Anthony Fisher Talks President Trump's Steak and Ketchup Scandal and More on Red Eye with Tom Shillue Tonight at 3a!

Also appearing: Jill Dobson, Michael Malice, and Jimmy Failla.


Keepin' it Crunk on the Panel
Fox News Channel

Tune into Red Eye with Tom Shillue tonight at 3 A.M. ET on the Fox News Channel, where we'll be joined by ombudsman Andy Levy, wisecracker Jimmy Failla, entertainment reporter Jill Dobson and madman Michael Malice.

Scheduled topics include the trainwreck that was the Oscars, President Trump causing righteous outrage over his defiling of a steak with ketchup, and a gym that encourages marijuana consumption while working out.

Tune in or set your DVRs for ridiculously late-night shenanigans, and as an added bonus, click below to watch the Facebook Live interview I did with Shillue, who appears in Sidewalk Traffic—a feature film I wrote and directed—which will be released on iTunes, Amazon, and all major VOD outlets tomorrow!

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  1. President Trump causing righteous outrage over his defiling of a steak with ketchup

    Now that’s real “fuck you money.”

    1. I really don’t know whether that is horrifying or awesome. I’m hoping there was a real scene in the kitchen when this happened.

      “Table 3 wants ketchup for the well done steak”
      “Tell table 3 to go fuck itself. we don’t do ketchup. It was bad enough burning the meat in the first place”
      “Table 3 is the president”
      *smashing sounds*

      1. Ketchup on a +$50 steak? I vote awesome.

        1. Now, if you call it BBQ sauce, its fine, even though that’s basically adulterated ketchup.

          1. Nobody puts BBQ sauce on fucking steak. In Texas they won’t even let you put it on barbecue.

            1. Every Texas pot roastBBQ joint serves brisket with some sort of ketchupy sauce.

              It’s really weird too because barbecue is actually made out of pigs and only seasoned with a lightly spiced, or plain, vinegar. If you really want to dress it up there’s always a bottle of Texas Pete (made in the far western Piedmont county of Forsyth, NC) somewhere near by

        2. for a libertarian site, I would think the main question was did he pay for that steak out of pocket, or did he drench $50 worth of taxpayer money in ketchup?

      2. At least he didn’t order meatloaf again.

        1. Actually, meatloaf in an expensive restaurant really is a boss move. I like it a lot more than this business of ketchup or A1 on the steak.

      3. Careless, that is a well done joke. I had to chew on it for a while to fully appreciate it.

    2. This is the worst thing Trump has ever done. No sarcasm.

      1. Yes, worse than that mess in Yemen.

    3. I like Shillue’s belief that Trump eats it well done because he’s a germaphobe. I mean, once it’s well done what’s the difference if you put ketchup on it.

      I used to put ketchup on steak as a kid & my father would excoriate me saying that good steak doesn’t need any type of sauce covering it. I agree with him as a grown up, though steak au poivre is delish.

      1. You should have responded that “it must not be a good steak, then”.

  2. Trump is really laying the trolling on thick. He may have finally overreached this time and caught a bit of his support base; meat snobbery is the most populist of all the snobberies.

  3. Remember folks ragging on Obo for taking his wife on a date after his first election? Screw ’em; there’s reasons to rag on Obo, and that ain’t one of ’em.
    If Trump puts soda in good bourbon, that’s his business. If he raises the DoD budget by $Xb, that’s mine.

    1. False! They are elected public officials and it speaks to their values.

      1. DiegoF|2.27.17 @ 11:11PM|#
        “False! They are elected public officials and it speaks to their values.”

        I hope this is sarc.

  4. A1 is ketchup with lemon and worcestershire, so a lot of people put ketchup on steak. Now the Well Done, that’s just disgusting; if it ain’t rare it ain’t a steak.

    1. The only time I ever sent food back was the one time I ordered a rare steak, and it came out well done. Hair, whatever, bandaid, kinda gross; but fuck me, if I order rare, and you bring out some burnt piece of leather, I ain’t eating it.

    2. Yes, A1 is ketchup; and yes, it belongs anywhere on earth but near a steak. I highly doubt there are many people aghast at ketchup but condoning A1. Except maybe Chris Webber.

      1. A1 is an abomination unto man.

      2. I have in fact put ketchup on steak, as well as A1. When you’re on an all protein diet you gotta do things to change it up.

        1. Ketchup/A1 has sugar! I think if I was going that hardcore fanatic about it I’d save my carb allowance for something that would actually taste good, rather than covering something that already tastes delicious with something that makes it taste worse in total.

          1. Taste is subjective, and when all you eat is meat, you need something (that diet allowed 100g carbs a day, so a bit of ketchup hardly had an impact). I love meat, but sometimes you gotta have some other flavors. On a regular diet mixing those would be a no-no, but on that diet I needed some differentiation between dishes.

            1. Oddly enough, my grandparents were butchers, and they cooked all their meat well done, because it was the meat that didn’t sell; so they had no idea how good the meat actually tasted.

      3. Heinz 57 is a really spicy ketchup. A1 is more like a thick Worcestershire sauce. Both have their place as a condiment for lesser-quality steak.

        1. as a poor person, I don’t get this ‘lesser-quality’ steak thing. If it is a piece of contiguous muscle from an animal with red meat, it is steak. There is no ‘lesser’ or ‘better’. There is more tender, or tougher, but there is no other differentiation. Other than that it is all preference.

          1. As a poor person you should be familiar with the “select” grade available at discount supermarkets and carnicerias. Sometimes it is actually a lower grade, formerly known as “cutter and canner”. You can make that stuff palatable with papain, piercing, pounding and/or a marinade. If you don’t want to spend the prep time and labor just fry it in fat or oil and eat with a bottled steak sauce. As a poor person you can find acceptable off-brands at the Big Lots, Aldi’s or salvage grocery stores.

  5. The Daily Mail article says folks will be able to smoke in the gym. I highly doubt you will be able to do so or within 50 feet or whatever the “liberals” in that particular part of Nannyfornia have decreed. Could the Mail‘s journalistic standards be slipping? Kate Middleton’s third cousin shares this sexy selfie while weighing in on the matter!

  6. Cooking our food is what separates us from the animals. I have never understood the appeal of undercooked food.

    1. Eating things that taste good, rather than what only supplements our survival is what separates us from animals.

      1. Also language. And intensional thought. And we have physiologically better developed buttocks than any other animal. That may be the most important of all.

        1. bonobos have a good ass, for an animal, I mean; DON’T TELL ME HOW TO FEEL MAN!

          1. We don’t judge.

          2. I won’t even tell you WHAT to feel.

    2. Some people do like well done. This is one cultural chasm, perhaps the only one, across which there really can be no mutual understanding.

      1. But you don’t really like well done if you’re eating it with ketchup.

    3. Cheap steak you need to eat rare, much more cooking and it gets too dry. More expensive cuts you can cook more because of the marbling. Carcinogenic char on steak is actually quite tasty.

  7. I can’t decide who I find more objectionable. These douchy FoxNews Red Eye Andy Levy types or Milo Yiannopoulos

    1. Andy Milonakis

      1. Does he have like Webster disease or something?

        1. You’d have to ask Mr. Papadopolis

    2. GLEEMORE?|2.27.17 @ 11:28PM|#
      “I can’t decide who I find more objectionable.”

      Your sorry ass, commie.
      Fuck off. Is that clear?

  8. Trump:””I have to tell you, it’s an unbelievably complex subject. Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.”

    Jesus Christ! The fault here lies with the American people. How unbelievably stupid are they?

    1. Fortunately not as stupid as TUUUULLLLLPPAAAAAA!

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