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Paris Pullout, Russia Reboots, and LeBron Hate Crimes: The New Fifth Column

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Hey, will you be listening to Sirius XM after church on Sunday? Tune into Channel 124, a.k.a. POTUS, at 3 p.m. tomorrow, and you'll hear the hour-long broadcast version of The Fifth Column podcast, co-hosted by Kmele "Never Fly Coach" Foster, Michael "Hollywood" Moynihan and the author of this blog post. Or you can hear the whole unspooled straight-to-yr-headphones biz right here:

Topics include foolish paternal attempts to play soccer, controversial if telegraphed decisions to pull out of unenforceable non-treaty climate agreements, racist anti-LeBron James vandalism, Russkies galore, and so on.

Not enough for ya? OK, here's an entertaining, NSFW episode of the great Brilliant Idiots podcast starring DJ Charlamagne Tha God and Reason-loving comedian Andrew Shulz, in which I come on at the 1:14 mark to spool out my working theory on the Russia/Trump story:

More Fifth Column stuff is availabile at iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play,, @wethefifth, and Facebook.

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8 responses to “Paris Pullout, Russia Reboots, and LeBron Hate Crimes: The New Fifth Column

  1. Hate crimes so numerous that people need to make them up

  2. Fifth Column release on a Saturday? Now I’ve heard everything. Except this podcast. I haven’t listened to it yet because I had no place to drive this afternoon.

  3. 1) terrorist attack
    2) #PrayForLondon
    3) change Facebook picture
    4) Do Nothing
    Goto 1

    1. London strong!

  4. Turns out Sen. Ben Sasse(C-NE) isn’t just a cuck he’s a racist too.

    1. Looks like Paul Allen is getting close to ballistic orbital flight without taxpayer money:
      It’s a Rutan design, and he’s designing for Branson also, but no mention of Virgin Galactic, so it seems two buyers have found his skills worthwhile.
      And SIV? Do you and your 3rd-grade buds giggle when you call each other “cucks”?

  5. I come on at the 1:14 mark

    i tried paying close attention, but i confess = it was like 2am and i was drunk….. in the list of “Things we know”? i’m pretty sure it was =

    – Paul Manafort had ties to russia (before the Trump campaign)
    – Mike Flynn made a phone call which he lied about
    – Putin is a dick

    am i missing something?

    I suppose i could help out and add, “and there was some cyrillic-writing connected to the group suspected of ‘hacking’ john podesta” (phishing, really)

    In retrospect, that list isn’t really as spooky or compelling of ‘obvious conspiracy’ as you made it seem on the second podcast.

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