Calif. Officials Deny Reports on Dam Safety Warnings, Trump and Trudeau Trade Valentines, Dems Don't Think They Need Changes: P.M. Links


  • Oroville Dam
    William Croyle/ZUMA Press/Newscom

    As more than 180,000 Californians are ordered to evacuate an area that could be flooded by the failure of Oroville Dam, state officials are denying reports that they ignored safety warnings about the dam more than a decade ago.

  • President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have vowed to work together on growth and jobs.
  • The wife and stepson of a Ku Klux Klan leader found dead in Missouri over the weekend have been arrested and charged with his murder. Someday I'll have to share with y'all the time in college I and several gay and multiracial friends decided to go camping and canoeing one holiday weekend in rural Missouri and ended up essentially surrounded by skinheads ("White Power" tattoos and Nazi salutes and all). Rest assured that when you're around actual Nazis in the wild, there's no discussion about whether you should punch them.
  • Officials believe that North Korea's latest missile launch shows advances in their technological capabilities. Also, a guest at Trump's resort at Mar-A-Lago took photos of the president being briefed out in the open about the missile test and posted them on Facebook.
  • New Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's first major international trip may be to Mexico in coming weeks.
  • Democratic Party leaders seem to think that they lost because they didn't sell their platform hard enough and talked too much about Trump, and a reporter attending a weekend retreat saw little suggestion of changes in policy proposals.
  • The Department of Justice appears to be stepping back from President Barack Obama's push to force transgender accommodation in school facilities. The DOJ is withdrawing a motion to try to scale back an order that blocked nationally orders from the Obama administration to accommodate. That's, like, a triple negative there. To explain: A federal judge previously put an injunction blocking the administration from enforcing an order that public schools accommodate transgender students in facilities. The previous Obama administration was attempting to request that the block only apply to the states legally resisting the order. The new administration is withdrawing that request.

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