Rand Paul, Mike Lee Rip into Health Care Bill, Which Is Now Expected Thursday

"They've gotten kind of weak-kneed," the Kentucky senator says of his GOP colleagues. If he, Mike Lee, and one other senator defect, the bill is dead.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) announced this afternoon that a "discussion draft" of the rushed, flawed, and secretive Senate version of the American Health Care Act will be unveiled Thursday, in advance of a hoped-for vote a week hence, on June 29. "Oh they'll have plenty of time" [to read the bill], McConnell said. "This will be about as transparent as it can be." Uh-huh.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), long considered the most likely Republican "no" vote, did not sound enthused about the legislation today. While stressing that he'll decide only after reading the bill, Paul reiterated in remarks recorded by Bloomberg News political reporter Sahil Kapur that he's "not interested in voting for anything that's a new entitlement program," and that it might be better to "start over." More from Paul:

The House bill has 90 percent of the subsidies of Obamacare….If this gets any more subsidies in it, it may well be equal to what we have in Obamacare. So it really wouldn't be repeal. […]

I think they've forgotten all the rallies where they said they were going to repeal it. I mean, we had thousands of people standing up and cheering us on saying they were going to repeal it. And now they've gotten kind of weak-kneed and I think they want to keep it. But they're getting hit from both sides. Conservatives who are in the know are going to know that this isn't repeal. And no Democrat likes it because they think it's going to go too far. So I think you're going to wind up with what you had in the House bill—about 20 percent of the public's going to think it's a good idea.

The other most likely "no" vote has always been Paul's pal Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), who, while also keeping his vote open, said in a Facebook video today that:

Even though I've been a member of this working group among Senate Republicans assigned to help narrow some of the focus of this, I haven't seen the bill….And it has become increasingly apparent in the last few days that even though we thought we were going to be in charge of writing a bill within this working group, it's not being written by us, it's apparently being written by a small handful of staffers for members of the Republican leadership in the Senate….We should have been able to see it weeks ago if we were going to voting on it next week.

But even if Lee and Paul revolt, as many have been predicting, the unpopular bill still needs one more Republican hand on the steely knife to kill the beast. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), while mocking Democratic complaints about process, said Tuesday the legislation still has "got a long way to go." Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), a key moderate, said, "I would like a more open process, that's for sure," and: "I cannot say what I would vote for if I haven't seen it….That's where a real problem is, because nobody — I shouldn't say that." And Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) quipped that, "I'm sure the Russians have been able to hack in and gotten most of it."

Peter Suderman earlier today floated various theories for Republicans' odd AHCA behavior.

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39 responses to “Rand Paul, Mike Lee Rip into Health Care Bill, Which Is Now Expected Thursday

  1. So Republicans are itching to get kicked out of power. I’m sure it’s much easier for them to just sit back and criticize the Democrats than to actually produce something they promised.

    1. Yep, 2018 midterms will be interesting. And when the GOP once again asks libertarians to quit wasting their votes and to help keep the Dems out of power, the laughter will be deafening.

      1. Forget asking Libertarians, Republicans will set their dogs on GOP canvassers if the Congress doesn’t deliver.

        I think these bozos believe they can get re-elected by blaming Trump for their non-performance. 63,000,000 Trump voters will be hard to convince.

        1. Hillary’s dick is 3 million votes bigger.

          1. As far as Hillary having a dick, I’m inclined to agree with you.

          2. Which votes? The Chinese ones? They don’t count.

            1. Damn dishonest voters won’t stay bought!

          3. “Hillary’s dick is 3 million votes bigger.”

            Al where it didn’t make a damn.
            You LOST, loser.

            1. Are you always fucked up on something or what?

              1. Turns out tonight that Dems just missed another chance to learn that outspending your opponent and insulting Republicans doesn’t win elections. Keep at it, though.

              2. Tony|6.20.17 @ 11:41PM|#
                “Are you always fucked up on something or what?”

                Is that the best you can do, loser?
                You LOST, loser.

      2. I’m not sure there are enough libertarians to deafen anyone. You could probably fit all of us into a medium sized high-school Cafeteria.

  2. Explosion in Brussels.


  3. “No doubt 2018 will be a big year for books written by former Obama administration folks. First up is former attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr.’s memoir slash political manifesto, “Pursuing Justice.””


    I hear he’s working fast and furiously to finish it.

  4. Not-jungle voters?


  5. They will bend, or they will be broken.

  6. A retarded object lesson in the politics of stupidity. Republicans backed themselves into this corner over 8 long years, and what better way to say they finally accomplished what they said by doing it without the messiness of actual consultation with anyone. That way they can get in some tax cuts for gazillionaires in there too–something they actually want. The only thing, in fact, the patriots.

    Meanwhile Tweedle-fucks Rand Paul and Mike Lee are willing to throw a wrench into the whole thing because it doesn’t throw quite enough poor people outside the gates of Galt’s Gulch to die of envy. The most rational explanation for all of this is that Republicans and even more libertarians mostly just like to bitch rather than accomplish. But why apply a rational explanation? These people are all nuts.

    1. Tony|6.20.17 @ 7:47PM|#
      “…Meanwhile Tweedle-fucks Rand Paul and Mike Lee are willing to throw a wrench into the whole thing because it doesn’t throw quite enough poor people outside the gates of Galt’s Gulch to die of envy…”

      And turd suckers like you whine and moan and make up stories about the boogie men.
      You lost, loser. LOST! Hahahahahahahaha….

      1. Oh, it stings, you called me a loser. Ow. How hurtful. Also I’m 2 years old.

        1. I’d have guessed three, but I’ve been generous regarding your abilities in the past also, loser.

    2. Is this from the same world where Clinton won the Electoral College?

  7. Welch quoting McCain…

  8. I toild you your boy Tossoff was going to lose weeks and weeks ago, did I not?

    So sorry all you Reason fake libertarian scumbags! All Trumo does is win, and all you do is lose. Because you’re a bunch of complete and total fucking losers.

    1. Does Trump come on your face or your tits?

    2. Go team!!!

    3. Low-T? I’m guessing low-T.

      1. Loser? I’m guessing loser.

  9. “The Republican won an expensive battle after the House seat became a focus of Democrats nationwide rallying against Trump.”
    “Republican Karen Handel has won Georgia’s special election, holding off the most well-funded House candidate in history and deflating Democrats who yearned for a special election rebuke to President Donald Trump.”

    I’m sure she’ll be investigated ’cause Russki something argle-bargle…
    (And a special shout-out to Tony: You lost AGAIN! Hahahahahahhahahahahha….)

    1. When you’re cheerleading for TEAM RED! do your panties show? Just to add a little excitement for them?

      1. Palin’s Buttplug|6.20.17 @ 11:02PM|#
        “When you’re cheerleading for TEAM RED! do your panties show? Just to add a little excitement for them?”

        Why look there! One more whiny loser who shows up to be told he LOST.
        That’s *LOST*, turd; you LOST yet again, and it sure is fun telling you that you LOST, loser.
        Oh, and show me where was cheer-leading anything other than losers losing, loser.
        You LOST! Hahahahahhahahhhah…

          1. Hahahahahahahahha…
            You LOST!

    2. The Republican won an expensive battle

      It was only expensive for the Dems, who outspent 7:1 and still lost.

      I’m sure she’ll be investigated ’cause Russki something argle-bargle…

      They’re already on that — it’s being blamed on flood warnings in the Dem part of the district. Maybe Putin had a secret cloud seeding mission.

  10. And there was a bit more bad news for watermelon losers today; they lost just like Tony and turd:

    “Supreme Court won’t overturn Chevron’s win in Ecuador suit”
    “The justices let stand a U.S. District Court ruling that a $19 billion judgment against Chevron in an Ecuadoran court in 2011 was the result of an elaborate fraud orchestrated by an American attorney, Steven Donziger.”

    Seems Donziger’s self-righteousness exceeded his intelligence; a watermelon habit:
    “But the film, which profiled Donziger and his legal team, became the key to Chevron’s defense. One scene showed the team working with a court-appointed technical expert, Richard Cabrera, who was supposed to be neutral.”

  11. We’re havin’ a heat wave/
    A tropical heat wave/
    She’s causin’ a heat wave/
    By makin’ her seat wave/
    We’re havin’ a heat wave….

    “PG&E electricity use poised to break record as Bay Area heat peaks”
    “With another hot streak expected to send inland Bay Area temperatures soaring to triple digits and prompt sweltering residents to crank up air conditioners and fans, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. crews are bracing for record use of electricity on Thursday and hoping it doesn’t short-circuit the power grid.’

    PG&E is not a direct government agency, but it exists at the pleasure of the government. Were it purely a commercial enterprise, there’s no doubt we’d have more than enough capacity to handle the (at least yearly) heat wave demands on the grid. Hell, they’d gear up and award bonuses for the increased billings!
    But CA has a problem; it’s got a watermelon (failed Jesuit) for a governor, and he wants a legacy of being the savior of the earth, so PG&E is required to hit some ridiculous fraction of ‘sustainable energy’ by some arbitrary date, meaning PG&E cannot contract for such relief without missing moonbeam’s numbers and incurring the wrath of his appointees.
    Me? SF was cool today, but that A/C thermostat is right over there and I’m not afraid to use it; if that fries PG&E’s wires, I’m more than willing to point out that our governmellon is the cause.

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  13. This man should have been President. I use all of these articles to bludgeon Trump supporters about the head and neck when they say Paul wasn’t a ‘foreign policy realist’ during the Primary and that was somehow a disqualifier. Yeah, because Trump is so amazing at foreign policy. Yeesh.

    So thanks for that, America. Thanks a lot.

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