Donald Trump

Should We Even Care About Trump Scandals and Russia? Michael Moynihan and Thad Russell Duke it Out on The Fifth Column

Seditionists quarrel over rumormongering, leaks, abuse of power, deportations, and NATO.


It is an established thing that beloved Reason-family commentators Michael C. Moynihan and Thaddeus Russell do not exactly agree on issues of foreign policy, and are generally not go-along-to-get-along types. And so, after some understandable crowing over Kmele Foster's crushing victory at this week's Soho Forum debate on campus racism, The Fifth Column podcast pivoted into some meta-snarling over whether we're all just adding to the stupid and diverting attention from more important issues by yakking nonstop on all things Trump, Comey, and Russia. Along the way we get into some fruitful discussion on post-Trump Trumpism, the potency of anti-media sentiment, and (of course!) NATO expansion. You can listen to the teetotaling irritability here:

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