Michael Flynn to Plead the Fifth, Supreme Court Takes Patent Trolls to the Woodshed, Bitcoin on the Rise Again: P.M. Links


  • Mike Flynn
    Douliery Olivier/Sipa USA USA/Newscom

    Sources say former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn will invoke the Fifth Amendment's protection against self-incrimination in response to a subpoena to testify over his communications with Russian officials.

  • An 8-0 Supreme Court ruling today severely limits where patent lawsuits may be filed, which will likely reduce the ability of "patent trolls" to shop around for friendly courts to try to shake down businesses and tech firms.
  • The Supreme Court also ruled, 5-3, that Republicans in North Carolina improperly used race when drawing congressional boundaries in order to diminish the power of black voters.
  • People (and babies) have died (sometimes gruesomely) in the jails overseen by Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, but by all means let's argue instead over whether he properly attributed quotes in his master's thesis and whether the journalist who pointed this out completed college.
  • The fatal stabbing of a black student on the campus of the University of Maryland in College Park on Saturday is being investigated as a possible hate crime. The suspect in the stabbing allegedly belongs to a Facebook group called "Alt-Reich: Nation."
  • Turkey is, probably unsurprisingly, trying to blame the United States and accuse officials of "aggressive and unprofessional actions" for the brawl last week where they were caught on video physically attacking pro-Kurdish protesters.
  • Ford Motor Company is replacing its chief executive officer. Stock prices for Ford have dropped 30 percent over the past three years, even though the market for auto purchases has been on the upswing.
  • Bitcoin prices are soaring, as they often do during periods of government uncertainty. There was also that ransomware thing, too.

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