The DOJ Promises a Crackdown on Leakers, Former Blackwater Employees Have Their Sentences Overturned, and Martin Shkreli is Convicted of Securities Fraud: P.M. Links


  • Martin Shkreli

    The Department of Justice is promising to crack down hard on leakers in the federal government, which includes a review of its subpoena policies regarding media organizations.

  • Three former employees of the security contracting business Blackwater had lengthy prison sentences thrown out by a federal appeals court today. The convictions stemmed from a shooting in Bagdad in 2007 involving Blackwater employees which killed 31 people.
  • Martin Shkreli, the Pharma CEO everyone loves to hate, has been convicted on three counts of securities fraud.
  • Axios has a helpful map of each state's economic ties with China, revealing who stands the most to loose under any sort of trade war.