New: How To Impeach the President

There are two ways, basically. And one of involves a transfer of power the vice president when the president is getting a colonscopy. Seriously.


Want to get rid of the president?

There are two ways, basically.

First, find an impeachable offense. According to the Constitution an impeachable offense: treason, bribery, or "Other High Crimes and Misdemeanors." What counts for that last part? Nobody knows. Some people say it means bad things only people in high office can do—like misusing public assets, dereliction of duty, or having sex and then lying about it. Others say it's any crime or misdemeanor at all, even if it has nothing to do with a president's position or power. Did you steal a pen from work? Petty theft is a misdemeanor. You should no longer be president.

Once you get an impeachable offense, get a majority of House members to vote in favor of the motion and then go to trial in the Senate, with the chief justice of the Supreme Court presiding. After the highest-rated programming in C-SPAN history, the senators vote. If 67 senators find the president guilty, he's gone.

There is another way, however, without all that messy legal stuff. But it involves the 25th Amendment, which is used to transfer power to the vice president whenever the president is getting a colonscopy. Seriously. It's not pretty.

About 2 minutes. Produced by Austin Bragg.

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  1. Anyway:

    Radical Islamic Terrorist Times Square Driver Crashes Into Pedestrians, Killing 1 and Injuring 22

    NEW YORK ? In the latest incident in a wave of Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks drunken driving incidents, the 26-year-old driver appeared to have been either drunk or impaired by drugs and had been arrested twice for drunken driving, officials said. The preliminary evidence indicated that the episode was not terrorism-related, officials said.

    Dammit, General Cheeto could have used this! How sad for the beseiged President and his demoralized West Wing. And now he has to go to Arabia and stuff! Sad!

    1. I am sure that the watchful sleuths over at Breitbart right now are concocting stories about how the librul NYPD is covering up the real nature of this terrorist act.

      1. This is a given. Don’t have a strong enough stomach to confirm, but would bet at least $1000.

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  2. When “having sex and lying about it” means covering up that you like to use your office staff as your harem when being sued for sexual harassment (which had been the Left’s Most Important Issue Facing the Country prior), it becomes something called obstruction of justice.

    Could the writers here not buy into the Dems talking points, for once?

    1. Sense of humor, lost it is, with this one.

      1. This is what the Age of Trump has done to people.

        1. No, YOU’RE the ones going crazy!

          1. Sane and insane could easily switch places if the insane were to become the majority. You would find yourself in a padded cell, wondering what happened to the world.

    2. There were far greater offenses against Clinton than running an in-House brothel.

      1. True, but there wasn’t enough evidence to convict. Besides, President Bubba wasn’t really attacked for having an affair in the White House. He was attacked for boinking the help, and kinda dumpy help at that. The Leader Of The Free World ™ is supposed to have higher standards then that.

  3. First, find an impeachable offense.

    that would be the logical place to start. And no, unsubstantiated hearsay material from unnamed sources is not evidence. It may eventually lead to evidence, but it’s not much on its own.

  4. I have it on good authority that Trump is a secret Mohammedan, born in Kenya. Let’s enact the spirit of his Muslim ban and deny him reentry from his Arab/Jew/Catholic tour. Who’s with me?

    1. Fuck off, troll.

      1. Nah, but thanks for replying!

  5. There’s more than two ways to get rid of a president – ask JFK or Lincoln. It’s not a very democratic method, but as the Democrats become progressively less democratic I can certainly see someone progressing to this point.

    1. It’s ok to say that now. Preet’s gone.

      1. If this is a threat, the woodchipper incident was literally murder.

  6. Impeachment is just practically whatever the House says it is?

    So, when talking heads on TV say:

    Talking Head 0: “So, do you think [whatever the latest thing Trump allegedly said] is an impeachable offense?”

    Talking Head 1: “Most definitely, yes, this rises to that level!”

    They mean:

    Talking Head 0: “So, do you think House Republicans will impeach Trump over this?”

    Talking Head 1: “Most definitely, yes, this rises to that level!”

    Because, it doesn’t sound that way when they say it.

    1. You poor dear. Do you need a moment?

  7. Mike Pence for President!

    1. of Ukraine

  8. there are no ways to impeach Drumpf as long as Drumpfistas are controlling the House

  9. “And one of involves a transfer of power the vice president when the president is getting a colonscopy.”

    Look, I’m not demanding you send everything past three copy editors, but maybe you shouldn’t be writing the posts on your phone.

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