Trump Wants Massive Military Spending Boost, SCOTUS Hears Case on Sex Offenders and Social Media, Justice Dept. to Drop Texas Voter ID Fight: P.M. Links


  • Trump
    Jette Carr/ZUMA Press/Newscom

    So, the reason President Donald Trump wants to cut spending to some federal agencies is so that he can shift that money and drastically increase federal defense spending by 10 percent—$54 billion. He'll be explaining some of his plan on primetime tomorrow night in an address to Congress.

  • More threats have been reported at Jewish community centers today, and another Jewish graveyard was vandalized over the weekend, in Philadelphia.
  • Today Supreme Court justices expressed a dim view of a North Carolina law that bans convicted sex offenders from communicating on social media sites and services, so it may get struck down.
  • The Department of Justice under Attorney General Jeff Sessions is dropping opposition to Texas' voter ID law. Under President Barack Obama, the Justice Dept. had argued that the law's impact was discriminatory against minorities.
  • In today's "You don't say?" news, South Korean intelligence officials believe North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un ordered his half-brother's assassination in Malaysia.
  • Trump claims he hasn't called Russia "in 10 years," and rejected the idea that a special prosecutor should be named to investigate possible meddling by the Russian government in the presidential election.
  • Besides the La La Land/Moonlight mix-up, the Academy Awards last night also used an image of a woman who is still alive during the "In Memoriam" segment.

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