Police in Schools

Watch Robby Soave on C-SPAN Making the Case for Kicking Cops Out of Schools

A threat to students' due process rights


I recently appeared on C-SPAN's Washington Journal program to discuss why more and more schools are hiring police officers to handle school discipline—an insidious problem that Reason's Tyler Koteskey and I wrote about for the March 2017 issue of Reason magazine.

You can watch the interview below.

The program, which was taped live, permits listeners to call in and ask questions or make comments—most of which were supportive of my argument that cops in schools are a threat to the constitutional rights of kids.

The final caller's comment, unfortunately, has been cut from the version of the interview available below. That's a shame, because she said something rather clever: she suggested that if schools are going to employ police officers, perhaps they should also be required to employ lawyers to provide legal counsel to students.