Brickbat: We Know All About You



The leaders of the Asian Pacific Islander, Black, Jewish, Latino, LGBT and Women's caucuses in the California state legislature have asked lobbying firms to give them demographic data—including race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation—on their employees.

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  1. So this is a brilliant play for more lobby money. Look good to leftist voters and strongarm less diverse lobbyists to buy their way around it.

  2. California = Titanic
    Bankruptcy = Iceberg

    Nice to know the legislature is getting the deck chairs all lined up.

  3. “.. to help with the ‘worthy cause’ of making California’s workforce representative of its residents.”

    I miss George Carlin.

    1. but only by 1 MOA…

      1. at 1500 yds…

        1. Uhhhhh … MOA is ANGLE. Distance is irrelevant. It’s 1 MOA from the muzzle to infinity.

  4. How soon before California requires this information to be tattooed on every ones forehead?

    1. Forearm is traditional.

      1. Yes, a number with a bar code would work great until they start installing chips in everyone at birth

    2. Tattoos are a bridge too far. The voters may balk at those – for now. That’s why they need to go with patches. They are always a nice clothing accessory!

      Jewish Californians could be required to wear a Star if David patch. Non-heterosexual Californians would be forced to wear a pink triangle patch, and so on…

      1. #showyourdiversity

  5. So Asian Pacific Islander, Black, Jewish, Latino, LGBT and Women’s caucuses want to make sure that they get good jobs as lobbyists after they leave the government.

    1. Collect your chicken dinner at the prize window.

  6. would it be possible to claim/identify as “all of the above”? esp if I can score a wheel chair ?

    1. You could be a star on Archer.

  7. “So it looks like your short a few black folk. I think I can help you with that. Here are the names of a couple of my nieces. Give em a call.
    The call me next week about giving you the salt monopoly.”

  8. “It’s difficult to quantify lobbying demographics in Sacramento in the absence of academic studies.”

    For half the money raked in by the lobbyists, I will stand in the hallways and tally the requested data. As in all properly funded government studies, I will adjust the numbers to allow for those I cannot identify visually. That is, I will adjust for the number of transgender people I cannot identify visually. I will adjust for the sexual orientation that is not visually discernible, and I will provide the report only three months late, instead of the standard one year.

    But wait! There’s more!
    In light of California’s current budget problems, I will provide TWO reports, for only an additional fee.

    California. Secede already, and take Hawaii with you.

  9. I for one look forward to the day when we no longer judge people by the content of their character but by the color of their skin. Content of character takes work to identify and who’s got time for that when there’s twitters to be read and facebooks to be liked?

  10. I guess the smart thing to do is go get in line for the job opportunities when the LA Lakers are required to start hiring old short fat white guys.

    1. I wanted to go out for basketball and they used me as one.

  11. A friend whose son is with the FBI once told me that they had a very large file on me and he said he wasn’t kidding. I told him I was glad that my life was so interesting and that I could keep some of my fellow citizens employeed. I have known for years that we live in a Police State and I just no longer care.

  12. Hollywood hardest hit. And MLK, Jr.’s grave could be used to power an electric generator.

  13. Yeah, because like, you know, there weren’t ANY people of color in that Dunkirk thing movie. I mean really!

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