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Paris Agreement Pull-out Hysteria: Watch Kennedy on Fox Business Network at 8 pm ET

Matt Welch joins panel for discussion about Trump's symbolic anti-multilateralist move


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So President Donald Trump has pulled out of the Paris Agreement on climate change. What does that mean? I am neither a climate scientist nor a climate policy analyst (the two are different disciplines, believe it or not), though per usual on this issue I recommend listening to Ron Bailey. However I'm safe enough with my admittedly humble amount of knowledge to at least confidently predict that it did not amount to a "traitorous act of war against the American people" (billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer), did not mark the transformation of the federal government "into a subsidiary of ExxonMobil" (Naomi Klein, perhaps missing this Financial Times headline), and does not amount to "an assault on communities of color across the U.S." (ACLU National). As always, I could be hobbled by my own lack of imagination here, though it's hard to imagine how declining to endorse a set of sanction-free aspirations will submerge Miami and poison my unborn grandchildren.

This seemingly historic yet largely symbolic—including on Trump's side—move leads the discussion on tonight's Kennedy, the best damn cable news show on television, hosted by the single most influential Fireball-swigging libertarian on the planet. I am on the Party Panel with Townhall Editor Katie Pavlich and Fox News Contributor Pete Hegseth, and we will also talk about the dicey policy and hot-potato politics of Obamacare 2.0, as well as issues related to comedians posing with lopped-off facsimiles of presidential heads.

It's a fine television program, it starts at 8 p.m. ET (with a repeat at midnight), and I recommend you tune in!

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  1. Well, I know moonbeam is going to direct the CA Foreign Minister to ‘collude’ with Euro-lefties on the Paris Agreement.

    1. See?
      “Defying Trump, California forms climate alliance with 2 states”
      “Moving quickly to fill a climate leadership vacuum opened by President Trump, the governors of California, New York and Washington on Thursday announced a new alliance of states dedicated to fighting global warming and urged others to join them.”…..189747.php

      “Leadership vacuum” = ‘he did something that might cut our power!’
      That guy scares the pants off those who have made a living at the gov’t trough!

      1. whenever I hear “leadership vacuum” my initial thought is that only someone from CA or NY is the right person to fill it.

        1. Hey, we got Clooney on the line! He’s a natch for the part and an A draw besides! Have we got a deal, hotshot?

  2. WA? Great, so Jay Inslee, the governor of my state is going to join in on this faggotry? Wonderful…….

    I hope he eventually gets executed for communism.

  3. empty headed Matt Walsh, always got an opinion, always dumb as hell

    1. seriously, how dare he put up sources that contradict the left’s dogma and hysteria.

      1. Enough with the hyperlinks jokes.

    2. says the fucking idiot that can’t even copy his name correctly…..troll grade F, for fucktard.

  4. BTW, the market is in absolute panic! Not quite as bad as when Krugman said it would never recover, but…

    ” +135.53 / +0.65%”

    I’m sure CNN is concocting some spin to make it look like the market is being mislead by that big meanie!

  5. Good. I didn’t like Trump much, but I like him more now.

    1. Along about early November 2016, it seemed the best we could hope for is ‘better than the hag’.
      By now, I’m seeing better stuff than any president in my memory. a LONG ways from ‘perfect’, but the others were a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG ways from perfect.

      1. The guy is still a douchebag and misguided on a lot of things but between this, attempting to cuts useless regs and not appointing another affirmative action Supreme he’s definitely a step up from the Hag.

        With all the handwaving going on you’d think they reinvented the Wave, so that’s good for a chuckle.

        1. Sorry he is way beyond a step up from the hag. He defeated two political dynasties that will hopefully fade away into the sunset. He is making elitists cry and for all his faults is actually attempting to fulfill promises. This is the closest libertarians will get to the presidency. The bitter tears of liberals from his next breath brings pleasure to my heart, the rest from here on out is just gravy.

          1. Uh-huh. Whatever.

            Sure you didn’t get lost on your way to Breitbart?

            1. go vote for Hillary again new guy who thinks he’s a hall monitor.

              1. they miss your dumbassery over at ace of spades

          2. A piece of sh*t would be better than the hag but he is not waaay better.
            Any shrinking of or eliminating of gov’t boondoggles and waste is welcome and I applaud him for many things he has done so far.
            But, all of his combined proposals are but a drop in the bucket compared to our biggest and most disastrous liabilities so for that, he will ultimately get a failing grade for increasing military spending(which is a colossal waste of money,), not touching entitlements, letting the FED continue their antics by befriending more people like Steve Menunchin, and encouraging massive stimulus which is laughable. We all know stimulus only goes to cronies. It has never even perked the economy up for minute.
            He is not small government, he just realizes a few moronic things which makes him leaps and bounds smarter than the average democrat. Even though he basically is a cronyist hybrid.

  6. The libs are freaking out so much that you would think pulling out of the Paris agreement actually means we’re actually forbidden to lower emissions.

    1. Without being part of an accord that was only signed in2016 and lets each nation set their own standards and has no enforcement mechanism, it’s impossible for any part of the US, or the nation as a whole to do anything to lower emissions.

      I’m loving all the appeals to popularity where we’re told that 194 nations signed on and we’re wrong/ I suppose if the world jumps off a cliff we have to as well.

      Probably better to just have an accord that requires the US and a few EU nations to contribute to a fund of $100bn/year and then have a group of nations that sign on to receive it. It would be more honest.

      1. “Probably better to just have an accord that requires the US and a few EU nations to contribute to a fund of $100bn/year…”

        This is the part which is being, IMO, willfully ignored. The “Accord” has less to do with any possible effect on the climate than it does with the distribution of wealth which will have an effect on the climate of ~000.1%
        Of course the irony here regards the fact that kicking 3rd-world tin-pot dictators out of office and allowing their ‘subjects’ to make a living is far less expensive, but it disturbs the ‘wa’ of the piggy class who have never done anything other than slop at the public trough.
        Right, moonbeam, you slimy piece of shit?

  7. free markets or gtfo!

  8. Trump is making me like him

  9. The ACLU is really off mission at this point.

  10. OMG! It’s like a weisswurst fest! Where is Kmele?!?!

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