Sean Spicer Implies Hitler Didn't Gas His Own People, United Airlines Also Having a Pretty Bad Day: P.M. Links


  • Spicer

    Folks, it's been a day. Sean Spicer made a tortured Hitler analogy: he was trying to say that Bashar al-Assad's chemical gas attack on his own people was more galling than anything Hitler attempted, which, well, ignores certain things. If you ever find yourself in the position of trying to explain why what Hitler did isn't technically chemical warfare, please stop. You're not winning.

  • At least Justin Bieber no longer has to feel like the stupidest person alive.
  • In other you're the literal worst news, United. Oh, United. CEO Oscar Munoz is sorry that passenger didn't consent to re-accommodation.
  • Quick, let's dig up all the dirt on the passenger we possibly can.
  • Jordan Peterson lecture at Harvard University goes off without a hitch.
  • University of Michigan student government votes down free speech measure.