Discredited, the Legend of Mattress Girl Just Won't Go Away

Despite a settlement essentially exonerating him, Paul Nungesser is still a rapist in a media narrative.


Emma Sulkowicz, the infamous "mattress girl," surfaced this week on National Public Radio talking about her efforts to get a serial predator, "a sadist in the truest meaning of that word," off the Columbia University campus.

Sulkowicz, referred to in the story as an "activist and survivor," mentioned that the subject of her efforts won a settlement from Columbia this month in a lawsuit charging that Sulkowicz's activism amounted to gender-based harassment.

When a disciplinary hearing in late 2013 cleared Paul Nungesser of charges that he raped Sulkowicz, she refused to accept the outcome. Her protest—which included carrying a mattress on campus for most of her senior year to represent the "weight" of her victimization—made her the heroine of a new feminist revolution. It also made him the campus pariah after she outed him as her alleged rapist.

While the terms of the settlement are unknown, Columbia issued a statement effectively reaffirming Nungesser's exoneration. This was an important victory not just for Nungesser and his family, but for those who have argued the war on campus rape, however worthy its goals, has often trampled on the innocent.

It is a timely victory, given the current controversy over possible shifts in federal policy to ensure more protections for the accused.

As the first journalist to fully report Nungesser's side of the story with important exculpatory evidence, I consider it something of a vindication as well—after such reactions as a piece on the feminist site Jezebel titled "How to Make an Accused Rapist Look Good."

When I first read the front-page story on Sulkowicz in the New York Times in May 2014, I actually believed—despite having criticized the excesses of the college rape crackdown—that she was probably a victim wronged by campus bureaucrats.

There were no "blurred lines" of consent here. Sulkowicz described a brutal assault by a (then-anonymous) friend and occasional sexual partner who, she said, suddenly turned violent during a consensual encounter, hitting her, choking her, and anally raping her while she screamed in pain.

According to Sulkowicz, the man was found "not responsible" after a botched investigation and remained enrolled at the university, even though he had been accused of sexual assault by two other female students as well.

The facts grew considerably murkier when I read an earlier report on the case in Bwog, Columbia's online student magazine.

The multiple complaints, it turned out, were not independent of each other, and the other two women were not alleging rape. One was an ex-girlfriend who had "felt emotionally and sexually exploited" by the accused, though she did not recognize it as abuse at the time; she and Sulkowicz both decided to file complaints after sharing their experiences. The other one said he grabbed her and tried to kiss her at a party when they went upstairs to get more beer—an incident that she admitted she didn't regard as assault until she learned about the other charges.

In late December 2014, long after "mattress girl" had become a national icon, The New York Times published a story that included an interview with Nungesser (who had been named by The Columbia Daily Spectator in May). What piqued my interest was his contention that "he was not allowed to bring up communications between himself and Ms. Sulkowicz after the night in question" in his defense. Oddly, nothing was said in the story about the content of those communications.

About a month later, I met with Nungesser for an interview on the Columbia campus in upper Manhattan. His parents, Karin Nungesser and Andreas Probosch, who live in Germany, had contacted me after reading my articles on campus rape controversies and after I mentioned my interest in the case on Twitter.

Among the materials he gave me were several pages of Facebook messages, which later figured extensively in the lawsuit. They show that for weeks after he supposedly raped her on August 27, 2012, Sulkowicz had affectionate chats with Nungesser, sending him such comments as "i feel like we need to have some real time where we can talk about life and thingz" (sic) and responding to his birthday greeting with "I love you Paul!"

After I wrote about this in the Daily Beast, Sulkowicz supporters argued that "survivors of trauma deal with their experiences in different ways" and that she was being faulted for not being a "perfect victim." "To anyone who has been close to a person who has been the victim of acquaintance rape, Emma's messages to Paul don't seem out of the ordinary," wrote Erin Gloria Ryan at Jezebel, which also published Sulkowicz's annotated copy of the messages.

Victims of violence can indeed respond to trauma in ways that seem irrational. But it's the specifics that strain credulity. Sulkowicz was not alleging a "gray area" situation that she could have excused as a misunderstanding; she claimed she was hit in the face and choked so hard that "he could have strangled me to death." Yet we are asked to believe that two days after this attack, both victim and rapist would banter as if nothing was wrong; that she would come to his party and respond to his request to bring more girls with "i'll be over w da females soon"; and that "I want to see yoyououoyou" means (as Sulkowicz claimed in her Jezebel annotations) she was "desperate" to talk about the rape.

The annotations also contained a surprising claim from Sulkowicz: that a few hours after the assault, she talked to a female friend "who explain[ed] it was rape." Would that really need explaining? And why was there no record of this friend being called as a corroborating witness?

Eventually, I got an answer which adds a minor but fascinating detail to the story, reported here for the first time. A source familiar with the case confirmed that in her original complaint, Sulkowicz mentioned talking to a friend, "Toni" (not her real name), the day after the incident.

Investigators interviewed Toni, but she was not called to testify, the source said; all she could say was that Sulkowicz had told her she felt weird about what had happened between her and Nungesser.

My attempts to reach Toni were unsuccessful. But I found out from her online profiles that during her time at Columbia she was both a social justice activist and a sexual assault peer counselor. It's entirely possible that Toni asked Sulkowicz whether her experience might have been nonconsensual. But if she is indeed the mystery friend, her activism makes it even more remarkable that she did not corroborate Sulkowicz's claim of rape or publicly support her.

Based on all the known facts, I think Sulkowicz's version of the events is extremely unlikely. Was she a vengeful scorned woman, as the Nungesser lawsuit suggests? I don't know. I think Sulkowicz genuinely believes Nungesser did something abusive to her that night, whether or not that belief has any relation to reality. But there is also strong evidence that "mattress girl" has been knowingly dishonest.

In a May 15, 2014, Time essay titled "My Rapist Is Still on Campus," Sulkowicz wrote, "Every day, I am afraid to leave my room." Yet a New York magazine web story on May 18 quotes her as knowing her alleged rapist "is out of the country." (Nungesser was spending a semester in Prague. He is now back in his native Germany, where he works in film.)

No one knows for certain whether Nungesser is innocent of all wrongdoing. But the multiple charges from multiple people add up to remarkably little. As I reported here two years ago, the conclusions of Columbia's internal investigation of another complaint, brought by a male student in late 2014, more or less openly suggested it may have been part of a collective vendetta by friends of Sulkowicz—indirectly validating Nungesser's claims of collusion.

Nungesser's lawsuit, particularly its second version filed last year after the first complaint was dismissed, makes a strong case that he experienced egregious harassment at Columbia, abetted by school officials who approved Sulkowicz's "mattress performance" as her senior art thesis.

In the summer of 2014, other students and a professor pressured Nungesser to drop out of a scholarship-paid class trip to Russia, Mongolia, and China. That October, on a "Day of Action" against sexual assault, several mattress-toting activists showed up in one of his classes, where they stared at him and took his picture. Keyboard warriors in the social media urged making his life "a living hell" and sometimes called for violent retaliation.

In a January interview, Sulkowicz denied engaging in "a bullying campaign" against Nungesser, saying that "no one knew his name until he put it out there." That is, to put it bluntly, a lie.

Months before Nungesser spoke to the media, Sulkowicz explicitly said that she had filed a police report mainly because "his name should be in the public record." She cited as her inspiration a Brown University student who named-and-shamed her alleged assailant out of school when he returned from a suspension. And she criticized Columbia administrators for removing the "rapist lists," with Nungesser's name at the top, that had appeared as bathroom graffiti in some dorms.

Throughout Sulkowicz's crusade, Columbia coddled her and acted as if Nungesser's exoneration was an embarrassing faux pas. His parents' pleas for a statement that the school stood by the results of its disciplinary process were ignored.

To have such a statement now is a satisfying outcome for the parents. Nonetheless, Karin Nungesser told me by email that they would have liked to see the lawsuit go forward, if only to get access to Columbia's records on the case. (She thinks, contrary to Sulkowicz's claims, the investigation was "very much designed to prove Paul guilty.")

A feminist journalist, Karin Nungesser also believes advocacy for the wrongly accused is part of the fight for gender justice. "In a way, this is similar to victims of sexual assault," she says. "The public has to understand that false accusations are not a triviality—they exist and they destroy the lives of those affected. It really doesn't matter whether 2% or 8% of sexual violence accusations are false. We have to accept that false accusations exist and learn how to deal with them. But this will only be possible if victims of false accusations are able to tell their story publicly."

Tell that to NPR, which still calls Sulkowicz a "survivor." Or to the campus sexual assault activists who still refer to Paul Nungesser as "Sulkowicz's rapist."

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  1. Grab it by its motherfucking continued embrace of implausible fantasies.

  2. That mattress has got to be totally soiled by now.

  3. As a friend of mine likes to say: don’t stick your dick in crazy.

    1. Like I learned the seventh time.

    2. Bob Saccomano?

    3. Doesn’t seem crazy at all to me. Perhaps dishonest, but it seems be working out well for her.

    4. I can tell you from experience that is very true.

  4. but for those who have argued the war on campus rape, however worthy its goals, has often trampled on the innocent.

    Eh, don’t overstate your case. Often? I would have used the word sometimes.

    1. It was an understatement. I would have used the word “usually.”

      1. Yeah. ‘Often’ is an understatement.

  5. It’s identity politics – nobody gives a shit about the guy as an individual, he’s a white hetero male and white hetero males are the worst so he bears all the sins of the tribe. Individuals and individualism and all that goes with it is soooo last century, we’ve moved on from that. That shit about judging somebody by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin? That shit’ll get your head stomped in on a lot of campuses.

    But just try that identity politics stuff with Muslims and see how fast the progs change their tune.

    1. principals, not principles

    2. It was actually two centuries ago. Last century was all about the tribe. And class. (As in social class, not social grace).

      1. “GraAAAACE!” ?Principal Ed Rooney, Shermer High School

  6. There seems to be a mountain of evidence essentially proving her a liar. He should also sue her for slander.

    What makes this case remarkable is all the evidence disproving her lies. Other accused men are not so lucky and are totally screwed by the current “guilty until proven innocent” standard. All of the accused should have winning lawsuits against these universities and their kangaroo courts.

    1. Unfortunately the universities hold the “Title IX made me do it” ace.

      1. You know who else was just following orders?

  7. After this, any one who has sex with that woman or is even alone together with her is an idiot.

    1. The world is full of idiots.

      1. “Lorena Bobbitt, 46, is opening up 23 years after she cut of her boyfriend’s penis …In the wake of the incident, Lorena has made her life all about helping others, while also settling down with longtime partner Dave Bellinger.”

        1. Sleep with one eye open, holding your willie tight.

        2. Is she back from Russia? She moved there after the incident to avoid all the attention and changed her name to Lorena Kutchyakokov.

          1. /narrows gaze.

            1. While in Russia, she took a lesbian lover…
              (hands Rufus sunglasses)
              Ima Yankitoff

              1. /lowers glasses and narrows gaze.

        3. Shortly after the incident, I walked into the Walmart in Manassas and saw a young female employee with the name tag “Lorena”. I quickly turned the other way.

    2. Did you hear about her sex tape she did as a school project?

      She invited a guy to recreate the supposed rape on camera

      1. Yes – she called it This is Not a Rape.

        I didn’t watch it, but I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of people in the comments, male and female, agreed that it was appropriately titled.

        1. It occurs to me that it sounds like I’m being elaborately sarcastic.

          No. This is a real thing.

          1. Didn’t know the title. That’s hilarious. The comments section on her website for the video is brutal

            It reminds me that Cathy forgot one of the most important texts this girl sent to him: “Fuck me in the butt”

            1. You would think someone this crazy would be great in bed. But no, her porno is boring as hell. At least that thing she did earlier this year, where she was all trussed up on that wooden beam, was kinda hot. This girl is starved for attention, so I am sure she will keep entertaining us for years to come.

              1. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that her hair color has changed seemingly every single day since she became news. She’s been having a public mental breakdown from the start. In the event she was actually raped, she should be getting 24/7 counseling rather than doing performance art all the time

                Another thing of note: both her parents are psychiatrists, one of whom is very well known. So either they’re horrible people who raised her to be this way, or they’re privately wondering where they went wrong

                1. “both her parents are psychiatrists”

                  Takes a crazy person to diagnose a crazy person.

            2. Did she ask him like this? https://youtu.be/plw2mlDwm_4

          1. Once again, I don’t get “art.”

            1. I get art. This wasn’t.

          2. She was a dumb girl who through some mental psychosis found media attention to be a gold mine.

            She will continue to do whatever it takes to stay in the limelight.

            Prediction: In less than 10 years, so will be complaining that her life is too public and she cannot get a job blah blah….

            I watched the video and it was not rape. Its not fair to not tell the guy during sex to stop and then say after that it was rape. Words have consequences and “rape” is a serious term.

            I suggest this girl go to some fetish site for rape simulation or whatever and see what fetish people want to see as rape. I would bet a million dollars that what rapee people would not even want to see her video.

      2. Just edited its Wikipedia page:

        In 2013, Columbia University exonerated all charges against Ms. Sulzowitz’s alleged rapist. Many journalists, including Cathy Young, have extensively documented the reasons for its decision. In 2017, Columbia settled a lawsuit brought by him for an undisclosed amount.

        1. Exonerate charges.

  8. I don’t know if I want to live in an America where a straight white male can be cleared of a false rape charge.


  9. Question to you social justice freaks: If person A accuses person B of rape, who is the victim?

    Answer: You don’t fucking know! If person B did rape person A, then person A is the victim. If person A is lying, then person B is the victim.

    Mattress girl is not a damn survivor or victim or anything. The person she falsely accused is.

    1. If person B identifies as a cis-gendered, white male, it is silly to argue that he is a victim.

      If person A is not a cis-gendered,white male, he/she/xie/zhe/xi/whatev is a victim.

      Libertarians are stupid.


  10. After I wrote about this in the Daily Beast, Sulkowicz supporters argued that “survivors of trauma deal with their experiences in different ways” and that she was being faulted for not being a “perfect victim.”

    If by ‘perfect’ they meant ‘truthful’, I’m good with that.

    1. It’s even more complex than that.

      If you are going to say that survivors deal with their trauma differently to include further sexual contact, how do you differentiate that from even further rape?

      You’ve effectively destroyed the notion of consent because no one can be certain if your consent is genuine or reactionary from a previous trauma.

  11. She made her mattress and lies about it.

    There is not one perfect victim; there are only perfect accused; except when they are accused of false accusation.

    1. She made her mattress and lies about it.


  12. Someday I hope a survivor of actual rape corners this little idiot and gives her the cunt-punting she deserves.

    1. Nothing like setting back the plight of actual rape victims by a spoiled brat wasting Mommy and Daddy’s money.

  13. In fact, let me elaborate;

    I am sick to the teeth of the Progressive Left overstating things to an absurd degree, not least because it the actual atrocity happens people will be so overloaded by bullshit that it will go unremarked for far too long.

    Case in point; The allies in WWI put out a lot of atrocity stories about ‘The Hun’, all of them (so far as history has judged, anyway) unmitigated dung. In WWI the germans bayonetted no babies that anyone could trace, raped no nuns that anyone could discover, and so on. Then, when a certain Austrian Corporal started to actually mass murder vast populations, it took far too long to convince the world that he was ACTUALLY as bad as ‘The Hun’ had been said to be just a couple of decades before.

    No, sweetheart, a bad end to a consensual relationship is not rape.

    No, snowflake, somebody verbally arguing against your fondly held political beliefs is not violence.

    No, damnit, George Bush was not a demented Austrian paperhanger. And neither is Donald Trump. And saying so disrespects the men and women who fought that monster, and the ones he killed.

    Furthermore , if either of these American Presidents DID in any important way resemble Adolph Hitler, you would be far too frightened to open your yaps.


    1. Excellent.

      FWIW (and it’s not much I admit), I *was* going to write, two pages for a lying cunt is two too many.

    2. Best and most comprehensive comment I have seen. Thank you, C. S. P. Especially for “‘spit'”! Bloody perfect!

    3. Bravo!

      And, howls of derisive laughter, Bruce!

  14. Does he have a libel/slander case at this point? These are news outlets that are calling him a rapist despite the fact that he was never tried much less convicted. Isn’t there a reason why broadcasters always use alleged When talking about criminal accusations?

    1. a girl ACCUSED him of rape, what more to do you to call him a rapist? I suppose you’re one of those law and order types who want evidence and shit, that’s just the patriarchy talking.

      1. what more do you need to… Wow, fucked that up.

  15. Herr Nungesser’s missing another deep-pockets opportunity.

    “Sulkowicz created Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight) in the summer of 2014 for her senior thesis while at Yale University Summer School of Art and Music.”

    I’ve worked in the German film industry. They don’t pay that much.

  16. Again I wonder why there are ‘settlements’ using the publicly funded court system where the public is denied access to the results of that settlement. Who gave who how much money, based on what evidence? If the court results were made public, the “news” outlets would have to report the results to avoid showing “actual malice”. As it is, the poor guy is still going to show up in web searches for rapists for the rest of his life, and three lifetimes more.

    1. Presumably because Columbia insisted — they were will to offer more in the settlement in exchange for the amount not being revealed and Nungesser agreeing not to discuss it. So I think we can assume that Nungesser did quite well or he wouldn’t have agreed to keeping the terms secret.

  17. Didn’t help then she became a internet meme like Big Red and Trigglypuff as shown in this meme. As if wasn’t enough, the folks of 4chan/pol checked if “Mattress girl” have some hidden skeletons in the closet and Encyclopedia Dramatica even have an entry about her.

  18. Fortunately, it sounds as though only Columbia University has settled, thus leaving Nunge?er free to sue both Sulkowitz and NPR (and its reporter) for defamation. Maybe a large and well justified bill will make her shut up.

    1. Why would,that make her shut up? She’s clearly a drama queen, addicted to her peculiar celebrity.

  19. It seems a good portion of American women earn misogyny. What portion are a combination of fat, bitchy, entitled, tattoos, shaved head, on psychotropics, on booze, SJW’s, or false rape accusers? That leaves what, three good women?

    Really ladies, you took that freedom suffragettes fought for you to get just to become the biggest cunts this arm of the galaxy. Congratulations.

    1. Oh come now. “Earning” misogyny? That is like “earning” bigotry. No one deserves to be treated like they are inferior.

      1. “No one deserves to be treated like they are inferior.”

        Hmm is this sarcasm? Surely you can think of some counter-examples.

    2. …thus bringing them on a level with men. (and whatever you are).

      1. Oh, I remember thinking, back in my 1970s girlhood, that feminism had become something which could be distilled as:

        “Men have always been oppressive, aggressive assholes; now it’s our turn.”

        Not exactly what my mother, a career woman before it was popular, who experienced genuine workplace discrimination, was paid less than the new male graduates she mentored, was sexually harassed and disbelieved, and remained a Southern lady through it all, envisioned as equality.

        1. Well, the thing to always remember is that all the genders and races and orientations really are equal… and, thus, equally capable of being awful. Just as they are equally capable of being “okay, mostly”.

          People like Troy Muy never seem to realize they are nothing more than the male version of the radical feminists they profess to hate: a loud minority, falsely claiming to speak for a “silent majority” that has never existed outside of their own minds.

  20. Okay, I think her 15 minutes of fame have long since elapsed.

  21. The “rape culture” harpies are as well meaning as BLM and Al Sharpton are with racism. They thrive on the very thing they claim to hate, so they encourage false accusations and give horrible guidance. (I.e. preventing rape = blaming the victim) to perpetuate it.
    Sane women should basically do the opposite of whatever they suggest.

  22. What happens to someone who jerks off to her sex tape? Do they burst into flame? Does a Scarlet “R” appear on their chest? Does Milo Yiannopoulos step out of a hole in space-time and pin a medal on their chest?

    I mean, she had to know some people would, right? What is she trying to do- get people aroused at the thought of her being raped? Or trying to make them feel guilty for being aroused? What good comes of either of those things?

    It’s almost like there’s no logical altruistic reason for- oh.

  23. It must be the patriarchy that has kept this cunt out of jail.

  24. OT. This seems to be SOP for the cops: try to find dirt on someone they’ve killed in order to muddy the waters of responsibility.

    “Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigators were granted permission to search Justine Damond’s home hours after she was shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer, according to court records.”


  25. I’ll just leave this piece of insanity here


    1. They’re pretty upset that a judge had the gall to rule in favor of a white man. No doubt, thoroughly enlightened in the ways of legal realism, the good folks at ATL will use their positions in court to punish white men for their collective crimes, real and imagined, against women and minorities.

  26. One thing I never heard about this case is whether or not anyone ever saw any marks on her in the days after…does anyone know? If the attack was what she described, and she was obviously not a shut-in after the fact, the visuals would tell a hell of a story.

  27. Apparently they were “professional” enough to put this on the transcript after the fact:

    [POST-BROADCAST CLARIFICATION: This story refers to Emma Sulkowicz as a survivor of sexual assault, as she considers herself to be. The accused in her case was found not responsible by a campus adjudication process.]

    1. Unless that was read aloud at the BEGINING of the broadcast, it’s nothing but ass covering that they didn’t want their target audience to hear

      It’s become normal these days for news stories to make false claims in headlines, and assert a narrative unsupported by facts in their lede… Only to insert far more qualified and fact-checked statements later in the piece.

      People don’t remember the details, they remember the “story”, which has more to do with the context of how facts are presented.

      Another tactic that has become common is for a story to run with a sensational (and misleading) headline for the first 12 hours, then have its hl and lede watered down for “archival” versions of the report. This allows mega-hot-takes to become ‘common knowledge’, but then absolves the news media of seeming too tabloid.

  28. Nungesser needs to sue her until she is bankrupt. Then she can take her stupid goddamned mattress and sleep until a bridge.

    That this woman continues to be regarded as a victim, despite her vile conduct, beggars belief. She is a victim of mental illness. She is possibly a victim of this “Toni” person.

  29. I can remember in my earlier lad days having sex with a woman, with whom I had an ongoing thing, when she told me during a subsequent sexual act that I had “had forced her” during that previous act. I had never understood what she meant until I started reading about today’s women like to claim coercion well after the fact, even while they still have an ongoing relationship with the coercer.

    This to me seems like a bad omen foe the continuation of the human race.

    1. Im a gay man and in my younger days, when nearly blacked out from bourbon, I found a really good female friend crawling all over me, hands down my pants, tongue down my throat, etc. Given my well known sexual inclinations and the degree of disrespect that was shown to them and me, the encounter felt disgusting. I was in a situation much like what I imagine mattress girl found herself, confused because someone I liked was using me in a way I hadn’t remotely invited, and really, really, didn’t want. It was a bad move on the part of my friend, and indicative of her character. I’m sure she went on to do other similarly unpleasant things to other people. Nevertheless I didn’t feel the need to brand her forehead for her trespasses, let alone ruin her life. You just move on from something like that, hopefully somewhat the wiser.

      1. I too am gay but wasn’t fully out for most of college. There were several instances in which a girl I was dancing with at the bar reached down by pants and grabbed my dick, and I was absolutely taken advantage of by women when I was wasted off my face. Sure, you feel violated and gross, but you also know that you’re a fucking adult and you can move on with your life.

      2. I think you pointed out a major difference between the sexes when it comes to unwanted sex: very few men are even conscious of the idea of complaining, while the average woman is urgently told every day she should make a case.

        For straight men, I recommend:

        “How We Waded Into The Sexual Harassment Quagmire — And How to Dig Out” http://malemattersusa.wordpres…..-quagmire/

        This may be the most thorough analysis you can find of what I think has for many decades been the sexes’ most alienating and destructive behavioral difference. I believe this difference results in much of what is called sexual assault of women.

      3. Sorry to hear about what happened to you joejimtree1. Thanks for sharing.

  30. 2 things here – who in their right mind pays to go to Columbia to become some sort of fetish professional – she could make a fortune putting an ad on CraigslIst straight out of high school and this is a perfect example of why we should let the POLICE handle the crime of rape.

    1. You hit the nail on the head: who in their right mind? Many are not in their right minds nowadays.

    2. Sad to say, but I’m pretty sure she has a career as a cutting edge artist now. Probably being booked in some good galleries, giving talks etc.

  31. The key point of this whole fracas for young men in college is “don’t stick your dick in crazy”. Nungesser failed to adequately screen a sex partner, and she pulled out all the stops to punish him for dumping her with the aid of vicious, politically motivated apparatchiki including a US senator.


    1. Mattress girl is a daughter of a prominent (white) psychiatrist who has his own wikipedia page. Her mom is just some non white woman. I suspect Paul had little reason to believe he was dealing with a borderline psycho.

      Putting on my SJW hat – If Sulkowicz was black without connection, there’s no way she still has defenders or mingles with a prominent white senator. The black girls who made up story about hate crime at a bus station were properly shamed and they weren’t heard from again. Jackie sort of disappeared from view. Mattress girl is still described as a rape survivor by some and has her own website.

      Did I mention she has a rich white daddy?

    1. If colleges and universities keep going along with the SJW crusade, it might become class action lawsuit city.

      Consider the following:

      1) SJW’s are pitching the factoid that 1 in 5 college women are sexually assaulted during their four years at college. Thus, they are claiming an annual sexual assault rate of 5000 per 100,000 women.
      2) College sex police are on the lookout for the perps of a crime wave of this magnitude.
      3) According to the FBI’s uniform crime reporting, the average sexual assault rate in the US is about 25 per 100,000 people. Considering that virtually all sexual assaults are perpetrated against women, this is a rate of 50 per 100,000 women. The real statistics say that the rate of sexual assault is in decline.

      There is no doubt that the frequency of accusations is nowhere close to 5000 per 100,000 women. Obviously, if college sex police believe that the frequency of sexual assault is nearly 100 times greater than the actual frequency of the crime, they are going to presume the guilt of every accused. This is quite likely to create a class of stigmatized male students large enough for a class action.

      1. Don’t worry, the national statistics will soon reflect this horrible crime wave, as soon as the FBI stops its misogyny by using the “real” definition of rape, and gets on board with our modern understanding of the word rape, which includes, but is not limited to, regretting the sex (no rapist-supporting time limit allowed, can be 50 years or more later), enthusiastically participating but failing to get affirmative consent, being whistled at, being said ‘hello’ to by an ugly guy, the guy you like not going out with you, being stared at for more than 2 seconds, a guy looking at the massive cleavage of your low cut top and pushup bra instead of your face, manspreading, the ever insidious fart rape, and any other behavior or lack of behavior that offends a woman whatsoever; which is how it’s defined in the surveys that reveal the true 1 in 5 figure.

        1. Or they can do like British police did prior to the “400% post-Brexit increase in hate crimes”: Just mark every complaint down as fact. The sudden inclusion of “looked at my cleavage” and “asked if I wanted a drink” and “I vaguely remember being drunk that night a year ago, could’t have consented” etc., etc in the rape statistics will give the result and a sudden headline-earning, moral-panic-justifying “spike” in sexual assault will surely satisfy the “rape culture” proponents, as well as increasing the budgets of women’s support departments in campuses all over the country. See? Who said a gender studies degree was a waste of money?

          Besides me, I mean.

      2. “1) SJW’s are pitching the factoid that 1 in 5 college women are sexually assaulted during their four years at college. Thus, they are claiming an annual sexual assault rate of 5000 per 100,000 women.”

        Check your math.

        One in five would be 1/5th or 20%. If what you are saying is true, they are claiming 20,000 per 100,000.

  32. I discovered this story in Jezebel and was very uncomfortable with the big rush to vividly color in many grey areas. In the enthusiasm to give this girl acclaim for an expression of rage and vindictiveness her allies bulldozed right over lots of confusion. Sure, she genuinely felt wronged, but the way the story grew, felt more creative than her rather dull artistic thesis. The proportionality between the suffering her tormentor allegedly caused and the suffering he underwent wasn’t of much concern to her or her allies, and at the least, that’s injustice.

  33. I am really impressed thanks for this post admin thanks.

  34. Just outlaw males from campus. Problem solved.

    1. That would be an ideological feminist dream come true!

      I’ve often thought male students should not date campus females and while on campus should wear signs that say: “Attention Female Students: Do not come within 50 feet of me.”

      But again, the feminist dream come true — gender separatism.

    2. Bring back privately-funded male-only colleges.

  35. Check out Jezebel’s opinion of the issue, it’s predictably amazing:


  36. What has always perplexed me about this story is that, way at the beginning, it was very clear that the school was on Sulkowicz side.

    Nungesser complained that he wasn’t allowed to present evidence, that his side wasn’t given an airing.

    So, I’ve always wondered just how pathetic her case was. What did she say that a panel, salivating at the chance to destroy a cis white male, said ‘nope, wasn’t rape.’

    Because it would have had to have been pretty bad.

    1. I suspect, despite their not being allowed into evidence, that members of the panel were aware of the existence of post-rape tweets/messages indicating how much she liked him, liked being treated rough and liked it up the ass.

      Yeah, yeah, trauma, disparate reactions, blahdeblah. I still suspect the variety of reactions to sexual assault includes the fucking OPPOSITE of “You raped me!!” seldom to never.

  37. BTW, just throwing this out there, or in there, but in her performance piece “This Is Not A Rape”, when her co-performer switches from consensual/vaginal to rape/anal…it goes in real, real easy. She’s not even puckering a little.

    I mean, if she’s saying “No, no!” but her sphincter is saying “Come on in, Big Boy.”, doesn’t that count as confusing signals?? Or does that even matter?

  38. RE: Discredited, the Legend of Mattress Girl Just Won’t Go Away

    Any good feminist will tell you its rape, especially if its not rape.
    Feminists will also tell you men are always thinking of raping women, so all men should spend decades in prison for the rape they did not do.
    This way, women can live in a fear-free, rape-free, man-free and freedom-free country.
    Feminists will tell you this the only way we can have a free country.

  39. Sue ’em ’till they bleed!

  40. Having gone public many times with her accusation, Sulkowicz is now driven by (possibly among things) her deep-seated need to be right about her accusation, a need that is driven by her deep-seated fear of being seen as wrong.

    Re: “The other one said he grabbed her and tried to kiss her at a party when they went upstairs to get more beer?an incident that she admitted she didn’t regard as assault until she learned about the other charges.”

    About that, please see:

    “How We Waded Into The Sexual Harassment Quagmire — And How to Dig Out” http://malemattersusa.wordpres…..-quagmire/
    This may be the most thorough analysis you can find of what I think has for many decades been the sexes’ most alienating and destructive behavioral difference. I believe this difference results in much of what is called sexual assault of women.

  41. One last comment:

    Sulkowicz and her advocates, in the media and elsewhere = liberals.
    Liberals = Democrats.
    Democrats = this:

    “Republicans don’t have near as big a woman problem as Democrats have a man problem.” -Wall Street Journal

    And this:

    “The whole Democratic Party is now a smoking pile of rubble: In state government things are worse, if anything. The GOP now controls a historical record number of governors’ mansions, including a majority of New England governorships. Tuesday’s election swapped around a few state legislative houses but left Democrats controlling a distinct minority. The same story applies further down ballot, where most elected attorneys general, insurance commissioners, secretaries of state, and so forth are Republicans.” http://www.vox.com/policy-and-…..ile-rubble

    And this:

    “The Democratic Party is viewed as more out of touch than either Trump or the party’s political opponents. Two-thirds of Americans think the Democrats are out of touch ? including nearly half of Democrats themselves. …a large chunk of Democrats feel that their party is united in a vision ? that’s at odds with the concerns of the American public.” -Washington Post

    Liberals and Democrats should heed Humphrey Bogart’s warning in “The African Queen”:

    “Things are never so bad they can’t be made worse.”

    1. MaleMatters,

      Unfortunately, liberals and Democrats won’t listen to Bogart because he had been a white heterosexual male. RIP, Mr. Bogart.

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  44. This comments section is just sad. The girl was most likely raped. Yes, she is exaggerating, lying, and screaming for attention, but that’s entirely normal behavior for someone who believes they’ve been severely wronged. People lying about being raped and ruining the lives of people who have done nothing wrong is a very real and very serious problem, but this looks like the real deal. People who are faking do not behave like this. Now, it is certainly possible that she was not actually raped but convinced herself that she was after the fact, but she definitely believes it.

    That said, I could empathize with most of the what the author was saying until I got to this:

    “a few hours after the assault, she talked to a female friend “who explain[ed] it was rape.” Would that really need explaining?”

    Is this a serious question? Yes, it often needs explaining. We live in a world where, for centuries, women have regularly been told it’s their fault when they’ve been raped, been told that if you’re married, it’s not rape, and been told that once you consent, you can’t unconsent. All of these are clearly total bullshit. If, at any point, you say that you don’t want to, and the other person keeps doing it anyway, that’s rape, plain and simple. This woman was likely raped, and her video is most definitely an example of rape.

    1. Is the video you are talking about her performance art video “Ceci N’est Pas Un Viol”?

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  48. Wasn’t there also a TIME magazine article that named Paul a campus “serial” rapist despite one “rape” involving a drunken forced kiss at a party and the other “rape” involving an ex-girlfriend who decided post-mortem that the sex they had as partners was mandatory to their relationship or therefore had under coercion?

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