Brickbat: Delete That Post!


Sarah.Marshall via / CC BY

An Austrian court has ruled that Facebook must delete posts about Green Party leader Eva Glawischnig that party officials complained were insulting. The court ruled that merely blocking Austrian readers from seeing them was not sufficient. The court ruled that Facebook must also delete any re-postings of the original posts.

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  1. You know who else found Facebook posts insulting ?

    1. Hillary, Trump, Erdogan, and a shitload of other worthless people.


      1. No, I think it was pretty much every human on the planet.

        Insulting is a pretty low bar, but they’ve deemed it “hate speech”.

        I note that CNBC has knuckled under, failing to report the insulting content. So now we don’t know if it was even egregious or untrue.

        1. Truth is irrelevant. Proles are not permitted to insult the woke.

          1. I think what you meant was “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

  2. It will be interesting when these local courts and their global rulings start clashing; someone’s going to be disappointed.

    1. Eventually, every country will have a censored and sanitized official Web that stops at the border, and the real Web will be an entirely underground activity.

      1. I think so. Mesh networks are progressing, and combine that with VPNs and Tor and you’ve got the workings.

        Whether Google et al will extend an uncensored presence to such dark webs remains to be seen. They would want to for the business opportunity, but they would also need to keep it at arm’s length to preserve de jure independence from the censored government webs.

  3. Aw. Poor little baby Glawischnig. Did the mean people on Facebook hurt your feelings by saying things you don’t like?

    Tough. Get over it. Ignore them and move on with your life, like an adult would in a similar scenario.

  4. fucking Austrians…that includes you Hitler, yeah I said it…thought for a minute it was the Australians, they’re almost as bad

  5. I find this article insulting. Delete it.

    1. I find Eva Glawischnig insulting. Delete her.

      Is Glawischnig derived from Gleiwitz? Could this be a false flag operation?

      1. Swinnngggg?

  6. You cannot insult the Green Party? What other purpose do thhey serve other than for mockery?

    1. I thought that was the libertarians.

      1. You gotta reach across the aisle if you want to get anything done.

      2. You gotta reach across the aisle if you want to get anything done.

      3. Dan, should you be on the internet? That uses electricity and we know how evil that is.

        Do us all a favor, just go on the sunshine and air diet. It’s for the benefit of society.

  7. Austria offends me; delete it.
    (I assume the Russians will take up this challenge)

  8. While absurd, this is the predictable conquest of the shift from e-mail/www style open architectures to facebook style closed garden architectures. When you unilaterally control the entire network, you become a target for authoritarians.

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