Trump Defends Son's Meeting as 'Opposition Research,' Obamacare Replacement Effort Gets Even More Confusing Somehow, Emmy Nominees Announced: P.M. Links


  • Trump and Macron
    David Silpa/UPI/Newscom

    In France, President Donald Trump defended Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer during the campaign as "opposition research."

  • Once they struggled to present alternatives to Obamacare. Now Republicans have too many alternatives.
  • Apparently Hillary Clinton ally and pundit Paul Begala thinks President Donald Trump should consider bombing Russia in response to their election meddling. That might sound crazy, but Russia wouldn't be able to interfere with other countries' democratic processes if the entire world were a smoking, radioactive crater. That's some next-level strategy!
  • Florida State Attorney Aramis Ayala was pulled over by police and they didn't really have a decent explanation why they ran her tag in the first place (she was not accused of any traffic violations). The body cam footage of the encounter has gone viral.
  • A federal court has overturned the 2015 corruption conviction of former Democratic New York State Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver.
  • The Emmy nominees were announced today. The Leftovers and Legion were robbed. Robbed!
  • Fresh Kid Ice, founding member of 2 Live Crew, a rap group near and dear to supporters of the First Amendment, has died at age 53.

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