Brickbat: The Cover-Up


Sarasota Sheriff's Office

The Sarasota County, Florida, sheriff's office has fired a deputy who has been charged with obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence. Carson Lee Plank was one of the first officers to arrive after a woman called to report another deputy tried to kill her. But she did not report the woman's detailed account of the crime, nor her injuries or other evidence of a crime. She later texted the other deputy "I got you."

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  1. She later texted the other deputy “I got you…babe?

    1. Thanks a lot, Radioactive. Now that song is going to be in my head all day.

        1. You guys suck. But at least you got “Music For A Found Harmonium” out my head.

          Vote for Pedro!

      1. Deputies; tramps and thieves.

  2. The old lady must have had connections or something. Because from what I’ve seen it’s normal for cops to do absolutely nothing when someone complains about being a victim of a crime.

  3. “Three days later, Jan. 12, Bybee returned to the woman’s home and attempted to kill her, according to a Sheriff’s Office report. He was arrested Jan. 23 and is charged with attempted murder, exploitation of the elderly, burglary, three counts of computer crimes and 15 counts of fraud.”

    I don’t understand why he didn’t just shoot her and claim that she made a furtive gesture that made him fear for his life.

    1. Just say that he smelled weed coming from inside the home.

  4. I got you Mike!

  5. “Attempted murder,” now honestly, did they ever give anyone a Nobel prize for “attempted chemistry?”

    1. No, but they did give a Nobel prize for a slide show once.

    2. They usually give out Darwin Awards for that.

    3. The Bart The!

  6. His relationship with the elderly woman began when she called the Sheriff’s Office needing assistance. He allegedly inserted himself into her life and became too controlling leading, [sic] her to ask the Sheriff’s Office for help severing the relationship with Bybee.

    Detectives intercepted an envelope delivered to the Sheriff’s Office and found four checks made out to Bybee and his three children for $65,000. Bybee’s fingerprint was found on one of the checks and the Sheriff’s Office placed him on administrative leave.

    No word yet on how her third call for help to the Sheriff’s Office went after those detectives inserted themselves into her life and started draining her savings.

  7. Denny’s and cops don’t mix.…..index.html

    A Texas deputy and her husband could face life in prison after a night out for two Texas families turned into a deadly fight.

  8. Seems to me she was just ‘extremely careless’.
    And guilty of felony stupid for the texts.

  9. Bow down to the gang of Blue. So sick of hearing how wonderful cops are when they are no matter than many other gang, other than they get to hid under the color of law.

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