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Officials at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, have apologized to students they blocked from attending a job fair because the students were wearing blue or light gray suits or non-white shirts. The university dress code for the event said that suits should only be dark gray or black and shirts should be white. Some of the students turned away said they wore the only suit they own.

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  1. “While a very nice theoretical discussion, I used to teach science and specifically designating a particular color with chromaticity coordinates using a spectropolarimeter is not possible at a Business School Career Fair,” Martin Markowitz, the Business School’s senior associate dean, told the Targum. “To avoid any confusion, we do not permit blue suits.”

    Rutgers: Our primary goal is to avoid confusion and connect our students with job opportunities.

  2. Rutgers will help students contact recruiters they were banned from meeting and work on revising the dress code…

    “Here, potential employers, is a list of students unable to follow instructions.”

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  4. what? no blue suits? how about Brown Shirts?

  5. Obviously Christie needs to start a state clothing exchange for these poor state college students.

    1. just one of his suits could cloth an entire campus…

  6. The university implemented the dress code after feedback from employers, according to the report. In previous years, Rutgers students failed to present themselves well at the event, the university told the student newspaper.

    Collectivism. Seems like it could be left up to the individual employers to make the decision on individual prospects. A suggestion on attire based on feedback rather than an enforced dress code would have been the correct choice for Rutgers to make.

    1. True. A well-dressed engineering student would be a red flag to a recruiter that something is amiss; the recruiter could then forego further interviews and save all involved a lot of time.

      1. But how do they know the engineer’s mom didn’t dress him?

        1. default condition, quicker to find one who’s mother didn’t dress him/her…

    2. which companies? either the Rutgers clowns were showing up in their natural garb (including the wig, noses and big shoes), or the only company doing any interviewing was the National Undertakers Assoc. of America…

  7. Well it is New Jersey.

    1. that’s no excuse…well maybe it is.

  8. Future used-car dealers of America hardest hit.

    Does Rutgers have a new shame now?

    1. nah, no shame at all. see AlmightyJB comment above…

  9. “Some of the students turned away said they wore the only suit they own.”

    Some? How many students have more than one suit? I don’t even have more than one suit now. Actually I have a sport coat and slacks that are pretty close in color. They are black though.

    1. Shouldn’t one’s only suit be funeral appropriate? Mine is. It’s also old enough to drive…

  10. The times they are a changin’…..

    Back in the day, when I was a grad student, grey herringbone tweed was pretty much all anyone even owned on campus. The only time we saw a black or even deep blue suit was at a conference, and then, only worn by the corporate sales reps.

  11. They just want to prepare them for their future as Mormon missionaries.

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