President Trump Has Fired FBI Director James Comey

Attorney General Jeff Sessions backed the decision.


President Donald Trump has "dismissed" FBI Director James Comey, according to multiple media outlets and a statement from White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer:

A copy of Trump's letter to Comey was obtained by BuzzFeed's Chris Geidner. That letter, which is below, thanks Comey for "informing" the president on "three separate occasions" that he was not under investigation, but it doesn't say why Comey was canned, other than that Trump agrees with Attorney General Jeff Session's opinion that Comey is "not able to effectively lead the Bureau":

MSNBC's Kyle Griffin, however, has posted pictures to Twitter of letterz from Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to Trump, recommending that Comey be dismissed for his handling, over the summer, of Hillary Clinton's email investigation:

The directorship of the FBI is a 10-year appointment, and has been since Congress imposed term limits in 1976. Comey was confirmed in September 2013, and previously served as deputy attorney general under President George W. Bush. The last director of the FBI to be dismissed before their term concluded was William S. Sessions. He was appointed by President Ronald Reagan in November 1987 and fired by President Bill Clinton in July 1993, six months after his inauguration.

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  1. Twitter is sperging out. Comey, who the Democrats wanted lynched for his “interference” in the election (damn him for bringing up The Queen’s crimes), is now a casualty of a dangerous president trying to cover up his totally real RUSSIAN TIES.

    I know I shouldn’t be surprised at this late date that progressives have no principles, because I know that. They’ve proven it. But the gall of their behavior still gets to me every once in a while.

      1. Oh yeah. I must be a Trump apologist not to notice how ridiculous the left is behaving, huh?

        Where am I posting again?

        1. Which is how? Being shocked that the president fired the guy investigating him for treason?

          Imagine Trump had a (D) after his name then think all this through again.

          1. Oh look, I finally got a response from Reason’s most infamous troll.

            Hey Tony. How you handling the big ol’ L you took last November? I guess you haven’t hung yourself yet. That’s good. Chin up!

            1. I’m not going to be nearly the first to suffer. Glad your team got a win. How embarrassing that your team is led by a senile fat moron.

              1. a senile fat moron

                Oh Tony you syphilitic Pelosi clit-licker! Trump isn’t “a senile fat moron.” He’s a senile fat orange moron with hair plugs, a hooker-wife and a grasp on reality envied by the ghost of George III.

          2. You dipshit moron. RTFA. Trump’s letter specifically thanks Comey for informing him that he was not under investigation.

            1. Oh phew well obviously that means nothing’s going on here.

          3. ‘Investigating him for treason’
            Life must be fun when your mind lets you just make stuff up instead of perceiving reality.

          4. You should probably wait to see how it pans out before you rub your outrage boner. If he appoints McCabe (the lead on the Hillary investigation whose wife is a Democratic politician) to permanently fill the role as was floated on tonight’s evening news, then it would seem that this move hardly buys him much of anything.

            Comey played politics with the business of the Bureau a bit too frequently and it bit him in the end. Hoist by his own petard as the saying goes.

            1. Nobody is buying the rationale. not even breitbart morons. Only reasonoids.

              What has gone wrong with you people?

              1. What do you mean “you people”? Stop being an bigot!

              2. Well, you were saying Comey was playing politics with his job before the election. So maybe it is as retarded a concept as you say.

    1. Just fuck off. Normal human adults can think of Comey as a complicated figure. Just because you can only handle black and white and heroes and villains in your little brain doesn’t mean the rest of us are so handicapped.

      1. Normal human adults can, but Trump Derangement Syndrome progressives can’t.

        1. Are you like not paying attention to what he’s doing or what?

          1. I’m just not mentally ill like you are, Tony.

      2. Normal human adults can think of Comey as a complicated figure

        Normal human adults think of Comey as someone who has been screwing up for more than a year and who needed to get fired. Nothing complicated about it.

        1. Yeah something none of you thought before Trump did it.

          1. something the left brought up repeatedly. How did the good become bad all of a sudden?

            1. Do you even have an intuitive knowledge of what “gray areas” means?

              1. Can’t have “gray” without black and white, cockroach.

    2. You do realize Obama actually stood up for Comey even after the Hillary statement? And you are equating that with what Trump just did? Or at least the reaction to those actions? And Comey actually misstated the number of emails by a big margin in the Hillary case.

      1. I’m talking about Obama’s followers, not Obama. What he’s done or hasn’t done has never mattered to them. They love him and the Democrats, and they hate the mean old Republicans and Drumpf, and that is all that informs every political stance they take. That’s how most progressives function.

        Don’t make the mistake of thinking progressives must be as reasonable and as interested in arguments as you are. That’s projection.

        1. So name some good stuff about Trump.

          1. He fired Comey.

      2. Not a smidge of improper conduct by Lois Lerner and the IRS. Did Hillary use an illicit server and mishandle classified documents? Yes. So the number of times she committed a felony is relevant because…?

  2. While I don’t disagree with the decision, it’s clearly not because he mishandled anything related to the Hillary investigation. It’s because they want their own person controlling any investigation, or access to information, into Trump associates.That’s why you insert the part about Comey reassuring Trump that he personally isn’t a target, and wrap it all up in reasserting the integrity of the FBI.

    1. Comey isn’t even responding to request by the congressional committee investigating the Russia/Trump story

    2. That’s why you insert the part about Comey reassuring Trump that he personally isn’t a target

      You noticed that too, huh? Comey provided no such assurances, and Lyin’ Don Trump is at it again.

      1. I was almost fooled! That Trump, such a genius at misdirection. Not going to get an avalanche of attention on Russia out of this at all.

        1. Yeah I bet his KGB handlers are breathing a sigh of relief; people are so distracted the aliens might even be able to attend Bilderberg this year without anyone being the wiser.

    3. So basically what the Obama DOJ did with the Hillary email investigation?



      1. You do realize the stated reason for him getting fired is that he supposedly lied in a way that made Clinton and her team look bad (or worse, more accurately), right? Not exactly indicative of Trump planning to “lock her up.”

        1. I think he’s being facetious.

        2. YOu seriously think that’s why he was fired no matter what the public stated reason is? Trumps were just looking for a convenient time to fire this guy. Look how thye are throwing Flynn under the bus now.

          1. I didn’t say that. But I also think it isn’t exactly an indication that trump is going to “lock her up” as SIV thinks.

            1. Sheriff Clarke says if he’s named FBI Director he’ll arrest Hitlery.

            2. You used “SIV” and “think” in the same sentence. Do you see where you went wrong?

  4. LOL, so the Left would support Comey getting fired because of Hillary, however Trump did it so BAD.

    1. Nobody believes that’s why he fired him.

      You idiots don’t have to always defend Donald fucking Trump you know.

      1. Why does it matter?

  5. You are the weakest link. Oh wait, wrong show.

  6. Trump doesn’t like tall people.

    1. Not allowed to have bigger hands than the prez.

      1. Reason commenters with the dank maymays!

    2. #notallmen

  7. On CNN Michael Hayden voiced his displeasure, piling on the pants-shitting that Jeffery Toobin just did previously, and that Mike Rogers tried to temper down, and now Richard Blumenthal is speaking about it, so: two dirtbags who should probably be in prison, one deadbeat dad, and one military imposter are giving their opinions on this issue.


    1. And the one who got the Purple Star the easy way after bone spurs prevented his deployment is the asshole who fired him

      1. Heart. It’s Purple Heart, numbnuts.

    2. Was Weiner not available?

  8. What? That’s it?

    No trashing of Clinton, followed by how Comey was not doing his job, which made his firing justified? Followed by “The Constitution does not care for the FBI, so they should never replace him”

    C’mon Republicans posing as libertarians, Drumpf won’t be happy.

    1. Ask for an immunity deal like Flynn.

    2. Drink some whiskey

  9. Our incredibly fair criminal justice system has been forever tainted!

    1. Oh the humanity of it all!

  10. Finally.

  11. The move reeks of corruption and cover-up. I frankly was no great fan of Comey but the devil I know is the one I prefer. It’s laughable to suggest that firing Comey is some type return to honor for the FBI. Trump is the enemy of all of us.

    1. Riiiight. He’s going to institute a Gulag system, put all of us “libertarians” in them.


      1. I didn’t say that you fucking scumbag.

      2. The stoopit is strong with this one

        1. What’s so stupid about hating a corrupt politician for stealing my money and lying to my face?

          1. you act like that’s something new.

            1. Because she lost the election. Let it go, man.

  12. We better get an Independent Prosecutor out of the rotten deal. I’ve already called my Senators. This shit lit a fire in a belly.

    1. Now you’ve done it. The reasonoids shall now demonstrate their nonpartisan independent thinking all over you.

      1. Never mind your own hypocrisy, white nighting for a guy just a few weeks ago you thought was a lackey for Putin who you blamed for throwing the election.

        I gather that Trump tried to fire Hitler you’d give us a nice bit about what a complicated, mixed bag kinda figure he was.

        1. Comey is uniquely infamous for alternating between being a hero of the right and one of the left.

          Did he deserve to be fired for reasons of incompetence? Quite possibly. Was he? Obviously not.

          1. You’re capable of diving other peoples’ intentions?

            “Yeah he probably deserved to get canned, just not by Trump because RUSSIA!”

            1. Well… look at the result. Nobody’s buying the bullshit. Everyone sees it as cover. Trump basically said so in plain English in the firing letter.

              1. You must be running low on tinfoil these days.

          2. If you think Comey is a hero to anyone, you need to get your meds adjusted.


  13. Why did it take so long?

    Comey was forced to go public with the last minute shit about Hillary because he was facing a revolt from inside the bureau. After giving Hillary a get out of jail free card, if he hadn’t gone public, the FBI under him would have gone public.

    He lost the confidence of his underlings a long time ago.

    If Trump now went after the Clinton Foundation, now, I’d love it, but Trump seems to be too grown up for that. For those of you who haven’t caught on yet, no one’s a bad president for writing outrageous tweets.

    Incidentally, being a good president isn’t about saying all the right things at photo ops like Barack Obama either. Trump keeps backing away from the outlandish stuff he said during the campaign and doing all sorts of things that make sense.

    Barack Obama was an incompetent president–based on his job performance.

    Trump keeps making good judgement calls.

    I don’t need to agree with somebody in order to recognize them as competent. You don’t need to be a libertarian in order to be competent. There are excellent libertarian ideologues with whom I agree on all sorts of things–who couldn’t run a hot dog stand and know it.

    There are competent managers who aren’t libertarians, too.

    I guess I’d rank them this way:

    1 Competent and Libertarian
    2 Competent and not Libertarian
    3 Libertarian and incompetent.
    4 Not libertarian and incompetent.

    Does that make Trump head and shoulders above Obama so far?

    The correct answer is “yes”.

    1. You’re a delusional fucking idiot.

      1. Tony, stop typing in front of the mirror.

    2. Well, when you put the bar that low…

    3. “but Trump seems to be too grown up for that”

      That’s something no one’s ever said before….

    4. Why did it take so long?

      That’s a very good question, Ken. As you say, Comey gave Hillary a get-out-of-jail-free card. So why was Trump keeping him on? Maybe because Trump didn’t hold it against Comey that he was helping Hillary, Hillary being a good friend of Trump’s?

      1. My best guess is firing Comey immediately would have made Trump look bad during all the Russian accusations. Now that he’s fired a few dozens missiles at one of Assad’s Russian-supported facilities, he probably thinks that the Russian narrative is dead. Which is being… optimistic.

        1. Keep plucking that chicken.

          Trump waited because he didn’t mind having a DFBI who was rather sympathetic to Executive branch malfeasants. Once Comey displayed that he was also terribly erratic and prone to sandbagging himself before Congress Trump decided he wasn’t worth saving.

          Transactional management.

    5. You are a delusional motherfucker to say Trump keeps making good judgment calls. Jesus fucking christ.

    6. Rosenstein has only been there a couple weeks.

  14. I would’ve had more respect for this decision if Trump had tweeted at 3AM that “Nobody puts Trump in a corner!” and then a few minutes later tweeted that it was “FAKE NEWS” that he had ever fired Comey in the first place.

  15. Libertarians for tinpot dictator moves! The more incompetent the better!

    1. What are you so pissed off about, rentboy? You leftards wanted Comey’s head on a platter when he had the temerity to investigate Hillary’s countless felonies.


      1. I’m pissed that you guys are even bigger loser partisan hacks than I thought.

        Who exactly is giving you brownie points for supporting Trump? You can’t be a big enough idiot to think that this whole Trump thing is going to end up well, even if you were delusional enough to support Bush II.

        1. who is supporting Trump? We’re noticing that the left wanted Comey gone months ago, but it’s only horrible when Trump does it. Try Google; it’s not like Team Obama didn’t think of it.

          1. You are supporting Trump. You practically sucking his shriveled cock. Jesus Fuck you’re a pathetic moron.

            Is this how you treat all people? They are either all evil or all good, and you can’t even fathom having an opinion that has nothing to do with that measure? Is your brain that damaged?

            1. Burn that strawman!

            2. You are supporting Trump.

              Wishing doesn’t make it so, rent boy.

              Is your brain that damaged?

              Project much?


        2. Who exactly is giving you brownie points for supporting Trump?

          What’s your next guess, dipshit? Why do you Ruling Party idiots always assume that anyone opposing your crook must be a supporter of the other crook?


    2. Agree with it or not, how is this a tinpot dictator move? It’s not like he tried to pack the Supreme Court or something, like someone else we know. Hell, Clinton as like as not would’ve done the same thing with Coney. Her husband did in 93, or didn’t you read the article?

      1. Clinton didn’t fire anyone who was investigating him.

        1. 1) Clinton fired William Sessions as FBI Director
          2) As Donnie’s letter says, Comey was not investigating Trump

          1. Only his campaign.

            1. Funny, I remember you, some months ago, splitting hairs about how Hillary was not being personally investigated, but just the situation around her.

  16. So is this more of Trump’s 8th-level Wizard shit? Last week, Hillary’s blaming Comey for her loss and Trump’s tweeting that Comey was covering her ass in the e-mail investigation but not responding to the obvious question of why, if Comey was covering Hillary’s ass, he wasn’t fired about 5 seconds after Trump took office. Now, hours after Spicer says Comey has Trump’s full confidence, Trump makes his own press secretary look like a jackass by firing Comey. Does anybody think this is part of some master plan rather than Trump just doing random shit because he has an attention span of about 8 seconds and he can’t remember what he said 5 minutes ago because it was all just random noises falling out of his face?

    1. I’ve followed Scott Adams’s blog long enough during and since the election that I’m convinced Trump has a methodology behind his behavior. He’s not as stupid as he sounds when he talks. Not even close.

      That doesn’t mean I claim to understand what he’s doing…

      1. Is eating fastfood on the way to an early death part of that masterplan?

        1. An early death from bad eating is about the only hope the screeching, identity politics-worshipping crowd that’s become the Democrat party has of getting Trump out of office within the next 4 to 8 years. Keep reaching for that rainbow!

        2. He’s pretty close to his life expectancy, isn’t he?

    2. “Does anybody think this is part of some master plan rather than Trump just doing random shit”

      Do I think Trump is stupid? No, and it’s a mistake to assume otherwise.

      Do I think he’s good at getting attention? Absolutely, but that’s rather easy anymore.

      Do I think not being stupid and being good at getting attention equals a master plan? Don’t be fucking ridiculous.

      1. I think he’s stupid. Which isn’t too remarkable I guess, most presidents aren’t that bright.

    3. Trump makes his own press secretary look like a jackass

      Spicer needs no help in that department.

      1. It’s Spicer’s job to make Trump look good.

        Not to to say that I think he’s chosen the best approach, but it certainly appears to be an effective one.

    4. Does anybody think this is part of some master plan rather than Trump just doing random shit because he has an attention span of about 8 seconds and he can’t remember what he said 5 minutes ago because it was all just random noises falling out of his face?

      Well, that’s greatly preferable to a massive party machinery and a habitual and skilled liar bent on raising taxes and killing off most of the single digit amendments.

      And that would have been the alternative to Trump.

      1. A dictator rolls the state back, not forward.

        1. … just not necessarily his own state.

    5. I agree that it’s probably unintentional, but whatever the cause, his randomness has the MSM and Dems completely off balance and contradicting everything they said a few days ago. They’re so deeply trained to reflexively oppose whatever Trump does that they’re making fools of themselves.

      1. Is it unintentional? I find it hard to believe nobody on his staff made the suggestion that keeping the press guessing would be his best move when they know the press is going to spend his entire term in office jumping all over everything he does. I feel like that would be the first conversation when he considered running for office.

        The plan involves putting his desired policy moves on a twenty-sided die, along with an equal number of batshit crazy outcomes, and they just roll the die each day to decide what he says.

  17. Huh… I guess Trey Gowdy’s up.


    1. Says the guy who can’t understand why people would be pissed.

  18. I like to imagine he did it “The Apprentice” style. A roomful of secretaries and department directors were summoned to the oval office. Dramatic music was played as Trump glanced around the room. His gaze zeroes in on Comey. Then the money-shot: “Director Comey; you’re fired!”

  19. I was willing to let Hillary live out her dotage in freedom, as long as she went away.
    But the attention whoring just never stops. So, lock her up. And lock up Comey while we’re at it. And Clapper, Lynch, and Steven Segal, too. I don’t think Segal is a criminal, per say, but he’s annoying as all hell.

    1. As if Trump gives a shit about your wishes.

      1. Ha! Little do you know that I am the power behind the power behind the power behind the throne! Bmah-ha-ha-ha

    2. I hear American Idol is coming back. Lock up everyone involved.

    3. And lock up Comey while we’re at it. And Clapper, Lynch, and Steven Segal, too. I don’t think Segal is a criminal, per say, but he’s annoying as all hell.

      This, right here, is the best thing I have heard all day.

  20. Give it a rest. Nobody gives a shit about Comey.

    1. That for Waitstill.

  21. Fox News (a Reason fave!) actually had a live feed on Comey’s car in traffic.
    I am not making this up.

    1. Trump always did have the person just fired on Celebrity Apprentice give a final statement on camera as they rode the limo back home. Maybe he did the same thing for Comey.

    2. That’s journalism these days.

  22. What a fucking amateur Trump is. He didn’t even wait for a Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend like that genius Obama.

  23. It’s a lie beyond all lies to claim Comey was fired because the Deputy AG came up with the idea on his own and thereafter forwarded it to Sessions who just happened to agree and so forwarded the suggestion to Trump. As if Trump’s people didn’t decide to do it and so used the two Justice Dept to concote a basis to fire. All three of those people are pure liars if that’s their story. And what a way to restore trust but with a lie which just about encapsulates this disgrace of an administration, this den of thieves, liars, fanatics and thugs.

    1. So wait, if Obama fired Comey in January over this it would have been just and right, but Trump firing him over it in February would have still been Nixonian?

      1. Such fashionable outrage. Smug indignation is out, temper tantrums are now in fashion.

  24. I’ve got to say, watching the leftards meltdown over this is almost as amusing as their meltdown over the election.


    1. Stupid “left”! Not that libertarians are “right.” NOT right. INDEPENDE…

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