Trump Fires Preet Bharara, Erdogan Compares Dutch to Nazis, Cassini Spacecraft Captures Images of Saturn Moon: A.M. Links


  • NASA

    President Trump fired Preet Bharara after the former U.S. attorney refused to resign when asked.

  • A California man was arrested after scaling the fence at the White House and roaming the ground with a can of mace.
  • The Netherlands revoked the travel permit of the foreign minister of Turkey, who was planning to attend a pro-Erdogan rally, leading the president of Turkey to compare the Dutch to Nazis a week after comparing the German government to Nazis.
  • Center-right French presidential candidate Francois Fillon apologized for tweeting an anti-Semitic caricature of center-left opponent Emmanuel Macron.
  • A bus crashed into a parade in Haiti, killing at least 34.
  • The NCAA chose the 68 men's basketball teams for the Division I championship tournament.
  • The spacecraft Cassini sent back images of the Saturn moon Pan.