Brickbat: Rumble on the Promenade


toy guns
Csaba Peterdi |

Police in Atlantic City confiscated 62 toy guns for being too realistic. Cops say the guns looked just like real guns except for the orange tips on the ends of the barrels.

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  1. Police said the orange tips on toy guns are easily removable, making them dangerous.

    The “them” in that statement meaning, of course, police.

    1. What’s the most dangerous part of a gun?

      Just the tip.

      1. usually the idiot with their bogger hook on the boom switch…

      2. Just the tip? That was MY nickname in college.


  2. Kids, making a list for Santa is just the story they tell you to register your guns. Resist.

  3. You know what else was orange and dangerous….

    1. Martha Stewart?

    2. Snooki?

    3. Crusty’s nickname in trade school?


  4. They did not confiscate real guns because real guns are dangerous and the police like to avoid actual dangerous people.

  5. In related news: Police departments across New Jersey are engaged in a statewide sweep to confiscate all dangerously misnamed ‘airsoft guns’.

    When asked for a statement about the crackdown, Officer Orifice explained: ‘It has recently to come to law enforcement’s attention, thanks to the tireless efforts of our highly compensated research team, that these types of guns do not soften the air. In fact, months of study concluded that the air surrounding the weapon doesn’t change in any discernable way. This sort of blatant false advertisement is in direct violation of state and federal law and any attempt to sell or distribute said guns will be met with swift and brutal retribution…for the children.’

  6. I give up, I just give up.

  7. I’m of mixed mind here. On the one hand, I question the government’s right to confiscate replica guns. On the other hand, anyone who exhibits a realistic firearm replica in the vicinity of a cop (especially these days with cops feeling they are being targeted) is a certifiable imbecile.

    1. I think these cops need to step back and realize that fifty years ago replica toy guns were ubiquitous. They didn’t have orange tips. But fifty years ago cops didn’t instinctively kill kids who were playing Hopalong Cassidy with cap guns.

  8. “Promenade?” Hey, it’s called the “Boardwalk.”

  9. I know a few people who took these guns away from their own kids just because they were afraid cops might shoot their kids.

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