Michael Flynn's Payments from Foreign Countries Investigated, Ann Coulter Counter-Protests at Berkeley, Dems Threaten Government Shutdown over Healthcare: P.M. Links


  • Michael Flynn
    Beowulf Sheehan/ZUMA Press/Newscom

    The Pentagon is investigating Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, to determine whether he failed to obtain permission before accepting payments from foreign interests (Russia and Turkey in this case). That he's a retired lieutenant general requires him to follow some additional rules. White House spokesman Sean Spicer attempted to deflect the controversy by pointing out the Obama administration gave him security clearance in 2016.

  • Protests are now organizing at UC-Berkeley because Ann Coulter didn't speak.
  • Democrats are saying they won't support a stopgap spending bill (potentially leading to a government shutdown) if Republicans push forward trying to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.
  • If you like your 401(k) deduction you can keep your 401(k) deduction.
  • Here's a look at all the national monuments under review by the Trump administration to be reconsidered and possibly eliminated.
  • United Airlines has announced a list of customer service improvements and changes they're making in the wake of the massive public relations disaster of David Dao's forced removal from a flight. United has also reached an undisclosed settlement with Dao. Be sure to shove the news in the face of anybody who said that Dao should have just cooperated with authorities.
  • McDonald's has been partnering with Uber to test food delivery and is expanding to more cities.

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