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Sessions Scandal, Border Wall, and the Terribleness of Garfield: Matt Welch on Red Eye

Watch Fox News at 3 a.m. for commentary on messy desks, Han Solo attack ads, and the new king of England


Tonight at 3 a.m. on the highly rated Fox News comedy/politics program Red Eye w/ Tom Shillue, I join ex-CIA guy Mike Baker, comedian Shuli Egar, and TV doctor Kelly Powers in a wide-ranging discussion on Attorney General Jeff Sessions' remembrance and recusal President Donald Trump's desk and wall, Garfield's disputed gender, and other issues of national import.

Speaking of Red Eye, here's a clip of the Halftime Report With Andy Levy the last time I was on the program:

NEXT: AG Sessions Recuses Himself from Trump-Russia Investigations

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  1. Ignoring, for the nonce, that Sessions is someone I’d much prefer return to chasing ambulances or whatever he did before sucking on the public teat, it’s not at all clear there’s a ‘scandal’. Specifics, please.

    1. So has died or there is not a single other person who has chosen to make a comment?
      Matt, what a wonderful job you’re doing (not!).
      Please hire some professionals and tell us what you hope to accomplish. I pay for results,

      1. Wow. Just three comments and by two people!

        I remember a time when there would be a flood of snark.

        They’ve migrated bro in case you haven’t heard.

      2. Dear Servo,

        Please feel free to take your $10 and leave. Reason is not going to fire its staff because no one is here to play with you at night.

        Hugs and kisses,

  2. Am I really witnessing these incredible events associated with Trump and his ilk? I have this feeling that Trump would not last 4 years. Do not blame Democrats for the circus. When comparing Obama and Trump, it is a comparison of a satyr to a hyperion , with Trump being the former. Please bring back Obama! The country is in a sorry state when she prefers a person with such despicable qualities to a person that has flaws but much higher in morals and ethics than Trump. Where are the conservatives that profess morality but do not practice it? Hypocrisy
    is rampant in the US. Democrats and their supporters should continue with their criticism of Trump. Let the criticism be valid. Give Trump credit where it is due. If he act s like a decent being praise him; if he acts like puerile, petty
    and obscene, give him the “bbot”.

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