Brickbat: Pokemon Go Away


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A new Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, ordinance will require the developers of Pokemon Go and other games to get a permit to host an event if they create games that will bring people into county parks. Officials say the law is a response to the large numbers of people who came to county parks while playing Pokemon Go, which they said led to traffic congestion, large amounts of trash and other problems.

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  1. Just tax all foreigners living abroad to pay for the maintenance.

  2. Does the ordinance explain how it plans to enforce itself?

    1. Not to mention how it plans to defend itself in court if it ever manages to even attempt to enforce itself.

  3. Pokemon Go lead to large amounts of trash? I’m gonna just go ahead and call BS on that one.

    At the peak of Go fever last summer there were lots of people at popular spots walking around with cell phone in hand, I’ll give them that. But to what if any extent they made the trip to that location exclusively for Pokemon isn’t clear. I’d bet that they were 90%+ just playing the game wherever they happened to be.

    1. Maybe all those wandering poko-heads were attracting Food Trucks.
      Which are the Real Threat to municipal coffers.

  4. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of players came to Lake Park at all hours of the day, he said, leading to traffic congestion, overtime for sheriff’s deputies providing security, overflowing bathrooms and so much trash that the county had minimum-security inmates help clean up.

    “This is a public park! The last thing we need is a lot of taxpayers using it!”

    1. This should get bitched slapped by a judge and voters….but alas no one gives a shit

  5. So what happens when Mr. Sun starts showing up and creating warm sunny Spring days just right for a picnic in the park if he brings his buddy Balmy Breeze that attracts the kite flyers? Do they each need separate permits?

    1. From living in the city in question, “warm sunny Spring days” aren’t real thing here, apart from the odd weather-based anomalies.

      It’s all those trees with their color-changing antics behind the influx here!!

      Money may not grow on trees, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fine ’em!!

  6. “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”
    -Yogi the Bear

  7. Get off our lawns!

  8. get a permit to host an event if they create games that will bring people into county parks.

    I trust Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, requires itself to get a permit to host an event if they create websites or brochures that will bring people into county parks.

  9. The beauty of government. A year late fixes a problem that was only a problem because certain people wanted their public park to be private.

    “Hey, that thing that no one does anymore, Pokemon Go, we made sure it won’t impact anyone!”

    1. While it has dropped off quite a bit from its peak, it’s still one of the most popular mobile games. It’s just not headline news anymore.

  10. Did the commissioners get a permit to hold a vote on being stupid?

  11. Fuck you city, you force pay for your parks, don’t bitch when I use ’em.

    1. Also, how the hell will they enforce this?? As far as I know the city doesn’t have jurisdiction outside of it where these “events” are being planned in the first place.

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