Trump Open to Signing Russia Sanctions Legislation, Schumer Calls Dems 'Namby-Pamby,' Jordan Spieth Wins British Open: A.M. Links


  • ajagendorf25/flickr

    President Trump complained on Twitter that Republicans weren't doing enough to "protect" him.

  • Trump is reportedly open to signing legislation that would limit his power to ease sanctions against Russia.
  • Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer characterized Democrats as too "namby-pamby" in 2016 and said he'd unveil a new Democratic agenda today.
  • An anti-capitalist Museum of Capitalism is opening, temporarily, in Oakland, complete with a gift shop.
  • A wildfire in California can be seen from space.
  • The feline mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, has died.
  • Michael Phelps "raced" a number of sharks to kick off Shark Week.
  • Jordan Spieth won the British Open.