Pentagon Claims 352 Civilians Killed in Strikes on ISIS Since Start of Campaign, Trump Invites Duterte to White House, Congress Agrees to Fund Government: A.M. Links


  • White House

    According to the Pentagon, U.S.-led strikes against ISIS have killed 352 civilians in the last three years.

  • President Trump invited Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, who has boasted of killing drug suspects, to the White House during a "very friendly" conversation.
  • Leaders from both parties in Congress came to an agreement to keep the government funded through September 30.
  • The government of South Korea insists the U.S. remains committed to paying for a missile defense system being deployed in the country, despite Trump's comments suggesting otherwise.
  • Ja Rule says all the guests to his failed Fyre Festival on an island in the Bahamas are "safe" and have received refund forms.
  • At her "Not the White House Correspondents Dinner," Samantha Bee imagined a world where Hillary Clinton was elected president and complained about the sexism Clinton would have faced.
  • It's May Day.