Trump Warns Comey Not to Cross Him (in Tweet), Hoax Hate Incident, the Rock for President: P.M. Links


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    President Trump told James Comey that the former FBI director "better hope there are no 'tapes' of our conversations," which is pretty much straight-up intimidation.

  • The racist incident at St. Olaf College was a hoax.
  • Education Secretry Betsy DeVos had kind words for the students who protested her commencement address.
  • Join the resistance: practice anti-Trump aerobics.
  • Is the Rock running for president?

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  1. President Trump told James Comey that the former FBI director “better hope there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations,” which is pretty much straight-up intimidation.

    If Comey can be intimidated by Trump then he should have been fired.

    1. Hello.


    2. Does not sound like intimidation to me

      Its seem to be a warning that there might be tapes of the conversations so Comey better not make up stuff when he talks to the press or Congress

      1. But why use a public forum to warn an individual? If Trump has tapes, then he should just let Comey say whatever he wants and then discredit Comey if necessary. The only reason to make such a statement on Twitter is that Trump wants everyone else to think there might be tapes indicating that Comey “cleared” Trump in private. The tweet has nothing to do with making Comey cautious at future hearings/interviews and everything to do with managing Trump’s narrative right now.

        1. Why not, its not illegal to have there tapes and there is nothing to hide about the warning.

          You are just against transparency in government

          Would you prefer that Trump kept it a secret?

    3. We’re all missing the most important question:

      Who the fuck still uses tapes?

      1. Tape is still commonly used for economical data backups.

        1. tape is not cheaper than flash at this point.

      2. My next door neighbor, apparently, if the mass of cassette tape wrapped around the bushes on the edge of our yards last week is any indication.

        fucktard also tried to put a wood desk and guitar in the recycling bin. Been there for 2 months.

    4. If Comey can be intimidated

      D’oh. Do I have to tell you that it’s the attempt at intimidation which is the issue here?
      And you want to be our first latex salesman.

      1. Seems points are being missed all over the place.

  2. Hackers use NSA tools in UK health service cyber attack

    A tool known as Eternal Blue developed by US spies was used by the hackers to supercharge an existing form of criminal malware, three senior cyber security analysts said, leading to one of the fastest-spreading and potentially damaging cyber attacks seen to date.

  3. Is the Rock running for president?

    The theme to Ballers would be our new national anthem. It’s time we played a jock jam at our sporting events, if you ask me.

    1. Put Ventura on that VP slot = winning ticket 2020.

    2. The theme to Ballers would be our new national anthem.

      Too late, “I hit the strip club and all them bitches find a pole” will be Trump’s next campaign slogan.

  4. President Trump told James Comey that the former FBI director “better hope there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations,” which is pretty much straight-up intimidation.

    Shall we hold a group cry for the victimized bureaucracy?

  5. France’s First Lady, a Confidante and Coach, May Break the Mold

    She met her future husband, Emmanuel, when he was 15 and she was his 39-year-old drama teacher, married with three children. She and his parents at first tried to discourage him from pursuing her, and she has said they did not have a “carnal” relationship when he was in high school, but he eventually won her over.

    1. I guess Macron has a MILF fetish. NTTAWWT

      1. I’m starting to like this guy.

  6. Education Secretry Betsy DeVos had kind words for the students who protested her commencement address.

    “They didn’t mace me.”

    1. “Don’t think I didn’t see that complete lack of spellcheck, Mr. Soave. See me after class.”

      1. He was doing a British accent.

  7. More and more investors are turning bearish on Snap stock

    The number of people shorting Snap Inc. stock — betting it will fall — rose sharply this week after the messaging app shocked investors with a massive $2.2 billion quarterly loss.

    Short interest in Snap stock SNAP, +0.31% rose 2.2% in the week and now accounts for 16.6% of the free float, according to S3 Partners LLC, which has access to and tracks real-time short interest data.

    “We expect that trend to continue following the earnings miss reported on Wednesday,” said Ihor Dusaniwsky, head of research at S3. “There is very little covering of short positions, which indicates that traders are expecting Snap to lose even more ground.”

    1. Someone’s gotta play the loser in Netscape, the Sequel.

    2. I always find it helpful to look at a company and break down what it does when valuing it for a stock buy.

      Snapchat: Lets users send pictures over the internet.
      Twitter: Lets users send short text messages to groups of people over the internet.
      Reddit: Let’s users post threaded messages in topic forums on the internet.

      and so on.

      1. Google: let’s users find stuff on the internet
        Facebook: let’s users talk to each other and share things over the internet

    3. I’m sure most of the losses came from those stupid glasses whose massive failure everyone could see coming.

  8. Man ‘high on PCP stops his minivan in the middle of the Lincoln Tunnel to masturbate’

    A man high on PCP was too busy masturbating inside his parked minivan to realize he was holding up traffic inside the Lincoln Tunnel.

    1. Now we know where Florida Man goes on vacation.

  9. Cary Grant: how 100 acid trips in Tinseltown ‘changed my life’

    In the late 1950s, at the height of his fame, Cary Grant set off on a trip in search of his true self, unpicking the myth he had spent three decades perfecting. He tried hypnosis and yoga and felt that they both came up short. So he began dropping acid and claimed to have found inner peace. “During my LSD sessions, I would learn a great deal,” he would later remark. “And the result was a rebirth. I finally got where I wanted to go.”

    Fun fact: North By Northwest was based on a Cary Grant trip.

    1. I do a lot of drugs: booze, weed, pills, coke, but I’ve never done a psychedelic and I really believe that ‘finding oneself through expansion of consciousness’ is a thing — many individuals have claimed similar revelations to Cary Grant.

      I honestly want to try the same, as the current direction of life isn’t leading anywhere pleasant, yet I am totally lost as to where to pivot my motion in this fucked and depressing world.

      1. At the very least eat a few shrooms.

        1. Peyote is a hell of a drug too… or so I hear.

      2. I’ve done plenty of acid and it’s one drug I could see making a habit. In low doses. But I’m under no illusion that it somehow “expands your consciousness” or anything, it’s just fucking with the way your brain works. If your brain doesn’t work quite right (like mine), twiddling with the amplitude and the frequency knobs can make the brainwaves a little more or less fuzzy as you desire. I suspect sticking your tongue in a light socket can be an enlightening experience if you choose to look at it that way, but it’s just messing with the wiring in your head. As complicated as the schematics are, I’m not surprised that a hell of a lot of people could benefit from twiddling with the brain wiring, I’d be surprised to know most people’s brains work just exactly like they’re supposed to.

        1. The way I see it, psychedelics don’t so much “expand” your consciousness as compromise it seriously enough that you lose a lot of illusions just because you’re no longer able to maintain them, and thus you realize you can exist without them.

          It’s also a great lesson in how good your brain can be at convincing you of the truth of things that actually don’t make any sense (i.e. those “big ideas” you have when you’re coming down).

          Unfortunately, a lot of people hang onto the “revelations” that they think they have had rather than embracing the realization that they’ve made up most of the things they think they know (including the things they thought they knew before taking psychedelics), and they start to get culty and weird.

    2. I’ve also heard that The Twilight Zone was the result of the late-50s Hollywood LSD craze.

  10. The racist incident at St. Olaf College was a hoax.

    I forgot where the tally left off…?

    False Flag: 169, True Hate Crime: 0 (?)

    1. You forgot ‘undetermined’ — which, for some reason, are all presumed to be genuine (despite the rash of hoaxes).

  11. Education Secretry Betsy DeVos had kind words for the students who protested her commencement address.

    “Kind words” are a thing of the past; words do not in and of themselves derive any meaning nor exude any value — only who speaks the words determines the content of their value.

  12. Join the resistance: practice anti-Trump aerobics.

    I prefer drinking myself to death, a bit more on the nose yes, but the results are worth it.

  13. Is the Rock running for president?

    It’s about time we had a president who looks great with his shirt off, however I am worried about the mandatory, tight, Under Armour t-shirts.

  14. The threat ? an anonymous, typewritten note ? was “fabricated,” he said, as an apparent “strategy to draw attention to concerns about the campus climate.”


    1. But it’s not the campus climate: it’s the imagined campus climate. As another commenter said, if racial tension is the bad on campus, why did they have to make things up?

      The answer is that things aren’t, but in an age where victimhood is the highest aspiration, students have to express constant oppression to be in the cool crowd.

      So now paragraphs are written about how the university must address an incident that never happened and a problem that doesn’t exist. They admit it was a hoax, yet continue to act as if it must be taken seriously.

  15. Is the Rock running for president?

    I’d vote for the Rock. No worse than the slug alternatives.

    1. If this is the most embarrassing thing he has ever done, he could win.

        1. Neither of those are what I thought they would be, but it’s a spoiler for the Get Smart reboot from a few years back with Anne Hathaway and that guy from The Office. If you’ve seen it, you know what I mean.

  16. Because the obvious thing you do if people are accusing you of being “Nixonian” when you fired the FBI Director is to bring up secret recordings. That’ll show ’em!

    1. Who says they’re secret?

    2. “We’ve got Trump this time, says worried man for the 18th time.”

      I think we’ve seen this Onion article before.

  17. pretty much straight-up

    yes, because when powerful people *really* want to intimidate their subordinates, they do it on twitter, and not via the hundreds of far more credible channels available to them. Because twitter is the super-serious medium that should always be taken at face value.

    1. THIS!

      I mean seriously. Comey is saying things that Trump says aren’t true. And then Trump tweets he hopes there aren’t tapes which would prove what Comey really said.

      How the fuck is this intimidation? Or better, blackmail? It is at worst an attempt at humor, and at best simply saying “we will see what happens when the truth comes out.”

      I hate what Sessions is doing, and Trump can seem to be bungling at times. But this is so fucking stupid to spend any time on.

      1. this is so fucking stupid to spend any time on.

        Its like you’re lighting the Robby-signal

        1. Holy Trumpkins Batman!

          It’s time for the Bat Hair old chum!

      2. this is so fucking stupid to spend any time on.

        I would suggest keeping this phrase handy for the next 4 years, at least.

    2. I think the other funny thing about Trump and social media is that the MSM (and this rag) either say he is playing 7-dimensional chess or he is a buffoon with no clue.
      I think the truth is, he is “The Donald”, whether he is POTUS, buying real estate, or telling people “you’re fired” on TV. He has a generally solid grasp on using social media and marketing. Sometimes he overdoes it, or just plain says something stupid. But for the most part, the left (with the help from the MSM) has tried to get anything and everything to stick on him. But overall, he seems to be doing just fine.

      1. Sometimes he overdoes it, or just plain says something stupid.

        Compared to what? If you’re here reading and posting on this site you’re more politically involved than most people, you know more about what’s going on in the world than most people. If you’ve ever watched wrassling, you know most of it is soap-opera bullshit, there’s very little ring action in a WWE broadcast, it’s all this big complicated storyline about the good guy and the heel and who’s cheating who and all this crap that they gotta stand there and yell at each other for 45 minutes before they do this 12 minutes of fake fighting. Do you know how many people watch wrassling? It’s quite popular. Sure, everybody knows it’s fake, but it’s entertaining and they follow it closely enough to know who’s who and what’s what. It’s playing to the lowest common denominator, a fantastically over-broad, cheesy, hammy, beyond-parody pastiche of acting. And people eat that shit up with a spoon. Think of Donald Trump as Ric Flair. Anybody ever accuse Ric Flair of being too over-the-top?

        1. Think of Donald Trump as Ric Flair.


          1. What the what… I think the emote was too much for Reason to handle…. let me summarize…

            Think of Donald Trump as Ric Flair.

            Just no. If Trump parallels anything it is the McMahon’s.

            1. (koff, koff) I could have said Pampero Firpo or Haystack Calhoun , I suppose. I’m not going to argue with you a bit, I’ll cheerfully admit you know more about wrassling than I do. NTTAWWT.

      2. ‘Buffoon with no clue’ is probably the best default explanation.

        As a rule, commentators attribute way too much strategy to the things presidents do.

    3. Slurp that thug.

  18. Is the Rock running for president?

    He’ll start every address and press conference with “Can you smell what the POTUS is cooking?!”

    Actually, it’s only natural that he run for and be elected President. It’ll just move us one more step closer to Idiocracy.

    1. Trump’s a WWE wrassler disguised as a businessman, Johnson’s a businessman disguised as a WWE wrassler. If Trump can pull off the big con, why not a for-real showman?

  19. His close associates are under federal investigation and Trump admits to attempting to influence that investigation. Trump may not be the target of that investigation at this moment, but there is no question he is the beneficiary of the fraud that is the subject of that investigation. If this were any other case and the guy who benefited from the crime under investigation was trying to shut down the investigation his friends and associate then I guarantee you the investigators would cry holy hell and there would be an indictment for interference. It is surreal to consider that Trump broke the law just like that and revealed it all on TV and in Tweets, but that is precisely what just happened.

    1. Bro, I love your handle.

      1. I think you will save the world one day my friend. Keep on your path.

        1. Aw shucks, that praise is too high. To quote another, “I think one quick moment that was noble or brave would be worth the most of my life.”

    2. “to shut down an investigation of his friends and associates”

      1. I am in awe of how easily you have proven the “Many Worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics.

        Because whatever universe you live in, I am sure there is a Spock sporting a rocking goatee.

    3. You poor thing–need a binky?

  20. President Trump told James Comey that the former FBI director “better hope there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations,” which is pretty much straight-up intimidation.

    Bullshit. It’s pre-emptively accusing Comey of lying, laying the groundwork in anticipation of having to rebut whatever it is Trump’s afraid Comey might reveal. If anything, *Trump* is the one worried there might be tapes of the meeting, although if there were and they came out to substantiate whatever it is Trump’s afraid Comey might reveal was said Trump would just claim they were doctored and all the little Trumpalos would swallow it. It’s like you people don’t even understand psychopaths and pathological liars and gas-lighting.

    1. Dude, I was getting you confused with Jerry on the sea and it was really fucking with my mind. Phew, you do exist.

    2. I’ve come to the conclusion that while Trump is really *not* smarter than people give him credit for, the media is actually far dumber than people give them credit for.

      1. “The problem with all these conspiracy theories is that they assume the perpetrators are endlessly clever. But I think you’ll find the facts also work if everyone else is endlessly stupid.”

        (I forgot the source, sorry.)

    3. I think his point is going over all your heads. He’s not defending himself or intimidating comey. He’s pissed about all the leaks from the FBI early in his presidency and the, to this point, fruitless surveillance of his transition team that he was sucked into. He’s basically saying “if shit comes out about our meeting, i know its on you comey because we were the only two there, unless you want to also admit to illegally surveilling me”

      People are trying to shape his words to fit this intimidation narrative when it clearly seems to be referencing the leaking and surveilling the FBI did early in his tenure. And while the leaks do provide us good information at times, you also can’t have a very effective government if the different departments are constantly trying to back stab and cannibalize each other.

      It’s a double edged sword to be sure, but given the lack of evidence of any collusion or Russian interference in the election from our own investigations and wikileaks’s constant assertion none of their info was Russian sourced or influenced, I think trump deserves the benefit of doubt here. This is basically one last jab at Comey for not having his house in order, not part of a grand conspiracy

  21. Clooney v. The Rock.

    And Pop says America is Rome now.


  22. Saint Olaf College wants to stop this kind of stuff from ever EVER happening again. How much do you want to bet that they’ll just ban writing notes? Can’t right racist notes if you’re not allowed to write notes? Gun bans work for guns, bans on writing notes should work for writing notes. Amirite?

    1. You’re treating the symptom when you must attack the disease! Don’t teach kids to read and write; then they’ll never be able to hate crime with words, and even if they could they’d never be able to comprehend the hate crime words written!

  23. Thug’s gonna thug. Even a handful of libertarians stood up and appeared to take notice.

    1. Not on this site.

      1. You can tell how much libertarians are Trump supporters by the fact that their fainting couches haven’t been reduced to splinters yet.

  24. Who was the commenter that built stereo amplifiers, was that Lord Humongus? I have questions if anybody knows who that was.

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  26. I think The Rock’s father is Canadian so he’s not a natural born Citizen.

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