Brickbat: Hold On


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When Kansas City, Missouri, comic book store owner James Cavanaugh was knocked down by a shoplifter, friends called 911. And they say they were placed on hold for 17 minutes. Cavanaugh died. A police department spokesman says they are looking into the matter.

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  1. A full 16-key touch-tone pad. You don’t see those too often.

  2. They should have dialed 912.

    1. They should have dialed 0118 999 881 999 119 7253

  3. “A police department spokesman says they are looking into the matter” Yep, he’s dead…case closed…move along now…

  4. Police Squad already did it.

  5. “We don’t have anyone who was on hold for 17 minutes, so we are looking into that,” said [Kansas City Police Department spokeswoman Stacey] Graves.

    “We called the dispatch station, but they haven’t returned our call yet.”

    1. To be honest, perhaps they should have hung up and called back once it was evident they were “on hold” for much too long. The call probably got disconnected somehow.

      1. What, and spoil the narrative?

  6. Procedures were followed?

  7. I guess that 911 dispatch facility does not need their share of the billions that are collected from USA cell phone bill 911 charges.

    Oh that’s right, they want their taxpayer money but don’t want to do the work that it is collected for.

    1. I read on a libertarian site somewhere that 911 is a fake number. It goes to a rubber room full of suspended public school teachers who put the calls on speaker phone and laugh and laugh and laugh.

      1. Please let Sean Hannity know!

        1. I called Fox News and they put me on hold!

  8. I’ve called 911 12 times in my life.

    11 of those times, I got no answer.

    And they wonder why I’m all about protecting myself!

    1. Libertarianism is all about not calling cops when you need one, and then complaining about it when you do call one.

      1. No, it’s about NAP.

        And ignoring my statistic doesn’t make it cease to exist. I’m sorry that it makes your world-view difficult to believe. Furthermore, I’m sorry that you will refuse to change your mind. It must be a sad little life, one in which you can never mature.

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