Trump Says 'Inaction' Not an Option on Healthcare, Another John Wayne Gacy Victim ID'd, Madonna Auction Stopped: P.M. Links


  • johanlb/flickr

    President Donald Trump tells Republican senators "inaction is not an option" on healthcare.

  • The Supreme Court is allowing extended family remembers to remain covered by an exemption to the Trump travel ban.
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rolling out a new policy to make it easier for federal authorities to seize money under asset forfeiture.
  • The Department of Justice is closing its investigation of the killing of homeless man James Boyd by police in Albuquerque.
  • The Supreme Court of India will decide whether privacy is a basic right.
  • The Cook County sheriff has identified another victim of John Wayne Gacy.
  • O.J. Simpson is appearing before a parole board in Nevada.
  • A judge is temporarily halting the auction of a number of personal and intimate items that once belonged to Madonna.