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Have Media-Bias Hunters Lost the Plot of Government Malfeasance? The New Fifth Column

Kevin Williamson guests for a discussion of executive orders, Muslim threats, whataboutism, and whether Reason is "woke."


Hey, Tiger! ||| Matt Welch
Matt Welch

Is there no political controversy that can't be responded to by pointing out the bias of journalists and hyperventilating of opponents? On the latest edition of The Fifth Column, the weekly podcast I co-host with Kmele Foster and Michael "Hollywood" Moynihan, we tangle over that question and so much more with Moynihan substitute Kevin Williamson of National Review. Williamson comes out in favor of explicitly restricting Muslim immigration, due to concerns of terrorism and assimilation; I argue differently, and Kmele is just asking questions, including What role did U.S. foreign policy play in creating the refugee mess?

It's a lively discussion, including some rare Welchian criticism of Reason commenters, and you can listen to the whole biscuit here:

Oh yeah, neglected to link to last week's episode—that's here.

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