Hillary Clinton Says She Takes Responsibility for Her 2016 Decisions, But Blames Russia, Far Right for Loss; Philippines President Blasts Chelsea Clinton; Florence Mayor Hosing Down Church Steps to Keep Lunching Tourists Away: P.M. Links


  • Antonio Trogu/flickr

    The former FBI director, James Comey, will testify in the Senate next week about his meetings with President Trump. Elon Musk says he'll resign from his White House advisory council posts if Trump withdraws from the Paris climate agreement.

  • The White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, says the president and a small group of people know "exactly what he meant" by last night's now-deleted "covfefe" tweet.
  • CNN has dropped Kathy Griffin from their New Year's telecast after controversy over a Trump beheading photo. The president said his 11-year-old son Barron Trump was having a hard time with it.
  • Speaking at a coding conference in California, Hillary Clinton says she takes responsibility for every decision she made in the presidential campaign but Russia was the reason she lost.
  • The Pentagon released video of a successful test of a missile defense system it said was meant to protect against potential long-range ballistic missiles from North Korea.
  • Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte lashed out at Chelsea Clinton after she criticized comments he made that he would defend abuses by his soldiers even if they "raped three women." Duterte asked if Clinton reacted the same way to allegations about her father, President Bill Clinton.
  • Authorities in South Africa warned that protestors were wrong about foreigners being behind child abductions.
  • The mayor of Florence says the city will be hosing down church steps to prevent tourists from eating lunch on them.