Colgate University's 'Active Shooter' Situation Was Actually Just a Black Kid with a Glue Gun

Racism, or anti-gun paranoia?


Olgate University
Public Domain

Colgate University officials are in trouble after wrongfully placing the campus under lockdown in response to a student wielding a very serious weapon: a glue gun.

It was a sticky situation.

The student, a person of color, was carrying a glue gun because he had to finish a project for an art class, but someone felt threatened by it and reported him to campus security. Soon after, administrators placed the campus on lockdown—for four hours—and sent a text alert to students warning them that an "active shooter" situation was in progress, according to Heat Street.

That was obviously a mistake. Now security directory Bill Ferguson is on leave while the school investigates whether the mistake was a result of racial bias. Some students think the connection is obvious:

"We spent all night on lockdown fearing for our lives because a young black man was doing an art project," another student wrote on Twitter. "This is racism—this is Colgate."

And Tolu Emokpae, another black student at Colgate, told the New York Daily News that the incident "shows me that I really cannot simply live."

Angel Trazo, a senior at Colgate who does not want to be "complicit regarding the events of last night and today," writes that the incident was "an example of the criminalization of black bodies."

"This is an example of the racist and prejudiced biases that exist at our institution," she wrote.

Is it? Colgate really screwed up here, and it's proper to investigate how this could have happened. Racism is certainly a possible explanation.

But let's not forget that schools are notoriously paranoid about guns. Elementary schools use absurd "zero tolerance" discipline rules to punish anyone caught with a weapon, or a lookalike weapon, or indeed anyone who brings a weapon onto school property, or anything that vaguely resembles a weapon, even accidentally. And colleges and universities are no better: administrators support "gun free zones," even though it seems unlikely that a deranged madman intent on shooting up campus would be thwarted by an unenforced and unmonitored no guns policy.

So it's possible there was more than one kind of irrational, discriminatory fear in play here.

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  1. Not racist; “gun-ist”. Which is worse, according to the constitution.
    Maybe it was a black glue gun?

    1. In all fairness, there was no orange thing on the tip of the glue gun.

  2. I find the racism angle strangely plausible this time.

    We all tend to stereotype racists as ignorant morons.

    Well, not recognizing a glue gun for what it is also marks you as an ignorant moron.

    1. Either way Colgate shall now be know as a place chock full of people who cannot be trusted with metal utensils.

      1. But they want you to trust them to clean your teeth.

  3. It was a sticky situation.

    Whoa! Whoa! Robby, we’ll handle the jokes, okay?

  4. It’s funny when Robbie tries to pretend he’s not woke.

  5. Racism, or anti-gun paranoia?

    Actually Trump explains all things; a Unified Field Theory for progs.

    1. There was a meme going around a while ago showing a radical feminist scribbling Venn bubbles on a marker board, purporting to show how all the “alt-right” groups are connected. Even/especially the ones that aren’t remotely alt-right, don’t like each other, and have no idea what the fuck she’s talking about. Because somehow GamerGate / Pickup Artists / Men’s Right Activists / MGTOW / Breitbart / Reddit / 4chan / Libertarians etc. are all part of the same Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Along with everybody who thinks SJW are full of shit, which is pretty much everybody but SJW.

      It was fascinating, in the sense that the scribbles of paranoid schizophrenics in some shared delusional system are.

      1. That’s fairly typical cult behavior. Cast all outsiders as conspiring together to undermine your goal of achieving utopia. It worked for Lenin.

  6. But let’s not forget that schools are notoriously paranoid about guns.

    Which is why when I am on a college campus I always wear a long-sleeved shirt.

  7. The obvious decision here is to ban weapons of mass adhesion.

    Punk’s lucky he wasn’t prosecuted. This kind of thing could stick with you for life.

    1. Yes. It gets pasted to your permanent record.

      1. They use computerized permanent records now, but the interface sucks. It’s a big GUI mess.

        I don’t know how they’d write it up, anyway. It’s like they haven’t a glue what really happened.

    2. Luckily the cops didn’t show up, see a gun, and fear for their life. They’d have to glue him back together.

      1. Not even all the king’s horses, nor all the king’s men, could put that poor guy together again.

  8. “This is an example of the racist and prejudiced biases that exist at our institution,” she wrote.

    Oh sweet Jesus, you need to click on that link, that’s some high comedy. It reminds me of what the National Lampoon used to be.

    Active shooter, by definition, is a person with intent to kill. The administration did not address how someone calling in a “dangerous person” escalated to the entire student body and our families receiving news that an active shooter was on campus. How was leap made? Where did this intent come from, if not the color of this student’s skin? As the emails said, no shots were fired. Was this student’s blackness enough to merit an “intent to kill”?

    Was this student’s blackness enough to merit an “intent to kill”? Honey, you already made up your mind before you asked the question . You’re leaping to the conclusion that these people have leapt to conclusions and you’re condemning them for it because you’re leaping to the conclusion that you know why they leapt to conclusions. Do you see what I’m driving at here? It’s called ‘projection’ and ‘irony’. These are people that shit their pants when a kid chews a pop-tart into an L shape and you assume pants-shitting over a gun shaped like a gun is racist and it’s some sort of indication of a much broader racist culture? You’re retarded.

    1. Where did this intent come from, if not the color of this student’s skin?

      I like how social justice, a religion, nonchalantly adopts religious logic.

      How could eyeballs have evolved, if not designed by God?

  9. Was it an assault glue gun? With the thing that goes up?

    1. Maybe he was cosplaying the guy from the new Prey game? Was it an item-crafted, upgraded space glue gun?

  10. How could this possibly involve racism on the part of the school itself if some idiot student called security and said ‘there’s a guy with a gun on campus’? I mean, are they supposed to ask ‘what color was this person?’ and if the answer is ‘black’ they simply don’t respond to a caller telling them there’s a gun wielding maniac on campus?


  11. “It was a sticky situation.”

    That’s my fetish!

    (Google it at your own peril. No, seriously DeviantArt, I love you, but what in the pure sweet hell.)

  12. So apparently it would have been okay to lock down the campus for four hours if it was a white guy with an art project. Is that the lesson we should learn from this?

    No one at all cares that the campus was on lock down for hours over a stupid art project.. No one. The only thing that upset anyone was the color of the guy with the art project. This is reverse racism. This is Affluent Liberal White Person’s Burden in all of its glory.

  13. Oh my god. Shut. Up.

  14. Public Service Announcement:

    If you do ever find yourself using a hot glue gun, be careful and follow the directions. I used to know somebody who burned his hand badly once by dripping a little hot glue on it while working on a costume. Fortunately no permanent damage, but it sounds like it was incredibly painful and really sucked. Safety begins with you or whatever.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled comments.

  15. Racism, or anti-gun paranoia?

    Embrace the power of and.

    1. Considering the history of gun laws, which often have disarming ethnic minorities and the poor as an explicit policy goal, you make an excellent point.

  16. This is what we can expect with so many people walking around with guns and actual shootings taking place all over. If I see anyone openly carry, I’m calling 911 to at least check the person out, I don’t care what color they are.

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