Brickbat: Hateful Attitude


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In England, the North Yorkshire police department says it will now treat misogyny as a hate crime. According to the police, examples of misogynistic behavior include unwanted or uninvited sexual advances, sending unwanted or uninvited texts and unwanted or uninvited verbal contact or engagement.

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  1. would this just fall under stalking and harassment? Grandstanding much?

    1. Yeah, but if it’s against women, it’s now Extra-Super-Duper Bad and deserving of harsher penalties.

      Modern progressivism–like the Victorian Era, but with more STDs and worse literature.

      1. I wonder what they will do when they realize the perp is a Muslim refugee?

        Like when they had that bs catcalling video that was later racist because most of the cat callers weren’t white

        1. That depends on whether the victim is a black lesbian. Of course a gay trans Muslim
          Beats that, bit to f the black lesbian is handicapped and part gypsy, she wins: royal flush.

      2. Excellent description of modern times, Red Rocks.

    2. “Don’t be unattractive”


    Christ almighty this is hilarious! I would swear this was an April fools joke but Christ….this is reality now -_-

    This video is comedy gold!

    1. “Help! Police!”

      “An unattractive man looked at me!”

      This week on North Yorkshire SVU.

    2. Holy Mother of the Lord that was insane.

      1. the up and downvote ratio is telling. I have never seen such a negative rating.

    3. Best comment I found:

      You know – in a WAY we ARE a hate group if you consider that we – as men – simply HATE to be mistreated and HATE the inequality in society poised against the male gender. IF this somehow equates to misogyny, then whilst I embrace it I must also ask the question, “why is feminism and misandry NOT considered a HATE behavior and therefore (by logical default) a HATE group?” Is that because women would lose their blanket legal PRIORITY and be therefore liable for HATE CRIMES against the male gender? Why are women SO in favor of all kinds of “equality” movements and so called HUMAN RIGHTS causes EXCEPT those of the male gender specific? Label me

    4. “In the criminal justice system, male gaze-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In North Yorkshire, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Misogyny Victims Unit. These are their stories.”

      1. Obligatory: “dun dun”

  3. “unwanted or uninvited sexual advances, sending unwanted or uninvited texts and unwanted or uninvited verbal contact or engagement.”

    Not only is this not hate speech, it is the opposite of hate speech, I mean the guy really really likes her.

    Anybody think the “unwanted” parameter is going to be problematic?

    Fortunately, this won’t effect brits much since English guys are raging pussies.. Might put a damper on some of the immigrants however.

    1. If only such a statute had been in effect in Rotherham!


    2. Ha, anyone who believes this law is going to be applied to the Bringers of Exponential Cultural Enrichment is kidding themselves.

      1. The women who bring those charges against non-whites will be charged with a hate crime

  4. They’re making misogyny illegal while completely ignoring misandry, which itself is an example of misandry.

    1. True, except as FL-FS points out above, they don’t have any idea what misogyny means. To wit:

      dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.

      Their examples of things prohibited are examples of men attempting to express “like”, not dislike or contempt.

      In fact, in banning uninvited verbal or text contact, they are codifying government support for a woman’s dislike of or contempt for a man or men. So as you say, their law is a prima facia example of misandry.

  5. So – – the whole equal rights for women thing is now out of date? Again?
    Looks like a selfie that accidentally catches a woman in the background is going to mean a trip to Australia.

    Sometimes I am glad I am too old to see the inevitable result of the current generations folly.

    1. Forget accidental pictures. You can’t even say “Hello.” to a woman unless she says it first.

      1. Just because a woman says hello to you doesn’t mean you can return the gesture without a specific verbal invitation. You probably rape anything in a short skirt, “cause they were askin for it”, too.

        1. Keep in mind that failing to return the “hello” is also hateful misogyny.

    2. So – – the whole equal rights for women thing is now out of date? Again?

      Let’s look at this as an opportunity–if we can convince them that voting is the construct of a racist patriarchy like they’re beginning to adopt towards free speech, we might be able to actually roll back the nanny state.

    3. You’re confused because you’re operating under the patriarchal definition of equality.

      The feminist definition of equality is that definitions are a tool of the patriarchy; equality is whatever a woman feels it to be at the moment, and if you don’t know what they feel, that’s your fault for having male privilege.

  6. The war against men continues. Good thing it’s socially acceptable…

  7. One word to the police: Rotherham.

    Tough on your own but turn a blind eye because of PC bull shit on REAL CRIME.

    Go fuck yourselves. No honor, no balls.

  8. Denying women a man’s essence is also considered misogyny.

    1. Women, er, women sense my power, and they seek the life essence. I do not avoid women, Mandrake…but I do deny them my essence.

  9. Unwanted or uninvited? So nobody can ever make the 1st move, unless it’s to put out a “wanted” personals ad to the gen’l public. You just can never ask an individual.

    1. Making advances on an individual is specifist, and probably mean to the disabled too, so yeah, general announcement and then you’re legally obligated to fuck the first respondent. You’re not a bigot, are you?

    2. “Unwanted or uninvited? ”

      Alanis Morissette wrote a song about it.

    3. “So nobody can ever make the 1st move”

      Nobody is preventing you from making the first move. Just remember that sex is a business fraught with risk for every species, and homo sapiens is no exception.

      1. You can only make a move if you’re invited, or you take the risk of it being “unwanted” and being locked up for it.

        1. Just because you’re invited doesn’t mean there’s no risk. The ‘lady’ inviting you may turn out to be a guy.

      2. So you’d be OK with women eating men after sex?

        1. If this is what evolution has in store for us, who am I to argue?

    4. Whoa whoa whoa. “Uninvited OR unwanted” means that you’re only legal if it’s both invited and wanted. As we’ve seen in the campus rape saga, just because she invites you to do something doesn’t mean she wants you to do it.

  10. Some states have made crimes against police hate crimes. How soon before police contempt for civilians becomes a hate crime? Yellow Lives Matter (or whatever the opposite of blue is).

    1. 1. Don’t use “civilian” in this way.
      2. White is the opposite of blue. White is the opposite and the enemy of all colors.

      1. “Civilian” is used in all sorts of fields to mean “outsiders”. Meter readers use it, shoe salesmen use it, everybody uses it. I do too. And since you know exactly what I meant, and everybody else does too, it serves its purpose.

        I in fact use it as much as possible when discussing cops, since it emphasizes how distorted their world view is.

        1. ” Meter readers use it, shoe salesmen use it, ”

          And just how do meter readers and shoe salesmen refer to themselves when no outsider is listening?

  11. Lesson: Never talk to a natural or synthetic XX who is not wearing a burqa.

    1. Better not talk to one wearing a burqa either! There is a man around with a sword.

    2. For some reason I read that as “not wearing a bra”.

  12. So bad teeth aren’t enough to keep guys away from Brit women?

  13. What a bunch of sexist. They should be charged with misogyny

  14. On a reread, I just noticed the interesting fact that this is a police decision. There is no mention in the linked article of an actual law being passed. This is just something the cops thought up on their own.
    Sure glad there is an ocean between us.

  15. So, it is a crime for a man to speak to a woman without permission. The imposition of Sharia continues.

  16. Is it because girls just “hate it” when a dweeby guy asks them out? So no more sending out texts or emails to your group of friends, unless they sign a form that it is “invited”. And how can a guy now ask a girl out? By definition, if she says no it is “uninvited” and “unwanted”.

  17. Sounds hideous, but at the same time I have several women in my life who I would like to be able to prosecute for talking to me.

  18. Well, remember just saying “hello” and “good morning” is considered by feminists to be sexual harassment.


    1. But ignoring them is also considered sexual harassment, so you can’t win.

  19. Soon, communication of any type is going to be outlawed because someone might misinterpret it.

  20. Great Britain; hell bent on outlawing damned near everything while actual crime and terrorism continues unabated.

    But let them catch you with a lingering gaze in the direction of an ugly woman, oh man are you gonna get it!

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