Friday Funnies: Not Enough Mandates


Chip Bok—Creators Syndicate

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  1. So pajama boy is ignoring the donkey and playing with his phone?
    Is he trying to buy insurance on line while standing right next to the store?
    Is he playing a game?

    I get the intent, but don’t get the characters.

    Happy Friday!

  2. I like to think of this as Paul Ryan’s pudgy kid with a juice reamer on his head looking at his pack of furries playing cards.

    1. Fist. Your explanation requires an imagination I simply don’t have this early in the morning. Hat tip you, oh wise one.


      1. Just remember it’s always furries with Bok.

      2. This almost makes me wish I could see the cartoon, but my ad-blocker treats Bok as spam (or porn) and won’t show the image. You have no idea how much time it took for me to hack the program and add the lines of code necessary for that, but it was worth every minute.

  3. Nice cartoon; bet the republicans are thinking that way too.
    Beware of 2018.

  4. Shouldn’t the donkey be celebrating the closure of private insurance as one step closer to single payer?

    1. ya know… you’re RIGHT! He should be twisting his handlebar mustache and giving off a sinister laugh!

      “Bwaahaa-haa…. Now they must come to ME for Healthcare! Everything is going according to plan! Ahhh-hhaaaa-haaaa”

      Pajama boy says “But… Trump!”

      Donkey smiles… “Republicans!!!”

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