grandfathers of the Boomers refused the same. People buy the bullshit (thank you, FDR) then get this feeling of entitlement without caring to look at the facts. I got my first paycheck in 1972 and saw this. When I would point this out to older people, it was the same bullshit, but not to the levels it is today. You might also note the Boomers did nothing about the shenanigans of their fathers’ generation – student debt anyone.

        1. When I say levels I mean the amount of debt that is being thrust upon later generations.

        2. Because being an “adult” for Boomers does not mean fixing the problems and making life better, it means getting high all the time, burning bras and spreading AIDS and Hepatitis like never before in human history.

          Freedom is not free and requires hard work and dedication to fix what other generations fuck up.

          1. You are not describing the Boomers I know.

  16. Haven’t visited in a while, is this the new thing? Between the end of links and the comments, Reason is going to reprint every fucking picture they’ve ever published?

    1. It’s the glitch in the Matrix that allows us to see reality.

  17. The Bratfarters are trying to take out NSA McMaster. They have conjured up some especially vile CT about him being a Soros globalist.

    The Trump-fags like Simple Mikey will turn on him yet.

    1. Yes, Blue Mikey, please pick a fight with Red Shreek. It’s always a good time to see a couple of tards just flailing at each other.

    2. I’m pretty sure ‘Simple Mikey’ is a registered trademark and you owe X $.25 every time you use it. Double Dummy is also trademarked and I charge $.50 per use.

      1. I’m now sort of regretting that i released it under a Creative Commons license.

  18. We are probably not on the brink of nuclear war.

    Then what is Donald Targaryen going to do with his dragons?

  19. Happy Friday!

    Meh. It’s pay-day at least.

  20. So the web site is a PITA, since it jumps around and you end up clicking on some damn ad instead of the story you wanted.
    Fix that? Ha! We’ll just mix up the stories and the ads to see if we can get more mistaken clicks!
    Brilliant way to reduce contributions even more.

    1. Do you have adblocker?

    2. inuse capitalism’s contradictions to point out its flaws by getting an ad blocker. I like free lunches.

      1. “I use”– Jesus Christ, these free market IPhones are for shit.

  21. Google cancels town hall meeting on gender memo, citing safety concerns for employees

    We had hoped to have a frank, open discussion today as we always do to bring us together and move forward. But our Dory questions appeared externally this afternoon, and on some websites Googlers are now being named personally. Googlers are writing in, concerned about their safety and worried they may be “outed” publicly for asking a question in the Town Hall.

    This is something I’ve noticed at my own company. The senior management comes up with a plan that has obvious flaws to it, and then when the easily foreseeable results of those flaws occur, seem completely mystified at how these events came to pass.

    But I keep getting told they deserve to be making multiple times what I do because they’re just so much more talented than me.

    1. A lobotomy patient drooling into a cup in a psych ward with a diaper full of shit is much more talented than you, so that’s technically correct.

  22. Around 200 people have changed the gender identification on their Oregon driver’s license to an X since state policy began allowing it on July 3.

    Around 200 people are in denial of objective reality.

    Though, I would like to be able to put “XY” on my license.

  23. within about 30 minutes President Trump had undone his latest “like” with no explanation.

    Slip of the finger?

    1. He thought the like button was the murderdrone button.

  24. They TukR Votes!

    In a new poll, half of Republicans say they would support postponing the 2020 election if Trump proposed it

    Jesus Christ, right-wingers won the election where they lost the popular vote and they still can’t stop complaining. What will it take to shut them up? I’m becoming more and more ambivalent about the Kim Jong Un Bomb. At least it will take some of those fuckers out.

  25. took a dozen attempts to get past the unlimited stories to get to the comment section whats up with that shit? and I only did it so I could comment on that.

    1. Eh, blog ads are all a part of the Glorious capitalist system, which is like the best with its nuclear weapons and Jim Crow. I’m a dirty socialist so I got an ad blocker (NeverAds). You think I’m giving these assholes a dime in realiz d ad revenue? Fuck that.

      1. I thought it was Reason’s programing but if add blocker will do it, i’ll install one

      2. I like how amsoc’s examples of “capitalism” are a massive government weapons program and a racist government intrusion into business practices.

        1. You forgot the blog ads. Can you really defend your thesis that those weapons aren’t there– at least in part– to protect capitalists?

          1. That’s not my thesis, you moron. Inasmuch as nuclear weapons are ostensibly part of the government’s plan to defend the United States of America, and the U.S. is home to many capitalists, then of course those nukes will be “defending” capitalists (for some value of “defending”). Given that the U.S. is also home to many dumbass socialists such as yourself, it’s just as valid to say that they’re there to protect socialists.

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