Trump Accuses Obama of Wiretapping Him; 7 in 10 Americans Say U.S. Losing 'National Identity'; Pro-Trump, Anti-Trump Protesters Clash in Berkeley: A.M. Links


  • White House

    The FBI reportedly asked the Department of Justice to refute claims President Trump made on Twitter about President Obama wiretapping Trump Tower.

  • Seven in 10 Americans say the United States is losing its "national identity," according to a new Associated Press poll.
  • Anti-Trump protesters clashed with pro-Trump protesters in Berkeley and at least ten people were arrested.
  • Lawmakers in California have filed FOIA requests for Immigration and Customs Enforcement activities in the state.
  • A Sikh man in Washington was shot by someone who reportedly told him to "go back to his country"—the third such attack in the last 10 days.
  • Turkey President Recep Erdogan said Germany was acting like the Nazi regime after the government canceled local pro-Erdogan rallies.
  • North Korea fired more missiles into the ocean, with three landing in Japanese waters.