"It's Not the Job of the United States To Enforce The Geneva Conventions Unilaterally"

Nick Gillespie debates Bill O'Reilly about the wisdom and ethics of Donald Trump's Syrian strike.


Last Friday, April 7, I was on Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, arguing against the U.S. missile attack against a Syrian air base. Joining me in opposition to the strike (and Bill O'Reilly) was the Cato Institute's Emma Ashford, whom I had interviewed early that day (take a look and listen here).

My basic brief against this intervention is here.

Click twice to get the video moving.

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  1. Have this recorded. Still haven’t watched.

      1. Its going to be a long hot summer. Trump just bailed on the one thing that had a few people hopeful that he would be different. Now it seems that the military complex has him by the balls.

        All of the these other things continue to loom: Venezuela, Greece, China’s economy has halted, Europe continues to fall apart, We are acting like war with Russia is no big deal, the Saudi Kingdom is still one event away from meltdown with their spiraling costs of bloated government and low oil prices, The debt bomb looms and debt ceiling will be increased, healthcare will continue to spiral cost wise, and you always have the assured masses of american sheep ready to riot over any thing from bathroom privileges to invented crises ginned up by the media for ratings.
        I know there are plenty of other things but holy shit!

        1. any thing from bathroom privileges to invented crises ginned up by the media for ratings

          …but you repeat yourself.

        2. It wasn’t the military complex, it was Ivanka’s feelz.

  2. Did Trump send Syria the bill for the Tomahawks?

    (BTW, does anyone else find the use of the word “Tomahawk” culturally appropriating?)

  3. Video goes blank for me when I click or doubleclick

    1. Then you’re today’s big winner. O’Reilly was predictably terrible.

      1. I remember when O’Reilly called for the prosecution of oil speculators during the summer of 2008 when oil spiked.

        That sack of shit wanted to jail stock market speculators for making bets that China was using all of the oil. Isn’t that a price signal?

        Why is he still on TV?

  4. Dr. Gillespie? I didn’t know you typically used that credential, Nick. Or was that just to simplify things for the obviously confused Bill?

    1. Nick Gillespie is a physician?

    2. Think Dr. J or Dr. Pepper.

    3. Its the all black the denotes the doctor requirement.

  5. So since Trump didn’t get authorization from Congress does that means he has to go to jail?

    1. Apparently not since Clinton, bush, and Obama did it. I am pretty sure many other presidents have done the same.

      Americans look the other way when we are doing cool shit like remote control bombs.

    2. It was kinetic military action. Congressional approval isn’t needed if no troops are at risk. At least that is what I heard.

  6. I was on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, arguing against the U.S. missile attack against a Syrian air base.

    It is dismaying how few media types are voicing this sentiment.

  7. Since 1991 there been an increased acceptance of the use of military force. What was once a major event is now commonplace. While we once took into consideration that military action was the taking of human life and weighed the taking of that life against the likely benefits of acting, we now shoot first without ever asking if we should.

    “President’s a pussy if he ain’t willin ta lay waste to sum furriners.” The morality of involving ourselves in someone else’s civil war has been completely removed from the decision matrix.

    Life has gotten pretty cheap here in the good ole USA.

    1. All this ordinance is aging. We need to use it before the “best when used by” date.

  8. I’m currently reading “The Month That Changed the World: July 1914 and WW I” by Gordon Martel. it’s very sobering, and reminds me a lot of the present North Korea situation.

  9. Of course, that’s the job of the Swiss.

  10. Nick Gillespie’s leather jacket could debate Bill “You Can’t Explain That” O’Reilly and easily take his non-arguments down.

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