Animatronic Trump Will Speak at Disney World, Sanders Calls FBI Probe 'Pathetic,' Palin Suing New York Times: P.M. Links


  • express monorail/flickr

    Disney says the animatronic Donald Trump in the "Hall of Presidents" exhibit at Disney World will have a speaking role, disputing a report from Vice News.

  • Bernie Sanders called the FBI probe into alleged fraud by his wife "pathetic" and suggested it was politically motivated.
  • Sarah Palin is suing The New York Times for linking her political ads to the Jared Loughner shootings.
  • A new report from the Pentagon finds the threat of missiles growing worldwide.
  • The European Union is not releasing a a report on corruption that was supposed to be out last year.
  • A proposed law in the Philippines would threaten jail time for citizens who don't sing the national anthem with fervor.
  • Facebook has hit 2 billion users.
  • Phil Jackson is leaving the New York Knicks.