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The former head of the Boulder City, Nevada, animal shelter has been sentenced to 90 days in jail after pleading guilty to animal cruelty for needlessly euthanizing her own dog. An attorney for Mary Jo Frazier denied that she euthanized the dog to punish her ex-husband, who co-owned the dog with her, after their divorce. Frazier had been forced to retire from the shelter after an investigation indicated she had been needlessly euthanizing animals for years.

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  1. On one hand I am happy that this is the biggest nut-punch Charles found today, on the other hand I am disappointed that this is the biggest nut-punch Charles found today.

    1. Wait until they find out about that time an elderly nurse was arrested and jailed overnight for trying to stop a HS basketball game, because one of the players was having a severe asthma attack.

      But hey, police misconduct stories aren’t part of Reason’s beat these days.

      1. It’s all a Milgram experiment.…..story.html
        The whole world is Milgram experiment.

        1. I actually RTFA. How is the US like a Milgram experiment, when there is no electricity involved? Trump is giving orders, and people are thrashing around in pain and suffering, for no reason. They are endlessly bitching and moaning about how charter schools will ruin education, when Devos has not yet performed a single action in office. It’s like a Milgram experiment, where the actor thrashes in pain when you cover the button with your hand, and pretend to press it.

          In short, Boston Sun derps some derp, And derp derpy derp a derp doo dah.

      2. Speaking of animal cruelty.

        There’s a dead horse to be beaten and by golly it will be beaten.

        1. Whereas your griping about it is super fresh and never gets old.

          1. And your griping about my griping isn’t tiresome at all. Nope. No siree.

            1. Maybe I can jump in to freshen this up.

            2. Have I griped before about your griping?

  2. Also, a property which is co-owned isn’t hers to destroy.

    1. Funny how that’s not how bank account balances work. You can’t single handedly close a joint account, but you can sure as heck unilaterally drain that sucker.

      1. And not be required to do any restitution. Because horrible male. That’s why.

  3. The link includes a mention of the police chief investigating her but then dropping the investigation while using the information to pressure this woman to resign, and then abruptly resigning himself when an investigation into the investigation was opened.

    So is the newspaper hinting this was a frame-up by the police chief? It’s not clear.

    If you follow a link within the story itself, it’s clearer that the police chief was trying to cover for her by getting her to resign quietly instead of facing public charges and he really didn’t want anybody opening this particular can of worms. Perhaps some sort of professional courtesy, maybe he admired her dog-killing skills?

  4. Sounds like the husband should’ve kept one of the bitches.

  5. That’s ruff

  6. But after the case was sent to the Clark County district attorney in January 2016 for review, Conger himself quickly resigned.

    Witness testimony included animal control officer and now Boulder City shelter head Ann Inabnitt, who was named Boulder City’s employee of the year in 2015 for blowing the whistle on Frazier’s conduct.

    The police chief suddenly retires after bringing the case to prosecutors, and the whistleblower gets promoted to the whistleblowee’s position? So much palace intrigue here!

    1. I understand your confusion, here’s how it should’ve read:

      Police chief drops charges, then shoots whistle blower’s dog during 4 am swat raid. Whistle blower leaves town. Animal shelter head promoted to councilwoman.

    2. Exactly what I was thinking, but read the link within the news story – apparently the complaint that opened this thing up was by the detective that was investigating this woman who was ordered by the police chief to drop the investigation into not just animal abuse but missing drugs and money. The police chief was covering up the scandal, not framing the woman.

      1. That’s even more intriguing!

        1. But where does the butler come into all of this?


    1. Whats that Lassie?
      Trump’s going to make America WOOF again?

      1. Hey, just trying to make sure Reason‘s articles stop ignoring the worldwide terrier threat.

  8. Frazier was reporting the euthanized dogs but not using the quantities of controlled substances (special K?) she reported to the (DEA). She was using or selling the drugs and Conger found out. She didn’t out him, so I don’t think he wanted in on the game. I think it devolves to small town politics where she is the scoutmaster’s wife’s deacon who once went out with Conger’s nephew’s ex-husband so he tried to keep it quiet as long as she stopped that shit.

    BUT! They were already whispering in the streets and the DA was up for re-election against a Conger Ally and saw an easy win.

  9. This woman is gold. A keeper.

  10. Shoot a dog in this county on a man’s land, I’d bury you in the hill, and tell the sheriff a month or two later.

    This is explainable. You can prove that you didn’t shoot the Archbishop.

    I don’t think you understand. These boys killed my dog.

  11. I did a late drive-by on this story and I can’t believe the discussion doesn’t center around “needlessly euthanized”.

    Most of us ordinary humans use “killed” in that spot.

    As in, she killed her ex-husband’s dog. Just working at a shelter doesn’t categorize every pet you kill as euthanasia. Similarly, if Kevorkian were to have Kevorkianed someone without their consent, we wouldn’t call that euthanasia. We’d call it murder.

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