Trump's Travel Ban Keeps Losing in Court, Sessions to Testify Publicly, Rep. Introduces "COVFEFE Act": P.M. Links


  • Jeff Sessions
    Olivier Douliery/UPI/Newscom

    A Ninth Circuit panel of judges has declined to lift the injunction stopping President Donald Trump's administration from implementing a travel ban prohibiting residents from a handful of countries from coming to the United States.

  • Attorney Jeff Sessions will testify publicly tomorrow at a Senate Intelligence hearing about interactions between Trump's team and Russian officials.
  • The Secret Service says it doesn't have any recordings of any Trump conversations in the White House.
  • Maryland and Washington, D.C., are seeking out Trump's tax returns in a lawsuit over whether he's profiting off foreign payments to his D.C. hotel.
  • Police busted up anti-corruption protesters in Moscow and other Russian cities. Alexei Navalny, the opposition leader attempting to run against President Vladimir Putin, was detained.
  • There is now something called the "COVFEFE Act" to make the president's social media posts part of the presidential record. The bill was introduced by Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Illinois).
  • Qatar is shrugging off the diplomatic crisis its facing as other Middle Eastern countries cut ties. The country's foreign minister noted it hasn't received any specific demands so it doesn't know how it can diplomatically resolve the situation.
  • The Supreme Court ruled today that unwed father and mothers cannot be treated differently when determining whether their children should be considered American citizens.

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