Brickbat: Give Me Your Papers


Police ticket

A Jacksonville, County, Florida, sheriff's officer handed Devonte Shipman a $65 ticket for jaywalking when he caught him crossing an intersection against the light. He also gave him a ticket for $136 for not having any his driver's license on him and told him he could detain him for up to seven hours until he could determine who he was. In fact, Florida law only requires someone to have a driver's license on them when they are operating a vehicle.

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  1. Heroic deputy J.S. Bolen got him for walking while black and having a disrespectful attitude. At least he didn’t shoot him.

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  5. “He also gave him a ticket for $136 for not having any his driver’s license on him and told him he could detain him for up to seven hours until he could determine who he was. In fact, Florida law only requires someone to have a driver’s license on them when they are operating a vehicle.”

    What’s the fine for doing your job with your head up your ass?

    1. …the JSO is reviewing the video, but Officer Bolen isn’t under investigation at this time.

      Apparently there isn’t one.

  6. If only Devonte had been wearing some athletic shoes, he could have outrun the cop. Anybody know where he could get some Jordan’s, Air Max, or even LeBrons? Cheap, I mean. They gotta be cheap.

  7. Florida Statute 322.15, which states, “Every licensee shall have his or her driver license, which must be fully legible with no portion of such license faded, altered, mutilated, or defaced, in his or her immediate possession at all times when operating a motor vehicle and shall present or submit the same upon the demand of a law enforcement officer or an authorized representative of the department.”

    Here in Georgia the similar law is broken down into three parts with the part about having to show your driver’s license upon demand being separate with no reference to the “operating a motor vehicle”. It’s the law used to claim “it’s the law” when a cop wants to see some ID regardless of whether or not you’re driving. I’ve never been able to find a challenge to the law, presumably if you raise a stink they back off and you therefore have no standing so no court has ever heard a case.

  8. Mr. Oliver should have noted that by clicking through, you can see another example of very heavy handed policing and bad public service attitude, as some commenters are alluding to. It’s not just the fact the officer did not know the law.

  9. Tomorrow’s brickbat today: Democracy in action!

    Three College Republicans members at California State University, Fullerton have been named as defendants in a lawsuit filed by the California Democrats organization.

    CSUF CR’s helped lead efforts to recall California State Senator Josh Newman after the Democratic super-majority passed what conservatives deemed “a significant increase to car and gas taxes,” but Newman called the recall efforts “political cynicism and desperation” in May.

    1. hey bitch, if we want your opinion, we’ll give it to you…

  10. Any government that decides that i can’t cross a street without its permission can go fuck itself, to death.

    1. The government built that street, you’ll cross it only with their permission.

  11. Pigs gotta pig

  12. Reminds me of a time some local cop saw a guy open carrying, which is perfectly legal, drew on him and arrested him. Luckily didn’t shoot him. Cop didn’t know that was legal.

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