Join Reason for a Happy Hour with David Nott in Miami Tonight!



Please join Reason and our friends at America's Future Foundation and the Miami Rothbardian Circle to celebrate Free Minds and Free Markets at Reason's Happy Hour tonight at the Holiday Inn in Coral Gables!

Reason Foundation President David Nott will speak about marijuana legalization, civil liberties, and what to expect from Reason journalists and Reason Foundation policy experts in 2017.

To thank you for your support of Reason, we welcome you to enjoy complimentary drinks and good conversation!

Who: All friends of Reason are welcome!
What: Reason's Free Minds and Free Markets Free Happy Hour with President David Nott
When: TONIGHT. Reception at 6:30pm. Program at 7pm.
Where: Holiday Inn-Coral Gables, 1350 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, Florida 33146
RSVP: Not required. For questions, contact Reason's Preston Cornish at or (240) 406-9023

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  1. Okay, I just got back to my office from a meeting, how would you expect me to get to Coral Gables in the next 45 minutes?

    Even FoE couldn’t do that.

      1. Just to clarify, even if you were in Palm Beach, Broward, or Dade, do you mean you wouldn’t do it?

        1. I WENT TO AMERICA’S WANG ONCE AND I’LL NEVER GO BACK. Also, I’m not allowed back.

          1. FoE, I can tell you, based upon personal experience, that unless you are destitute, decrepit, and devoid of wang, your wang can get plenty of action there.

  2. To thank you for your support of Reason, we welcome you to enjoy complimentary drinks and good conversation!

    I assume this is the reason that the call didn’t go out earlier than 45 minutes before?

  3. Florida?
    Can’t make it.

    Can somebody Skype me in? I’ll be on the couch naked in my underwear.

    1. That I can do!

  4. On another forum, I learned about this story.

    It seems the University of California, San Diego they’d made the PC-est choice possible for one of their graduation speakers: the Dalai Lama.

    But no sooner had they retired to their bunks to stroke themselves lovingly in contemplation of their progressive enlightenment, but they started hearing from many of the Chinese students who protested that this invitation was divisive, and politically *incorrect.*

    (nb – I think graduation speakers who offend a substantial group of graduates should be avoided, and that’s not a free speech issue, I just like the sight of the college administrators being hoist by their own petard)

    1. Agreed on the sight of the college administrators, no doubt.

      However, why not have a speaker who offends a substantial group of graduates? Its not as if every college is going to be able to feature Thornton Mellon at its commencement.

      1. It’s kind of a buzzkill to be insulted on one of the few days set aside for honoring you.

        1. I mean, you have the rest of your life to be insulted, why on that particular day?

          1. Well, at least you are acknowledging the buzz part…..

            Seriously, who is to decide? The administrators? The student government types? Does the decision have to be OK’d by the campus SJWs?

            How is the university to decide whether the prospective speaker might offend a substantial group of the graduates?

            1. At this point, with the outrage fully weaponized by both sides, I’d say you can’t.

              Just have the dean give a vague, milquetoast speech, hand out the diplomas and be done with it.

        2. Consider it a welcome to the real world.

      2. See? Even Eddie understands that a person with known religious affiliations speaking in front of a very eclectic crowd of radicalized minds will undoubtedly cause a great deal of controversy and discord. And as such, is probably an inappropriate venue for such a person.

        Now an internet chat board on the other hand… 😉

        Love ya, Eddie.

    2. Students from which of the two Chinas? 😉

      1. You know which one, you silly goose goose.

    3. I would have loved a controversial and offensive speaker at my graduation. Instead, we got a VP of Something or Other from CSPAN. CSPAN, people.

      Fucking communications majors.

  5. Did anybody bring up Sloopy’s mom?

  6. And on Saturday is the Trump rally in Orlando. Note: tar and feathers are strictly prohibited from the venue.

    1. You going? We know that FoE won’t be attending given his above comment.

      1. No I don’t want to be put back to work. At least, not quite yet.

  7. More like coral Gaybles, amirite?

  8. *Punches self in face*

    Nah, I can do this at home.

  9. So, this morning on the way to work passed by the pub. Parking lot was empty and blocked off, asking with most of the street. SWAT was there, and pretty much the entire Aurora PD.
    Guy in the tatto shop next door was wanted, ran there, locked himself in, armed.
    The cops broke the tile by the door of the pub, probably when they brought in the robot. Not sure what they were planning, but the panels for the drop ceiling are disturbed. Of course, the wall between the two units goes to the roof, as anyone could have told them.
    Twenty yes ago they would have waited him out, which is what happened anyways. He gave up. Somehow, after he was in custody, the police broke the glass in the tattoo shop door.
    Violent, militarized, impatient, careless of other’s property. And profoundly ignorant of how buildings are constructed.

    1. Why do you hate our Heroes in Blue??

      1. You know, Ted, I really do hate them. They are the enforcement arm of an out-of-control state: the enforcers of unjust laws and the stormtroopers of authoritarians and oligarchs.

    2. Meanwhile, a table of regulars (loud regulars who work in “criminal justice” and bring a toddler into the bar every night) are talking about how “SWAT is trained to find vulnerabilities in buildings, etc”, basically talking out the ass while cop worshipping.
      I like the people well enough, but it is very difficult to not tell them to take the cops’ dicks out of their mouths and STFU.

    3. My last interaction with a police officer was one yelling at me to get moving when I pulled over to let a fire engine turn onto the highway. (the truck had its lights flashing) I am not sure what the sheriffs deputy was on about. Maybe he did not see the volunteer guys turned their lights on to get on the highway since the asshole was yelling at me. Deputies are not usually the sharpest tool in the shed. You have to pick and choose where you live. I don’t even think they have a SWAT team here and or the need for one.

      1. Yeah, you’d be surprised by how many locals that don’t need a SWAT team have one, anyways.
        The town you live in might not have one, but I’d bet dollars to donuts that the county sheriff does.

  10. Yyz is the perfect amalgam of Canadian ingenuity and French organizational prowess. That is all.

    1. The Calgary airport?

        1. I figured Pauldot was talking about the Rush song.

        2. Damn. Should have googled. I only flew through Toronto a few times. I knew Calgary had a YY in it and went with it.

  11. Wait, I’m confused. Is this event taking place in Miami? Or is it Nott in Miami?

    Either way, I’m not in Miami and can’t attend.

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