Affirmative Action

Get Government Out of the College Discrimination Business

Whether affirmative action is helpful at all is debatable.


According to The New York Times, the civil rights division of the Trump administration's Justice Department is going to ramp up investigating and sue universities over affirmative-action admissions policies deemed discriminatory against "white applicants."

Incidentally, nothing in the story backs up the Times' assertion that "white applicants" will be afforded a special place in these suits. Now, I get the perfunctory need to render everything a clear-cut racial crisis. But not only are Asian students disproportionately hurt by these policies—white women also happen to benefit from affirmative action programs.The reaction was predictable. When your ideology demands you bean-count human beings by their color, it's probably difficult to understand that individuals, whatever their race, can be hurt by discriminatory policies—even a white male.

Many people who demand "fairness" for one minority student aren't able to contemplate the unfairness being visited upon the other potential students. It seems to me that efforts meant to undo wrongs should not punish those completely disconnected from the historic offense. The idea that Asian-American students (whose parents or grandparents might have been immigrants) or white students should be pushed out of their preferred schools because their racial heirs were supporters of injustice is an ugly argument.

And if the generational undermining of minorities is reason enough to punish a student, there is a far better case to bar all children of public school administrators from colleges. After all, few are more liable for the inequities faced by today's black and Hispanic kids.
None of this is to dismiss the obstacles that many African-American and Hispanic kids have to overcome like being forced to attend failing schools and dealing with poverty. This puts them at an immediate and sometimes crippling disadvantage. This destructive problem can only be fixed in the public school system, not in the admissions process.

Whether affirmative action is helpful at all is debatable. The fact is the offspring of wealthy Asian and white folks—anyone with a lot of money—will get preferential treatment. Even if they're not donors, they will come from private schools or top school districts that have been segregated by liberals. They will get into good colleges. If you're Al Gore or Jared Kushner, you're going to get into a top school no matter what your academic credentials look like. It is more probable that those who bear the brunt of state-sanctioned discrimination are middle- and working-class Asian and white kids.

We already know that the population of college-aged Asian-Americans has grown in the past decades, and yet their representation in Ivy League schools has declined. Critics of college admission programs argue that this is due to "holistic" evaluations of applicants that purposefully and disproportionately devalue the academic achievement of Asian-Americans by giving them low marks in nonacademic areas.

In many ways, this policy is reminiscent of the Ivy League quotas of the 1920s that discriminated against Jews by evaluating students on various bogus measures of "character" rather than their academic achievements. The Jews—who, at that time, were also often poor and from urban areas—started their own schools or raised the quality of other schools.

As the Times also points out, like many other departments, former President Obama's administration had stacked the civil rights division with "career officials who brought in many new lawyers with experience working for traditional, liberal-leaning civil-rights organization." Under Obama, the government was no longer an arbiter of law but an activist group engaged in all types of social engineering.

So, here's a thought: If you don't like President Trump's federal push to undo Obama's federal push, maybe there should be no federal push at all. Maybe Washington should allow schools to practice admissions policies that best suit their needs. Most schools, undoubtedly, would go out of their way to institute policies that help diversify their population, regardless of federal policy. In some schools with race-blind admissions, minority populations have grown at a faster pace. So if, say, Stanford University uses more holistic standards, so be it. On the other hand, if Harvard University wants to stress academic achievement, that is its business.

But if the government is going to be in the business of dictating who does and does not get into top schools, it's perfectly reasonable to ask it to undo institutional discrimination against white and Asian kids.


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  1. In lieu of actual constructive debate, I suggest a modest alternate proposal:

    Universal Pigment Equalization.

    We just run all of the races of the world through a computer model, use the data we get to determine what amount of melanin represents the global average, and send out the Boys in Blue with tattoo needles to add dark or pasty coloration as needed. End result: everybody ends up with a nice Beyonce/Bruno Mars deep tan.


    Christ on a stick, this race stuff is easy.

    1. You should know one program is not enough. I propose adding a forced miscegenation law. It will require mandatory DNA testing to determine acceptable matches.

      1. You say “forced miscegenation law”, I hear “free Nubian princesses”.

        I am DOWN WITH.

        1. Black chicks are gross.

          1. Clearly you’re not watching the right kind of porn.

    2. Do you get a free ride in the Lowe’s paint shaker too?

  2. It would probably be easier to issue semi-virtual-reality glasses (Google-Glass-like) to everyone, and make them wear them at all times… Which would re-colorize all humans that they see, all the time.

    I would propose that everyone that we see, should appear as GREEN, for a totally fresh start… It is also a color that Al Gore would approve of!

    1. It has an added benifit that it can replace unapproved text and images with government approved propaganda.

      1. Don’t forget the RDX lining in the stems… Y’know, in case anyone tries to take them off.

        Or fails to pay their taxes within 10 days of the due date.

        Or makes someone feel bad with their words.

        1. Also needed the noise cancelling headphones that replace all dialogue with median slang. In Esperanto.

          And a height aid, because some races tend to be of different hopefully than others.

    2. Plus it would spare Zoe Saldana having to spend 2 hours a day in make-up for GOTG Volume 3.

      Add in a “blue-skin” mode, and James Cameron will be able to afford a third Jacuzzi.

      1. James Cameron doesn’t do what James Cameron does, for James Cameron. James Cameron does what James Cameron does because James Cameron is… James Cameron

    3. I call micro-aggression!

      ‘green’ is the color of money (in the US), and causes me pain because I don’t have enough, and other people do.
      I would not be able to function in a world where everyone is green.

      1. It’s not easy being green.

    4. So, the kind of the opposite of They Live.

    5. You forgot about body shaming. The glasses should make everyone look like a generic outline, like the TSA body scanners do now.

      1. Stick figures. Like in Total Recall.

  3. Better yet, let colleges continue to go full retard. (Is retard hate speech now?)

    Their approach to education is an archaic waste of resources, time, and energy. The sooner they go out of business the better.

  4. The entire purpose of AA is to make up for past oppression by the government. It is not supposed to be a social experiment or to create diversity for the sake of diversity.

    Hispanics have never been specifically targeted by the government for any sort of oppressive measures. There is nothing to apologize to them for. Obviously, descendants of American slaves and Native Americans deserve some boosting due to past oppression, but only the descendants of slaves held by Americans.

    Look at Obama. He is not descended from any slave owned by whites, whereas his mother is related to slave-holders. Why should somebody like that get affirmative action? America never did him wrong. History is complicated.

    Asians, unlike Hispanics, have been oppressed for centuries. They couldn’t even own property in California until 1952, well after blacks could. If we’re going to go not by the oppression of individuals’ ancestors but of races as a whole, they deserve AA as much as anybody.

    1. Obviously, descendants of American slaves and Native Americans deserve some boosting due to past oppression,

      This is not obvious to me. Please explain.

      1. I do think affirmative action was necessary in the immediate aftermath of the Civil Rights era. I agree tha it is useless and counterproductive today.

        1. By the Civil Rights era, many of the former slaves were dead and were survived by descendents who never lived under slavery. Many of those paying for AA programs had never owned a slave, and may have been fervent Civil Rights supporters.

          Where is the justice in punishing innocents on behalf of non-victims?

      2. If your father was a slave and you grew up in a slave household, you weren’t afforded the same opportunities as everybody else so obviously you are handicapped. Same as if your father was captured and imprisoned by the US cavalry and you grew up in a stockade toolshed.

        Now if it was merely distant ancestors of yours that faced slavery or POW camp conditions, well, fuck off, we’ve all got our crosses to bear. My great-great-great-great-great-grandmother was kidnapped and sold into sex slavery by Vikings but you don’t see me using that as an excuse for the dead hookers in my basement, do you?

        1. I agree. But for black people the legal oppression existed until at least the 60s, so the children of that era should have gotten AA. Not today.

          1. What kind of fucking idiot thinks “legally opressed” justifies Affirmative Action?

            1. Different people have different working definitions of what the term “Affirmative Action” means, and this can lead to a lot of unnecessary confusion in what people are advocating.

              In its original concept, AA was supposed to mean that when you are confronted by two candidates who are equal in every way, but one is black and the other is white, that you should choose the black one. The point of this is to make up for the demonstrable fact that when a white hiring manager is looking at two equal candidates, one white and one not, he will tend to favor the “one who looks like him.”

              The idea was not that the white hiring manager is a pernicious evil who must be expunged from the world – the idea was that everyone has a subliminal bias towards those who are similar to them, and this leads to the famous and widely misunderstood concept of institutional racism whereby an all-white management structure will tend to reproduce itself as an all-white management structure even absent any overt racism on the part of the individuals in that power structure.

              The idea quickly devolved into racial quotas for their own sake – I.e. hire the black candidate even if that candidate is less qualified. Which was not the original intent. This form of AA has been found unconstitutional (i.e. hiring based on race alone), but the original kind (race as one among many factors) has generally been upheld.

        2. My ancestors were the Vikings. Sorry.

          1. I have both Vikings and Lincolnshire people in my line. Some of my ancestors almost certainly slaughtered, raped, and enslaved others of my ancestors. I’m not quite sure how to feel about myself, honestly.

    2. but only the descendants of slaves held by Americans.

      Do the black slave traders who eventually migrated to the US count as slave-holding Americans?

      1. How about black American slave owners? There were quite a few of those around.

        How about the mixed race kids of white American slave owners? On average, blacks in the US are probably more closely related to slave owners than whites. In fact, most whites in the US are probably descended from people who immigrated to the US after slavery was abolished.

        1. Native Americans in the South were commonly slaveholders, as well.

    3. If we’re going to go not by the oppression of individuals’ ancestors but of races as a whole, they deserve AA as much as anybody.

      And there is the mistake: you can’t “oppress races as a whole”. Your average black American is far more closely related to slave owners than your average white American. Your average black American is economically far better off than a large proportion of European whites.

      Guilt and restitution always have to be implemented at an individual level, and it can’t be inherited.

      1. This really can’t be emphasized enough.

        I’ve never understood why persecuting poor white people is supposed to make up for a history of persecuting poor black people.

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    1. Well, silly you. Maybe you should use some of that money to go to a school that teaches spelling?

  6. Of course, all this discrimination is only possible because the federal government requires that the sex, race, etc be recorded and reported to allow ‘approved’ discrimination.
    Maybe if instead, for a decade, to reestablish a baseline, it would be illegal for any institution to collect, record, or consider any (shall we say) genetic factor in admission, hiring, promotion, or whatever.

    1. I’ve worked a lot with inner-city African American kids over the last few years.

      With all of them now being named Shamika, J’nay, Malik, or Shawanta, and nary a James, Jennifer, or Jason in sight, collecting any genetic factor won’t be necessary to continue affirmative action.

  7. Maybe a ruling could kill affirmative action law, but then the people who run these universities are so far gone down the SJW hole it won’t make any difference.

  8. According to The New York Times, the civil rights division of the Trump administration’s Justice Department is going to ramp up investigating and sue universities over affirmative-action admissions policies deemed discriminatory against “white applicants.”

    According to the DoJ, the investigation has to do with complaints filed a couple years ago by Asian-American groups that Asian-Americans are discriminated against in college admissions. But, you know, alternative facts. I suppose Asian-Americans can be counted as white people if by “white people” you mean “people who haven’t gotten in on the racial grievance racket”.

    1. You really have to watch it with the press.

      “Trump takes a stand against discrimination against Asians” turns into “Trump is a white supremacist who tries to hurt blacks.”

      “Trump to stop Obama’s ACA subsidies unless Congress appropriates the money” turns into “Trump erodes the separation of powers by gratuitously making Obamacare subsidy payments.”

      1. Seriously, they wonder why “fake news” is even a thing…

  9. Most schools, undoubtedly, would go out of their way to institute policies that help diversify their population

    Undoubtedly. Without a doubt. Obviously. Yep. Thaaat’s what would happen. Massive and unjustified intrinsic migration towards diversity. No longstanding divisions, animus, safe spaces, or even just friendly competition. Just blissful hegemony.

    1. He’s right, assuming inertia. The entire institution is so far up its own ass with “diversity” nonsense that to do otherwise would be poor optics for at least the forseeable future.

  10. it’s perfectly reasonable to ask it to undo institutional discrimination against white and Asian kids.

    Nuh uh because privilege! We have to have racial discrimination in order to combat racial discrimination! If we don’t lower the bar blacks and hispanics they’ll never be able to compete with white people! //prog

  11. The fact is the offspring of wealthy Asian and white folks?anyone with a lot of money?will get preferential treatment.

    Really? Is that “a fact”? Your statement sounds more like fabrication and bigotry to me.

    1. anyone with a lot of money?will get preferential treatment.

      This is the true statement, here. The offspring of wealthy black folks get preferential treatment, too. The offspring of poor white folks don’t.

  12. Harvard is being sued now for racial bias in admissions, by a group of Asian-American associations.…..ion-probe/

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  14. I had to do my economics assignment on race and income and based on that I think it would be interesting to examine the income and educational status of Jewish descendants of recent (most of 20th century after the collapse of the Weimar Republic) Eastern European Jews who posed as black Haitians, Liberians, and other citizens of either black African nations or black Commonwealth countries to obtain wartime passports to Canada, when the U.K., the U.S.A. and European countries were refusing to admit shiploads of them! From Canada the same Jews holding Haitian, Liberian or Ethiopian passports immigrated to the United States, and the ones in New York City suddenly became white American citizens.

    1. …In the Pier 21 Museum in Halifax, Nova Scotia, there are passport documents of the father of author Kathryn Talalay’s describing this kind of immigration path through Canada to Ohio and then to New York reflecting the immigration experience of many white American Jewish immigrants. They came from war-torn Europe passing as black nationals in order to gain entry into the United States and other parts of the Americas. Today their white Jewish descendants comprise among the highest percentage of students in the first-year classes of many top-rated universities here. (See “Composition in Black and White: The Life of Philippa Schuyler” by Kathryn Talalay, Oxford University Press, 1997.) And many of them, including Prof. Edward Blum, have no memory of how their grandparents or great grandparents escaped the fates of other WWII European Jews. They have no interest in their debt to the descendants of the black slaves whose lives were sacrificed so that they could benefit from that sacrifice. Shameful!

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